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  1. Show us your car!

    what kind of jokes is that ?
  2. Top 3 highest Scores!

    Ingame Nickname: [FBI]Danniel In which section would you like to rank yourself:nothing, I feel like a useless noob ScreenShot:
  3. It would be great if u add missions such an advert contains location , situation , suspect name ... example : Caller: Daniel situation : Hello my name is Daniel' I was being robbed by two men right near glen park south LS (and including suspects description or names or put a blip on their location so we could locate them easily) its a short suggestion and I hope u like it and make it real when u have the opportunity to do so =)
  4. Last Letter!

  5. Last Letter!

  6. Last Letter!

  7. ALEXDVLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Danniel

      whenever I miss u I keep checking your profile and last visited

      come back you slag !

  8. gz for your forum promotion Danny <3

  9. Yes Or No

    no who have created this useless topic ? would u like to rape the cunt ?
  10. winek ya haj !