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  1. Changes to Auctions

    @M7mod As they said, all topics are archived within 2 weeks, means you can keep your auction open for maximum 2 weeks.
  2. Changes to Auctions

  3. Black Syndicate ~ RolePlay Topic

    RP #681 - Selling top quality guns & transporting them
  4. WWE Network [Media Archive]

    Date and Time: 17.02.2018, 20:25 ingame time Members Online: 4 Screens:
  5. Black Syndicate - Media Center

    Event: #981 Type of event: True or False Helper (s): M7mod Prize: 1.000.000$ Winner(s): TC| Screens:
  6. Black Syndicate ~ RolePlay Topic

    RP #680 - Transporting gone wrong
  7. Black Syndicate ~ RolePlay Topic

    RP #670 Participants: Syndicate.IceCold ( @Kaseke), BS|miKu|585
  8. Last Letter!

  9. Official Quote Wall

  10. Black Syndicate ~ RolePlay Topic

    RP #657 - Undercover cops? Still cops.
  11. SDO Traning[24/11/17] Hosted by: @Mxxx SDO Members: @Daglow , @Ammar , @Element SDO-Helpers: @Harb , @Cobra. , @*SweeT* , @Meepo Target: AA Base Screens:
  12. == Sky-Diving Organization Role-Play == Parachuting and stealing a car I was chilling in Sky-Diving Organization base when an SDO member came to me and asked me "Do you want to scope and parachute down from Mount Chilliad Top? We also need a vehicle, we might find one there." I said "Yes, sure." So, we headed to Abandoned Airport and took one of our Shamals. We landed on Mount Chilliad Top 2 hours later. So, we looked down, it seemed scary but we were aware of that and jumped down. We landed in an old quarry what was not used anymore and we stole a Mesa from there. I started driving to Sky-Diving Organization base. When we got there, we parked the car and walked away. Participants: SDO|Driver, SDO*|miKu Screenshots:
  13. SDO Traning[22/11/17] Hosted by: @Mxxx SDO Members: @Driver , @MaximzZ SDO-Helpers: @Bozi , @#SniperLyfe , @Rocker , @NoobPRO , @*SweeT* Target: TT Base Screens: