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    Event Type:(623): Seasparrow Shooter #LWS/G6 Helper(s): CripZ>brondy[=RM=] #Winner(s): [WA]KARIM #Prize: $1.000.000 #ScreenShot:
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    I'm going inactive , sorry :(
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    Actually, Who are you to tell him what to do?
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    EUW :I Go Out- Gold 5 ( Support main/Jungle main too)
  5. CripZ Media Archive

    Today in the evenning i had a pursuit from cops and i had a lot of accidents my car was totally broken my engine wasn't working properly and i couldn't get back home so i decided to call one of west coast company so they can take a look in my car and repair it ...It didnt take too much them to come only few minutes and i was suprised that my engine is fine and only my car wheels will need a repair so they immedialty head to their company garage to start repairing the car they fill the air in wheels and paint some parts in my car and a lot of things....After few hours they came to our gang base with a towertruck carrying my car and i was amazed because my car was looking shiny and new it wasn't that much to pay only 1200$ so i went to my gang's safe and took the money from there i've paied them and we shaked our hands then They left our base.
  6. CripZ Media Archive

    OC giving a workout lesson to CripZ Today in the morning i decided to call one of overdose crime coach and he told me to come to Las venturas GYM so i went there immedaitly so i can get some workout lessons first of all we started by boxing and he told me to train my hands after that in the treadmill so i can learn how to run away faster and escape from cops and the last part of the trainning it was holding some heavy dumbbell The payement of the trainning it wasn't expensive it was only a 50$ Before i was going to leave the gym he told me to announce to my gang that overdose crime is selling some gym supplimenets..
  7. CripZ Media Archive

    Event Type(314): Find me event #Date: 19/07/2017 #LWS/G6 Helper: SAES*>Royalty #Prize(s): 5.000.000$$ #Winner: [TT]Evans ScreenShoot: http://imgur.com/a/UnjSF
  8. brophy earning some profile views ! yay

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  10. CripZ Media Archive

    Event Type(296): Glendale race to MC top #Date: 07/07/2017 #LWS/G6 Helper: CripZ>Brondy #Prize(s): 1,000,000$ #Winner: Hellsx*
  11. CripZ Media Archive

    Activity : 06/07/2017 Bank robbery in las venturas #47 : 06/07/2017 Bank robbery in san fierro #48 : 06/07/2017
  12. CripZ Media Archive

    A New Customer. The roleplay story : So today while i was smoking my cigarette i had a phone call from my friend he told me that he made an accident on the high way and he wants to repair his car so i answered him so fast and i told him to come to our base then when he came i was suprised his car was totally broken So i tried to test it and i found the engine is good and i parked it in garage so i will start working on it after few hours i finished my work and i had to replace a lot of stuffs such as wheels,doors,hood,trunk and so on.......I finished repairing the car and it was totally working good then i told him that the payement was 8000$ but as he was a new customer to our garage i decided to make for him a discount of a 2500$ and he paid me 5500$ So we shaked our hands and i took the money and i putted it in our gang's safe Specail thanks to : @Tamer Screenshots :
  13. CripZ Media Archive

    Event Type(287): Tennis nader 2vs2#Date: 2/07/2017#LWS/G6 Helper: [TST]John|L#Prize(s): 2,000,000$ to the winning team#Winner(s): ISOTCU|HIRRIM and ISOTRCU|MUGOScreens :