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  1. Event type : Chicken Nader LWS : [AAFTW]Zombie Price : 1.000.000 $$$ Winner : KoKo Screens:http://imgur.com/a/533pG
  2. Event type : Chicken Shooter LWS : [AAFTW]Zombie Price : 1.000.000 $$$ Winner : Pozmester Screens:http://imgur.com/a/YJ6Jc
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  4. Last Letter!

    omegle ( I saw @Sceptic's mother)
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    omerta (RIP)
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  10. CREW: Wayne Toni BVB STORY:Last day i was going home then my wife called me she said"Honey when you are coming home can you buy pizza please" i said okay and i entered pizza shop i ordered big pizza then i heard some voice first i didnt listen but then i heard some words Russian Mafia then i thought took my gun but i put back and i listened them pizza bou begged him he said "Dont kill me please" i need to do something and i opened door i said FREEZE!!! he didnt wait me but i came then i saved pizza boy he wanted Ambulance and i called then we went PD Screens:
  11. CREW: Wayne Sanek Sem SAPA|BVB STORY:Last day Sanek and i patroled around we didnt find criminal then we decided to eat something we went eat hamburger we were very hungry then sanek parked the car we entered place and i saw criminal he was robbed then we hidden but he saw us and we aim on him we said FREEZE!!! but he didnt listen us and sanek said DROP YOUR GUN NOW!!! but he didnt listen again seller was scared we need to do something sanek and criminal shot each other and i shot criminal we came to near i just shot his on arm and Sanek took criminal and i talked with seller then we went PD
  12. Crew:Scepticus Sanek Wayne Albdrani Story:Last day i was going to home by taxi his name is Sanek he is good person we were talking about cars then i saw car shop i want Super GT thats awesome car! and i was looking SuperGT then i saw seller his hands hands up and i stoped the taxi i told him "Wait me here if i shout just go" he said Ok he was worried then i entered the store i said HANDS UP!! and he was scared the seller was crying i said DROP YOUR GUN!!! but he didnt listen me he was shooting me i was seeing just my blood and i heard seller shout he took him as a hostage then he was going taxi with hostage they went but i cant see nothing then i woke up hospital i asked criminal they said he caught then i slept Screens:
  13. Crew: [ALT]SpeedLife [TST]John[VL] [TST]Davey[SM] [TST]Wayne[R] Story:Last day TST found the biggest gang leader we will search for years if we catch him everything will over someone call TST emergency number but we dont know who it is he said "The strongest gang leader is coming and you are waiting he is in a truck " and shut down and all TST members tried to find that truck and we found a truck and TST is ready we just waiting truck and we pull over and John said " Get out the car!" and trucker get out the truck we searched him but nothing then we searched truck but nothing we decided to look load all TST member aim and trucker opened the load but he is not here but we will find him Screens:
  14. Event type :Last Man Standing LWS /Staff:John Price : 2.000.000 $$$ Winner : [HS]Style Screens:http://imgur.com/a/43p3B
  15. Event type :Chicken Shooter LWS /Staff:Expert Price : 1.000.000 $$$ Winner : Mexxx Screens:http://imgur.com/a/eOrVL