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  1. Planet Win 365

  2. New high-speed Police vehicles!

    fucking awesome
  3. Can we say America first but Turkey second?

    what about Tunisia u slugs (lmao)
  4. PART: I ▶ In-game name: I'm known as Danniel ▶ Account name: mafia89 ▶ How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG?: almost 2 years ▶ Total gameplay time: 1600 hours I guess ▶ How often do you visit the forums?: I can't count that but its enough to check the news, inbox and notifications ▶ Do you have a microphone?: its broken atm ▶ Do you have TeamSpeak 3 installed?: yes PART: II ▶ Real name: my name is Yassine ▶ Age: 17 years old ▶ Gender: Male ▶ Nationality: Tunisian ▶ Where do you live?: tunisia ▶ Timezone[with GMT Format]: GMT+1 ▶ Native language: arabic ▶ Other language(s): French and English ▶ Rate your English proficiency on a scale of (1-10): since English is not my primary language I rate my english proficiency on 7/10 PART: III ▶ Previous organizations(state the names in order): TST, MI-6, SAFP, FBI ▶ Why did you leave or why were you kicked(state the reason in detail)?: I have never been kicked from organizations , TST (level0) I left because trainees life is such boring , MI-6 I just left a day before it get deleted , SAFP I left because the HQ team were inviting players randomly so I didn't feel comfortable in there , FBI I blew up a HQ member's car and dmed him (in a joke manner) and rule is a rule so he demoted me from level 2 to 0 and I deserved that so I left the squad ▶ Have you ever been kicked/banned from the server(if yes, why)?: ya I was banned from the server for being staff of saes copycate server (that was in 2015 and back in march 2016) ▶ Do you have Procops Access?: I do not ▶ Are you in any groups?: MCC (Pvt) PART: IV ▶ Write your strengths and weaknesses in one paragraph: well , about my strengths I am good at driving , shooting , arresting. and my weaknesses maybe flying airplanes, heli's ... ▶ Why do you want to join NNB?: decent activity, helpful team with a good behaviour amazing rp's and event hosted and also the squad is doing good that's what have made u successful and u have reach level 5 in spite of the difficulties of keeping a squad alive nowadays u guys have took over SA!!! ▶ Why should we let you join us?: well after I left the FBI I decided to leave saes and do something usefull in my life maybe some of u noticed that I was inactive these weeks, whatever. since I'm mature and a good teamplayer my in-game friends suggested that I should apply to the NNB and I myself would like to join u as its doing good with faithful and cool members and make sure that I will bring such new things to the squad that might help u ▶ Did you read all F1/NNB Rules and accept them?: yes sure I know well the server rules/ same as NNB ▶ State two rules of NNB with your own sentences: Don’t insult/rage someone and this is annoying af Do not arrest someone at event , that's retarded ▶ Describe Roleplay: Roleplay is acting in-game like real life for example as a nnb Agent: investigation murders, robberies, kidnapped people ...arresting wanted criminals such drugs dealers, arms dealers even a pizza boy if he did something against the law ▶ Describe NNB's role in SAES: as I said above about drugs dealer, whatever, NNB role is to fight against drugs and make SA a better place and to conduct vigorous enforcement against drug offenders ▶ What is team spirit?: team spirit is a sense of responsibility means to work together and to help each other as a team. and to make this shorter team spirit is kinda of teamwork. ▶ What do you do if someone is deathmatching you? sometime I ignore those rulebreakers, or maybe I get some screenshots and report them but as many players know me well in-game I've never reported a player who dmed me in a joke manner so I always try to avoid /report ▶ Describe revenge-dm: revenge-dm is deathmatching back a player who dmed u and its not allowed so in these kind of situations, the bast way is using /report command and admins/staff's will deal with em ▶ What is marker arrest?: marker arrest is camping out an interior till criminals gets out and u arrest them in the marker and its count as a rulebreak ▶ Tell us something about yourself(give us detail about your real life): well I'm a 17 years old young man called yassine from Tunisia, I live with my parents, I'm the youngest of two sisters and about to become an university student and also I like playing video games in my spare time I have been playing GTA SA for ages almost 9 years I used to love nothing than the immersion of waking up and first thing is turning my computer on, playing until I get tired then going back to sleep, I also like to listen to heavy metal music I like dming my friends so be aware u have to take this risk ;) thats all and I was joking about watching gay porn @Mootjeee
  5. Show us your car!

    what kind of jokes is that ?
  6. Top 3 highest Scores!

    Ingame Nickname: [FBI]Danniel In which section would you like to rank yourself:nothing, I feel like a useless noob ScreenShot:
  7. It would be great if u add missions such an advert contains location , situation , suspect name ... example : Caller: Daniel situation : Hello my name is Daniel' I was being robbed by two men right near glen park south LS (and including suspects description or names or put a blip on their location so we could locate them easily) its a short suggestion and I hope u like it and make it real when u have the opportunity to do so =)
  8. Last Letter!

  9. Last Letter!

  10. Last Letter!

  11. ALEXDVLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Danniel

      whenever I miss u I keep checking your profile and last visited

      come back you slag !

  12. gz for your forum promotion Danny <3