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  1. Trucking Update!!

    "peace" of "crap"
  2. SAES Meme pictures!

    Laggers Of SAES be like
  3. Official Quote Wall

    ____ is my eggs.
  4. The Outfit

    Roleplay #45 RP Title: Car Dealing. The Outfit members present: O|Nirjhor , O|Sira , O|Adistar , O|Killer06 , O|SNome , O|Gubby Other players present: [T~C]Kybalion , [T~C]millionaire , [T~C]Sicario , [T~C]Villain , C|Sinster . Roleplay scenario: It was a nice day with a nice weather,the outfit members were gathering up the cars needed for a deal made yesterday over the phone.WIth Mr.Leonardo leading the convoy of a packer which was carrying 2 cars,a huntley and a glendale.They arrived at the cartel's base around noon.After a long talk about the cars and their origins,the cartels took the outfit members to a secret place in the hills.There were drugs and weapons waiting for them to trade with the cars there.The cartels and the outfit members agreed on the trade for those crates of weapons and drugs in exchange of the cars the outfit members will be giving.The outfit members left the place while leaving the cartels deal with something there.
  5. New SAHA member

    gz useless cunt human
  6. The Outfit

    Event #129 Event Title: Simon Says. The Outfit members present: O|Nirjhor aka Simon , O|Totti , O|Adistar , O|Gubby , O|Sonin Prize: $1.000,000 Winners: applejuice123
  7. The Outfit

    Roleplay #44 RP Title: Golden Papers. The Outfit members present: O|Nirjhor (Leonardo) , O|Topol Other players present: [FOX]Segrams Roleplay scenario: Leonardo just got a phone call from one of his old friends to meet somewhere as soon as possible.It really surprised him that an old friend that had joined the law department wants to meet him suddenly.Yet he went to the place with one of the members of his organization incase something bad happens.After meeting,Leonardo and his friend,both saw a lot of changes in their friend.After a small talk about each other's life,he showed Leonardo some papers.Yes,those papers contained valuable informations about our organization and it's activities throughout the state.Leonardo was shocked to see those papers containing so much informations about them,thus showing how irresponsible we were being while dealing with other gangs of the state.Leonardo thanked his friend more than enough and promised to reward him something valuable.His friend smiled and said he won't be needing any rewards,just meeting Leonardo after a long time was a pleasure for him,though Leonardo secretly ordered the pizza shop to send a pizza to the friend's house later. With the papers in hand,Leonardo is now starting plans to find and kill those that were planning a secret raid on the organization base.
  8. Whatever you add,people will enjoy it the first few days,then they will want something else.The jails are solid proof of that. However,i wasn't here when HR existed,but if it really is that much enjoyable,then it would be a good idea to bring it back,or just take servioo's suggestion and create a mixture.
  9. CS Application Results

    wtf joe
  10. Official Quote Wall

  11. Official Quote Wall

  12. The Outfit

    Event #120 Event Title: Hydra pew pew The Outfit members present: O|Nirjhor , O|Louis , *O|Sira Prize: $1.000,000 Winner : [NSA]Tamo
  13. LS Jail back & /sur fixed

    Crims now