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  1. If you want i can send you a couple more links of my posts for you to down vote @#LIO and make sure to ask your brother to do the same @#HarrY... Next time if you don't want to get down voted on an apply don't lie on it :D

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  2. SAPA Training Today a training was organized by HQfc Zeking where the cadets were gathered by Sergeant Suki for a RolePlay training consisting of Tips/Tricks, How to RP, General RP knowledge and anims usage. After that a roadblock was made with the help of SAi and SAM where a couple of cadets would stand on an entrance waiting fellow citizens for a regular pullover operation. Every thing went fine and no one was taken into the Police Department. SAPA Thanks for all the presence of SAPD units. Screenshots:
  3. SAPA Training Major leblanc assigned Lieutenant Pera of making a training with the cadets, decided to make a training with tips & tricks for the cadets patrols starting on a theoretical part about parachuting where the different types of parachuting were explained and when/how to use them. After that everyone moved on sultans to LV airport for a training about Pursuit Intervention Technique to teach the cadets how to stop properly a criminal during a pursuit. Some screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/nZX2c
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    All are like that it seems @Brophy
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  6. Do you agree that it will lag the server @Boston?
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  8. Just out of my mind... Why not connecting the cinema stream to the billboards when the cinema is streaming? I believe some rising g/s/c and groups would start using it for advertisement, also with this a limitation would have to be set imo... This could be well used by SAF/SAN/SANA and groups showing their promo or RP (like that recent FBI one) videos, also it could have sound like 10 meters around the billboard.
  9. Someone doesn't get the joke rofl
  10. I say -1, this will definitely lag the server.
  11. SAES Meme pictures!

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  13. Cool member title you got there. 

  14. Captain Reaction to CLO And Desert Eagles

    Welcome to Maximum Mong group Captain, the only and true group you belong ;)