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  1. [Championship] League of Legends

    Team Name: The Outfit. Team Captain: Nirjhor Team Members (LoL usernames): @Nirjhor.- DFW Youngsta , @Marcus OH WAH AH AH AH, @Fnabbe- Fnabbe , @Joe - Daryl @Unique- zeibek23
  2. Official Quote Wall

    There's a diffrence between online members and active members though.
  3. Congratulations fella!

  4. It's a simple but important feature which should have been implemented long ago. We can only hide the chat and the hud through /saeshud and /showchat. But that still leaves the kills trackers on the right and speedometer at the bottom right. As seen in the picture below:- Also while on foot A command to hide these 2 or like hide everything would help the community a lot during RP's and many other occasions.
  5. [Championship] League of Legends

    It will be at a time suitable for both competing teams.
  6. [Championship] League of Legends

    No DOTA only LoL.
  7. Complete Car Texture Mods

    A lot of more mods means a lot of more MB's for new players to download. Thus new players are most likely to leave before even joining and enjoying the server due to the massive amount of MB they'd have to download. I'd say no for a major car texture update as I do think we've got enough mods. I'm still in for some specific cars to get a mod so that we can see players using em.
  8. Show us Yourself v2

    Friend with benifits
  9. Expanding Gta SA

    If I recall correctly then the SAES team had plans to add a vice city map in the server. Adding this much'd mean a lot of more MB's for the new players to download so I doubt that it will benifit us. All you can do is now wait for that vice city expansion to be added if the team still does remember it.
  10. When they want to arrest me and Goodie

    SAES traineeman
  11. Nano's twin

  12. SAES Meme pictures!

  13. Official Quote Wall

    far more stupid*
  14. Trucking update

    Just seeing it having a nice interior is probably a +1 for me.
  15. Will lag the server -111111111111111