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  1. I appolgize

    teddybear on fire
  2. Days Gone - E3 2017 Official Gameplay

    Such an awesome game.

    SECTION 1 1. Name: Emir 2. Ingame name: Wayne 3. Age: 17 4. Sex: male 5. English profiency: 8/10 6. Native language: Turkish 7. Other languages: English 8. Do you have a Pro Cop diploma?: No 9. When did you start playing SAES/MTA?: 2 years ago from october 10. Total gameplay (hours):656 hours 11. Aprox.gameplay daily (hours): 5-6 hours maybe 4-5 12. Avarage FPS: fix 66 13. Avarage Ping:90 14. Previous organizations: SAPA SoA TST OMC(but its not official) 15. Are you active user of Teamspeak 3?: No but i can 16. Have you installed IRC?:No SECTION 2 A. Define our role (FOX): FOX is secret organization they are defending San Andreas they are working with agents B. Define marker arrest: If you arrest someone while he enter somewhere thats the marker arrest. C. Minimum arresting level: 10 D. Point out and define 4 major server rules: No Deathmatching : That means killing people for no reason,we are not allowed to do that in the server. Dont Multi account : That means you cant have two accounts in your Computer. SAES doesnt give funds : This is a RPG server,that means you can earn your money by yourself. Always english in mainchat : Well this is a global server that means there are some players from the other country and the english is the main language of the world,thats why we should keep mainchat with english. E. Explain why you should attempt to roleplay before each arrest: Because SAES based on the RP and squads has RP bind i think its good you can arrest someone without RP bind but its not enjoyable and you can improve yourself you can improve your english SECTION 3 I. Write about yourself in 4 sentences: Hello my name is Emir im 17 years old.Hendrick is my IRL friend.i like playing Computer games with my friends.im going to kickbox course. II. Write your strengths and weaknesses: My strenghts:Firstly my roleplay skills are kinda good becuase I've been in SAPA and TST so I know some roleplay roles from the.My arresting skills are good either I can arrest a criminal easily with mnightstick.My driving skills isnt best but If I want I can drive without any crash. My one of biggest strenght is I am a loyal persn. Weakness: sometimes my brother and my exams i cant drive shamall very well III. Why do you wish to join FOX over other squads?: Well because FOX has good agents they are friendly i patrolled with them 007 Hassoni drebin SAM Fabman i think FOX is like family and i want to be part of FOX they are enjoyable agents and FOX is good squad not like the others. I want to be part of FOX because I had a chance to patrol with them and I liked their skills,maturity.They are the one of best squad in SAES:RPG.I would like to be one of them and get chance to show my skills and activity to everyone.I can bring all my experiences from SAPA and my maturity,If you let me in I won`t break any rule and show whole San Andreas to the power of FOX..My arresting skills is good so that I can arrest nearly every criminal in SA so that everyone will comply the laws. IV. Convince us in 2 lines why you would fit the team: im friendly and i already patrolled with them and we are good with each other i really i really want to be a part of FOX and i think i am qualified for FOX.Firstly I have been in SAPA so I have many expreniences from the instructors. Before I joined SAPA I patrolled as trainee with many squads.I have many skills as cop.I have knowlegde of radio,patrols,roleplay and much thing about the Police Department.I worked as cop for a long time that means I have many experience. V. Do you have any additional information you want to add:? i left TST because we(hendrick) decided to create gang OMC but then i understood crim life is not for me so my past are good with TST By posting this application, you are aware of our terms and that this application is only and only written by you, and states nothing but the truth. Retard test: Post a picture of White house in Los Santos to even be consired to join Fox Operations X.
  4. [STUDY]What is Islam?

    Religion everyone knows is wrong actually Islam is good religion but some organizations introduce terrible (ISIS) im Muslim im living in Turkey and if u meet a muslim guy u can understand.
  5. F.B.I--21st.Branch

    i didnt remember my hours so i wrote %90 but thanks for answer
  6. F.B.I--21st.Branch

    Name : Emir Account : emulun12 ingame name Wayne Age : 17 Access to PC (ProCops) - If not , why havent you applied / Tried to gain it? No i didnt try because if u a good cop u dont need PC i think Past Squads/Gangs + Why you left them SAPA- SAPA is my first squad so i want to try crime SoA- i tried crime life but its not for me TST- i stayed long time at TST but i bored from RP How much time have you been playing as a cop ? %90 Why do you enjoy being a "cop" - " agent of the law" ingame ? because killing people is not for me. law is for me justice for me sometimes u can be hard police and FBI exactly this i am looking for justice law. i can chase criminals and its being enjoyable i Why would you like to be part of FBIs 21st Branch ? i want to because FBI is not like other squad FBI is different and FBI has arrest bind but RP is important for FBI. I think its very good u can arrest people and u can do RP and u are FBI member what more i can want everybody wants to be FBI agent but some people can be FBI agent and i believe myself i can be FBI agent Why should we accept you: maybe it will be simple but i want really i tried previously to join FBI i hanged 2 weeks FBI gave denied but then i didnt give up i tried 2 days but FBI dead then i decided to join other squads but i wasnt happy because FBI gave denied and i talented and loyal if squad members loves me im loyal and im friendly i cant fight with squad members im active player Different Scenarios:- Sce 1 : - You are the Active Sgt of a patrol unit that includes 2 more agents. There is an active SR going on, there is no backup and only you and 2 more agents with you. You have to "do" and tell us how would you raid that SR succesfuly. You need to select a car or heli and choose a weapon ( sniper/CS/M4). Then you describe us how you would lead your little team towards the SR. Explain Below: First I tried to go fast because there might be a few people if we go ahead then we put the sniper on the roof and we tried to get in with the other agent while the sniper guarded us but using CS the first entry using CS is in because it has a shotgun on it when I get out of the back door at the time the sniper was using us to inform and shoot a few hands then at the appropriate time I and the other agent kept us using the sniper climbing up and then we would like to support the radios and then we caught the guys above and the escaped fired the agent on the roof Sce 2 : - You have to raid a criminal base, as you have recieved report of drug business going on. You have 3 teams on your lead. Assault Team - M4/CS - Police Cars+ Sultans / Heli Backup Team - M4/CS - Police cars / Heli Approach team ( Recon) -Sniper - Police car / Heli The criminal base has a fence and it is protected by 4 armed criminals. Inside, there are 3 guard-criminals armed too protecting the main entrance of the building. Your mission is to secure the outside areas of the building, how ? that is up to you and your choosen tactics. Explain Below: We need to determine the region before the helicopters will act according to it so that they will find a place for sniper cars and sniper cars to wait for a roof or a building then the assault unit will sweep the area around and wait for the command, but before they can be done quietly, the four men on the door need to be caught, so after the assault unit has quietly caught four men the backup unit will now have a helicopter and a car will be captured and the door will be opened and the outside Assault Unit will be in. Now, only agents that use the sniper to capture the main hall We will look inside the glass and inform us that we will act according to that knowledge at the appropriate time in different glass to get in and grab men then the criminals will drive the FBI agents helicopter into the FBI territory Sce 3 :- SAPD HQ has called the local SWAT/FBI units to lead and solve a hostage Situ on a nearby building. 2 criminals were tryin to get away with some money taken from a local McDonalds fast food Sh. As the police was gettin closer to them they decided to get inside a clothes shop and take as a hostage an old woman. The criminals are 2 young men, armed and very nervous. You lead your teams to the scene and you have to rescue this old woman. How would you do it ? What would you use ? etc. First of all, the plan of the building is taken out. If there are other regions to enter, we will try to enter the place. We will need an agent who uses the sniper. The important thing is not the money.The agent who uses the sniper will wait for us to go to the battle of a building, then we will communicate with the criminal and ask him what he wants, but we will not give him what he wants because a criminal is unreliable the elderly woman is likely to have a major heart attack in the state of health, so we should calm down the plan to find a good area to use the sniper to attack the guilty, but this dangerous If the sniper is using the agent, we need the support SWAT from when their equipment is good SWAT surrounds the surroundings then we wait for the agent using the sniper we use flashbang give us the guilty woman, then go give her the woman, we will catch him if we do not give the woman we will have to shoot him.
  7. Event type: Hunter Shooter LWS: John Prize:2.000.000 Winner: Ramos Screens:Click here for the screen's.
  8. Event type: Simon Says LWS: viki Prize:1.000.000 Winner: traged Screens:Click here for the screen's.
  9. Event type: Fallout LWS: Koko Prize:1.000.000 Winner: Lipinho Screens: Click here for the screen's.
  10. Event type: Chicken Shooter LWS: koko Prize:1.000.000 Winner: Pozmester Screens:
  11. STORY: We are patrolling in LS then we got unknown call first we thought kids but then we got 2 more unknown call after we decided to respond then we answered the call its Drug Dealers first we thought teens but when we went we understood they are not teens they are AA first we thought we should call backup but they are not have weapons then we dived inside we said HANDS UP it was easy we searched them then we did mistake we didnt look drug dealer then i saw he was running i told Kanzo catch him then he gone to catch him he didnt catch but we had 2 AA Screens:
  12. == Sky-Diving Organization Role-Play == We need to paras but we dont have plan then Trevor think plan for 2 day finally we found plan we planned steal from AA but it will be hard but we had plann plan like this we will go AA's ship then we will crack password then we will steal paras we think times nobody in ship everything was looking good but plann doesnt work first we went ship we prepared bags then we walked to enter of ship Trevor tried crack password but he didnt because its Advanced Military Technology we said everything finished then Trevor said we have plane we went to plane but first we took last paras if we cant did this job we will fucked then we went to ship again we observe the area we didnt see any AA's member Trevor landed the plane he really did then we walked to garage but we saw a man we didnt know any Fight Skills we scared but i saw another way we climbed then we stolen paras from AA garage then we running to plane he didnt catch us we did it! Crew: SDO|Trevor and SDO|Wayne Screens:
  13. Type of event: Land On The Target Price: 1.000.0000 Winner(s): Niceez Hoster(s): Trevor helper LWS/G6 member: Trevor Screens:
  14. Event type : Chicken Nader LWS : [AAFTW]Zombie Price : 1.000.000 $$$ Winner : KoKo Screens:http://imgur.com/a/533pG
  15. Event type : Chicken Shooter LWS : [AAFTW]Zombie Price : 1.000.000 $$$ Winner : Pozmester Screens:http://imgur.com/a/YJ6Jc