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  1. Event type : 1v1 Deagle Tournament LWS: Dufabo Winner(s) : Niceez Prize : 1.000.000$ SS
  2. Event type : NRG race LWS: Arma Winner(s) : Goodie Prize : 3.000.000$ SS:
  3. FBI made conference for SAPA cadets Agent.Payne talked with SAPA cadets about group of terrorists and he gave information about 'How to be a good agent?' and Agent.Payne tested their skills
  4. Event type : Knock off NRG LWS: Pular Winner(s) : Terry Vicent Prize : 1.000.000$ Screenshots:
  5. FBI Activity 05.02.2018 Screens:
  6. Event type : Last Man Standing LWS: kipt Winner(s) : Koko Prize : 1.000.000$ Screenshots:
  7. F.B.I--21st.Branch

    Name : Wayne Account : emulun12 Age : 19 Access to PC (ProCops) - If not , why havent you applied / Tried to gain it? :I tried for PCD but didnt take it failed 3 times Past Squads/Gangs + Why you left them NSA:i left because of inactivity TST:i left because i decided to create my own gang but its not official SAPA: I tried for PC and didnt get it then i left How much time have you been playing as a cop ? : I have 1331 hour i played 1300 hours as a cop Why do you enjoy being a "cop" - " agent of the law" ingame ? Its more enjoyable than crime life and cops' roleplay is always better than criminal roleplay and i like arrest the criminals Why would you like to be part of FBIs 21st Branch ? I always want to be an agent for FBI i want to help FBI and i think FBI is high squad and i want to be a part of FBI Why should we accept you ?:Because i think im suitable for FBI and maybe you guys can remember i applied a lot of times and i got denied because of my mistakes but i fixed my some mistakes and i want to try my chance again im loyal person i really want to be part of FBI you guys can understand that because i got too much denied but i didnt give up and im trying again and im believing this time. Different Scenarios:- Sce 1 : - You are the Active Sgt of a patrol unit that includes 2 more agents. There is an active SR going on, there is no backup and only you and 2 more agents with you. You have to "do" and tell us how would you raid that SR succesfuly. You need to select a car or heli and choose a weapon ( sniper/CS/M4). Then you describe us how you would lead your little team towards the SR. Explain Below: I would choose helicopter for air strike but i would place a man to roof for protect us then when sniper doing scary shot i would stay on ground and i would tell him to go up then i would give order kill criminals to sniper and when he start to shoot we would start shoot and we would save the Store Robbery Sce 2 : - You have to raid a criminal base, as you have recieved report of drug business going on. You have 3 teams on your lead. Assault Team - M4/CS - Police Cars+ Sultans / Heli Backup Team - M4/CS - Police cars / Heli Approach team ( Recon) -Sniper - Police car / Heli The criminal base has a fence and it is protected by 4 armed criminals. Inside, there are 3 guard-criminals armed too protecting the main entrance of the building. Your mission is to secure the outside areas of the building, how ? that is up to you and your choosen tactics. Explain Below: First i would place Approach team to the roofs for informations they would give information at that time i would give order to surround place when Assault team ready snipers would kill 4 criminals quietly then Backup team would go another entrance so they would stuck in circle and Assault team would take criminals at that time Backup team would go distrup to drug bussines Sce 3 :- SAPD HQ has called the local SWAT/FBI units to lead and solve a hostage Situ on a nearby building. 2 criminals were tryin to get away with some money taken from a local McDonalds fast food Sh. As the police was gettin closer to them they decided to get inside a clothes shop and take as a hostage an old woman. The criminals are 2 young men, armed and very nervous. You lead your teams to the scene and you have to rescue this old woman. How would you do it ? What would you use ? etc. Explain Below: First i would call ambulance if woman injured then i would give orders to SWAT for surruound the McDonalds then a few FBI agents would try to calm criminals and embroider the criminals at that time SWAT team would try to find another entrance when they found SWAT team would go inside and they would shoot them from their legs and arms then ambulance team would take woman for check.
  8. DDT Event: Event Type: Air boxing LWS/G6 Helper(s): Dufabo Event Prize: 1,000,000$ Hosted By: Wayne Winner: Cobra Screenshots: