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  1. 15/04/2018 BR LS 8/8 BR SF 8/8
  2. 08/03/2018 Huge Jail Break:
  3. 08/03/2018 LV, SF , Wheststone,BC,RC
  4. 03/03/2018 LV,BC and Bayside Special thanks to Cripz
  5. It was Friday , RikKi from Comando Da Capital was chilling out with his friends to have some fun by selling some drugs and suddenly he got a call from maestro from Cripz, meastro was asking for 2kg of cocaine for his gang ,as always CDC have a big store full of all types of drugs , so they decided to meet at CDC base tomorrow night for more safety from cops. Maestro came with his friend wenom using cripz'car while they were comming RikKi insists to come CDC's base anonymously without being see from cops because polices were spread on all San Andreas. after a while , maestro texted RikKi '' we are in your base come out '' , RikKi went out and entred them . they greeting each others , and starting speaking about the drugs that maestro request and he said as ''we heard that CDC has the best quality of drugs around San andreas that's why i called you exceptionally'', RikKi reply yo maestro by seing '' ye ye that's true we experting it from jamaica , that's true what you hear and we alse have the best price. so maestro and his friend wenom wanted to see the drugs and test some. RikKi took them to the store where CDC hides their drugs to test it . Maestro and wenom request some cocaine to test before buying , RikKi went to give them some to try .once they tried it they flew up and they wasn't even understand what they are saying they really enjoy it , they wanted 1kg more . RikKi went to meastro and said :'' you see we have the best quality of drugs you can't find like it in this world'' Meastro reply :'' wow, yeah mate i saw that '' RikKi took the 3kg of cocaine and puted them at the car's trunk of meastro. and finally meastro was happy to deal with comando da capital and he said that it has the best quality and he will always request drugs he want from it.
  6. LV bank 8/8 (02/02/2018)
  7. New tweaked website

    Make a version for phone , please
  8. New tweaked website

    I can't use the new website on my phone
  9. Your 2018 wishes

    I wish 50m in-game :)
  10. (22/08/2017) Event Type: Chiken nader LWS : UE|Duracell Prize: 1.000.000 Hoster: RikKi Winner: [B~B]ReMa