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  1. Change your password ASAP

    whats going on Oo
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  3. NSA - National Security Agency

    gz rappiglet!!
  4. New turfs & other small updates

    thanks kain
  5. Dislike all of my posts.

    whats wrong with getting banned these days?
  6. I have a gay friend called daniel irl. You make me remind him

  7. nik omha frr tsir

    1. Curvy
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      Congtraz frr  rit roujla mech bel flous -_-

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  9. ''The biggest raid against drugs'' Today july 13th, It was a nice day and everything was going okey until we got an urgent report from dispatchers about drug abusers and since the NNB's mission is to fight against drugs and dealers we get charged of this mission and we quickly gathered up at our HQ. we were under Sou and paradox supervision, we got an explain and informations about the scene and the gang that we are going to raid, after a couple of minutes we all were ready, well equipped. We got into the Rancher and we brought a police maverick to cover us and to give us details from the scene with officer.Dom from LSPD. we quickly moved to the scene and we ride in, suspects were handling guns, explosives, drugs may god know what else they had and the operation has just started. we nicely asked them to put their weapons on the floor and to keep their hands in view and no need to use force. Hopefully they co-operate and listened carefully to us and were doing good, at that moment we cuffed their wrists pushed aside their guns we had a talk with tem on the scene about their ID and guns license, names and such things and it showed out that the majority belongs to very known and dangerous organization like CLO and many others so we took them to our headquarters for further interrogation. After this point, we arrived to the HQ we got them to the investigation room one by one and tried to make deals with them but they kept refusing, anyways we have got enough proofs to put them behind full metal doors in stifling cells with broken lights for the rest of their lives especially the two clo guys, they'd prefer to kill themselves rather than staying in a cell for a long time. Suddenly one of them removed the handcuffs somehow while their were inside a cell and act like he want to talk to our agent that was guarding the cells and stole their m4 he was handling and the situation turned into a mess shot fires, dead bodies, injured agents but the situation was still under nnb control and all of the clo's were down and they didn't give up to the last breath
  10. Official Quote Wall

    lmao louis

  12. National Narcotics Bureau Activity 07.7.2017