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    Anyone still playing this?
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    Tried all boots items in practise tool. Yes im a dolphin
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    Rocket launcher is what you need then.
  5. How do you imagine the users to look.

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    Its a teemo after all.
  7. Texas ~ Cartel | Roleplay Archive

    Unexpected Visitor It was a sunny day.It was a day off for the capos who was in charge of the base at that day,as known as Nirjhor went out to do some minor works.So in the meantime the base had only 1 vatos securing it.The vatos was Horizonts who was an unexperianced soldier of the cartel. After some minutes,Nirjhor got a message from an unknown number. ""If you want your member alive,then come to your base's meeting room as soon as possible,without anyone or any types of weapons."" Nirjhor reacted to the the situation as fast as he could,he went to the meeting room while calling another nearby capos to come.He went inside and saw a highly ranked agent.But the good thing was that the agent was all alone.So nirjhor decided to play a game with the agent.He did just as the agent said,he showed the cartel's secret place to the agent,while at the lowest room of the base,Nirjhor decided it was time to finish this agent. In the meantime,the other capos,aka zeta,has already uncuffed the vatos.Both of them went the secret room as soon as possible. The agent was fucked,totally.2 Soldiers were aiming at him,it was his end.But lucky him,he threw a flashbang and took the advantage of the time then ran away.The Cartels started to search for the agent,but he was unluckily,long gone. At the moment the cartels know nothing about the agent but one thing,his name was Hl-036.
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    ~ Texas Cartel - Event ~ Event Type: Reach The Roses Helpers: UE|koko,[CDC]Julio Location: G6 Area Prize: 10.000.000 $ Winner: [B~B]Marlos Screens:
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    Will join up later.
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    More rp,yay.