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  7. Event Type: Chicken nader Prize: 1.500.000 Winner(s): CasuaL Helper(s)(LWS/G6): [NNB*]Enemy, [LWS]Zombie Location: CS Area Screens:
  8. NM-NNB RP chasing criminal Milan Robber, Kidnapper, drugs dealer, murder God knows what else have Milan done Today at the noon the NNB have got an emergency call about drugs transportation and dealing on the highway east NNB HQ so agent Danniel was in-charge of the mission and quickly took a police high-speed vehicle and went to the target, few minutes later the nnb agent saw a brown Huntley standing in the middle of the highway with a broken lights so I asked the driver about his ID and it shows out that the suspect called Milan which is granted in the NNB's most wanted list and then I immediately requested backup, asked the suspect nicely to step out of his vehicle and set handcuffs onto Milan's wrists and brought him into custody therefore I searched the brown huntley and found a big amount of illegal drugs such weed, cocaine... screenshots:
  9. Planet Win 365

  10. New high-speed Police vehicles!

    fucking awesome
  11. Can we say America first but Turkey second?

    what about Tunisia u slugs (lmao)
  12. PART: I ▶ In-game name: I'm known as Danniel ▶ Account name: mafia89 ▶ How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG?: almost 2 years ▶ Total gameplay time: 1600 hours I guess ▶ How often do you visit the forums?: I can't count that but its enough to check the news, inbox and notifications ▶ Do you have a microphone?: its broken atm ▶ Do you have TeamSpeak 3 installed?: yes PART: II ▶ Real name: my name is Yassine ▶ Age: 17 years old ▶ Gender: Male ▶ Nationality: Tunisian ▶ Where do you live?: tunisia ▶ Timezone[with GMT Format]: GMT+1 ▶ Native language: arabic ▶ Other language(s): French and English ▶ Rate your English proficiency on a scale of (1-10): since English is not my primary language I rate my english proficiency on 7/10 PART: III ▶ Previous organizations(state the names in order): TST, MI-6, SAFP, FBI ▶ Why did you leave or why were you kicked(state the reason in detail)?: I have never been kicked from organizations , TST (level0) I left because trainees life is such boring , MI-6 I just left a day before it get deleted , SAFP I left because the HQ team were inviting players randomly so I didn't feel comfortable in there , FBI I blew up a HQ member's car and dmed him (in a joke manner) and rule is a rule so he demoted me from level 2 to 0 and I deserved that so I left the squad ▶ Have you ever been kicked/banned from the server(if yes, why)?: ya I was banned from the server for being staff of saes copycate server (that was in 2015 and back in march 2016) ▶ Do you have Procops Access?: I do not ▶ Are you in any groups?: MCC (Pvt) PART: IV ▶ Write your strengths and weaknesses in one paragraph: well , about my strengths I am good at driving , shooting , arresting. and my weaknesses maybe flying airplanes, heli's ... ▶ Why do you want to join NNB?: decent activity, helpful team with a good behaviour amazing rp's and event hosted and also the squad is doing good that's what have made u successful and u have reach level 5 in spite of the difficulties of keeping a squad alive nowadays u guys have took over SA!!! ▶ Why should we let you join us?: well after I left the FBI I decided to leave saes and do something usefull in my life maybe some of u noticed that I was inactive these weeks, whatever. since I'm mature and a good teamplayer my in-game friends suggested that I should apply to the NNB and I myself would like to join u as its doing good with faithful and cool members and make sure that I will bring such new things to the squad that might help u ▶ Did you read all F1/NNB Rules and accept them?: yes sure I know well the server rules/ same as NNB ▶ State two rules of NNB with your own sentences: Don’t insult/rage someone and this is annoying af Do not arrest someone at event , that's retarded ▶ Describe Roleplay: Roleplay is acting in-game like real life for example as a nnb Agent: investigation murders, robberies, kidnapped people ...arresting wanted criminals such drugs dealers, arms dealers even a pizza boy if he did something against the law ▶ Describe NNB's role in SAES: as I said above about drugs dealer, whatever, NNB role is to fight against drugs and make SA a better place and to conduct vigorous enforcement against drug offenders ▶ What is team spirit?: team spirit is a sense of responsibility means to work together and to help each other as a team. and to make this shorter team spirit is kinda of teamwork. ▶ What do you do if someone is deathmatching you? sometime I ignore those rulebreakers, or maybe I get some screenshots and report them but as many players know me well in-game I've never reported a player who dmed me in a joke manner so I always try to avoid /report ▶ Describe revenge-dm: revenge-dm is deathmatching back a player who dmed u and its not allowed so in these kind of situations, the bast way is using /report command and admins/staff's will deal with em ▶ What is marker arrest?: marker arrest is camping out an interior till criminals gets out and u arrest them in the marker and its count as a rulebreak ▶ Tell us something about yourself(give us detail about your real life): well I'm a 17 years old young man called yassine from Tunisia, I live with my parents, I'm the youngest of two sisters and about to become an university student and also I like playing video games in my spare time I have been playing GTA SA for ages almost 9 years I used to love nothing than the immersion of waking up and first thing is turning my computer on, playing until I get tired then going back to sleep, I also like to listen to heavy metal music I like dming my friends so be aware u have to take this risk ;) thats all and I was joking about watching gay porn @Mootjeee