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  1. open damn recs pls SAN or SAF pls

  2. Event type: Hunter Shooter LWS: John Prize:2.000.000 Winner: Ramos Screens:Click here for the screen's.
  3. Event type: Simon Says LWS: viki Prize:1.000.000 Winner: traged Screens:Click here for the screen's.
  4. Event type: Fallout LWS: Koko Prize:1.000.000 Winner: Lipinho Screens: Click here for the screen's.
  5. Event type: Chicken Shooter LWS: koko Prize:1.000.000 Winner: Pozmester Screens:
  6. STORY: We are patrolling in LS then we got unknown call first we thought kids but then we got 2 more unknown call after we decided to respond then we answered the call its Drug Dealers first we thought teens but when we went we understood they are not teens they are AA first we thought we should call backup but they are not have weapons then we dived inside we said HANDS UP it was easy we searched them then we did mistake we didnt look drug dealer then i saw he was running i told Kanzo catch him then he gone to catch him he didnt catch but we had 2 AA Screens:
  7. == Sky-Diving Organization Role-Play == We need to paras but we dont have plan then Trevor think plan for 2 day finally we found plan we planned steal from AA but it will be hard but we had plann plan like this we will go AA's ship then we will crack password then we will steal paras we think times nobody in ship everything was looking good but plann doesnt work first we went ship we prepared bags then we walked to enter of ship Trevor tried crack password but he didnt because its Advanced Military Technology we said everything finished then Trevor said we have plane we went to plane but first we took last paras if we cant did this job we will fucked then we went to ship again we observe the area we didnt see any AA's member Trevor landed the plane he really did then we walked to garage but we saw a man we didnt know any Fight Skills we scared but i saw another way we climbed then we stolen paras from AA garage then we running to plane he didnt catch us we did it! Crew: SDO|Trevor and SDO|Wayne Screens:
  8. Type of event: Land On The Target Price: 1.000.0000 Winner(s): Niceez Hoster(s): Trevor helper LWS/G6 member: Trevor Screens:
  9. Event type : Chicken Nader LWS : [AAFTW]Zombie Price : 1.000.000 $$$ Winner : KoKo Screens:http://imgur.com/a/533pG
  10. Event type : Chicken Shooter LWS : [AAFTW]Zombie Price : 1.000.000 $$$ Winner : Pozmester Screens:http://imgur.com/a/YJ6Jc
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    omegle ( I saw @Sceptic's mother)
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    omerta (RIP)
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