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  1. The Outfit

    Roleplay #51 RP Title: Fixing Oldies for an upcoming mission. The Outfit members present: O|Sira , *O|TheWeeknd , O|Nirjhor , O|Frank , (some names missing will be added soon). Other players present: Jasper , Deu , Justsomene , Totti and more.
  2. The Outfit

    Roleplay #48
  3. The Outfit

    From AA"s view >>
  4. The Outfit

    Roleplay #47 RP Title: The Deal with the Assasins. The Outfit members present: O|Nirjhor , O|bas , *O|Scotty , O|Menspider , O|Nirjhor , O|Bugswithslugs Other players present: [AA]Canelas , [AA]M7mod , [AA]Ryco , Mirko Roleplay scenario: A normal day with a normal weather.Members of the Outfit were getting ready to do the deal as discussed earlier. The members started for the destination near MC with 3 packers,1 securivan , 1 glendale, 1 Hustler ,1 comet. Reaching at the destination,the members recieved warm greetings from the arms assasins members,they were ready for the deal aswell with a truck full of weapons crates. Vincent and Leonardo from the Outfit did the talking with arms assasins members Canelas and M7mod.Both organizations agreed on terms and the deal was done successfully. The cars were delivered to the ship of the assasins,the weapon crates from them were delivered to Outfit base afterwards. Outfit and Arms Assasins,relationship between the two organization was neutral all along,but as of today's deal,the relationship among these organization increased as there's no need for any disturbance among these orgazination.Both organizations are looking forward to more deals and mutual assistance between them. Screens >>>>>>> http://imgur.com/a/0ruzG
  5. Official Quote Wall

  6. World Of Warships

    And War Thunder is better than WoT
  7. World Of Warships

    It's possible via a mod
  8. Yet nukes won't be as OP as taser.
  9. World Of Warships

    Played it,but i prefer War Thunder's tank gameplay over the WOT one
  10. World Of Warships

    Playin in the Asia sever as YoungstaNirjhor atm,gonna need to install a mod if you are playin on a diffrent server.
  11. World Of Warships

    WOWS is a free-to-play game.The graphics is really good for a free-to-play game.It has an unique gameplay aswell which requires skill and teamwork to the fullest.The game's still imrpoving but the current phase of it is already good enough.The game currently has 4 types of ships,with each of it's unique style and unique skill to master.Warships vary for over 11 nations. The Link to their website > https://worldofwarships.asia/en/content/game/ You may get swapped to a diffrent link as they vary in countries. Post below if anyone is already playing it or will be playing in the future. ACTION STATIONS!
  12. Show us Yourself v2

  13. The Outfit

    Event #132 Event Title: Hide and Seek. The Outfit members present: O|Nirjhor, O|Dequ , O|Lior , O|Bas Prize: $5.000,000 Winners: OC|>Kubiks
  14. Official Quote Wall