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  1. SAES forum phone app

    Maybe we can make SAES forum phone app IOS/Android so when we are not at home or PC we can check forum easilly application results,giving answer to applications,checking messages,hanging at forum etc.
  2. F.B.I Event Event type : Car show event LWS: Zombie Winner(s) : 1.Revonex 2.Winston 3.NRG Prize : 2.500k 3.250k Screenshots:
  3. Event type : 1v1 Deagle Tournament LWS: Dufabo Winner(s) : Niceez Prize : 1.000.000$ SS
  4. FBI Activity 18.03.2018
  5. Event type : NRG race LWS: Arma Winner(s) : Goodie Prize : 3.000.000$ SS:
  6. FBI made conference for SAPA cadets Agent.Payne talked with SAPA cadets about group of terrorists and he gave information about 'How to be a good agent?' and Agent.Payne tested their skills
  7. Event type : Knock off NRG LWS: Pular Winner(s) : Terry Vicent Prize : 1.000.000$ Screenshots:
  8. FBI Activity 05.02.2018 Screens:
  9. Event type : Last Man Standing LWS: kipt Winner(s) : Koko Prize : 1.000.000$ Screenshots: