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  1. Star Citizen

    I can get 2 Battlefield 1 with on starter pack of Star Citizen
  2. The Outfit

    Event Type: Warzone Hide n Seek Prize: $10,000,000 Host: Dequ da cunt Winner: [BB]Koko Screens:
  3. Show us Yourself v2

    SAES taught him how to say sup instead of show bobs and vegena pls
  4. Official Quote Wall

    Anyone could see that in the HoF but whatever
  5. Star Citizen

    I'd play right away but can't buy a starting package now so can't play either way
  6. I doubt that literally anything would increase the amount of roleplay these days.
  7. Gang Relations

    Bad Darth.
  8. The Outfit

    Roleplay #53
  9. accept FSB

    Oh my Engrish!
  10. Allow same type of car more than once

    Or just buy clones from the custom modshop and save em with diffrent names.
  11. Show us Yourself v2

    At the beach.
  12. The Outfit

    Roleplay #52 RP Title: Deal with the new ones. The Outfit members present: O|Nirjhor , O|Bugswithslugs , O|Ment Other players present: OC crew. Roleplay scenario: Leonardo have just arrived to Sanandreas after a long time spent on Cuba.The head rackateer have heard of some minor gangs rising in the state.Upon his arrival in The Outfit's base,he heard the recruits talking about a "protein" they had bought which had greatly benifit their combat capabilities.Leonardo took the quite interest in the new organization. Through his sources,he got the contact number of the head of that organization and agreed with a deal. Leonardo,alongside his recruits, Victor and Natasha,started for the meeting place which was the abandoned airport of Bone Country. The organization,named as,Overdose Crime was already there.The outfit crew got greeted warmly by the OC crew. Leaving the deal in the recruit's hands,Leonardo had a chat with the head of the OC crew.The conversation which they had secretly at a distance from both crews,gave Leonardo a lot of unknown facts.The conversation made him know that the organization was in friendly terms with The Outfit's alliance,Underground Empire,making OC crew being in friendly terms with The Outfit aswell. The conversation and the deal both ended with both crew's being on benificial terms.
  13. The Outfit

    Event Type:Hide and Seek Prize: $10,000,000 Host: [TST]Dufabo Winner:[VLA]Sybia Screens:
  14. Official Quote Wall

    [CC]-blender[HQ]: is the tag of cubancar is cc? O|Nirjhor|Lounge: Yes [CC]-Hero|L: yeah! Yoore: yes, blendewr BES|Reggi: yes Yoore: Blender hahahahahaha [AA]Yoko_Kurama: well yeh [AA]Yoko_Kurama: rofl [CC]-blender[HQ]: but we r CC and cubancars are cc ;) [CC]-Hero|L: whats so funy O|Nirjhor|Lounge: Lol O|Nirjhor|Lounge: That logic Yoore: Hahahahhahahaha [AA]Yoko_Kurama: ye well im cc so im supposed to be a cc? [CC]-blender[HQ]: at least we r bigger than cc ...we are CC [AA]Yoko_Kurama: LOL O|Nirjhor|Lounge: Lmaooo Yoore: LMAOAOAOAOOAOAOHAHAHHAHAH BES|Reggi: omfg im dying [ALT]Slash<P>: lol [AA]Yoko_Kurama: Bruh im dying Yoore: me too xDD