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  1. SAES is 13 years old!

    Happy Birthday !
  2. Today was activity check for us and there are some screenshots: 1st Roadtrip: Then here is first Bank rob in Las Venturas : 15.11.2016 Safes: 8/8 Here comes 2nd Bank rob in Los Santos: 15.11.2016 Safes: 8/8 After Bank robs we decided to chill out ,so we grabs our Harleys and drive around Red Country:2nd Roadtrip: There is screenshot of activity :
  3. "Burned Burrito" Participans:@Mato Location of Roleplay:Red Country It was a normal day in Dillimore .Mato decided to do some crazy shit. He drove to Red Devils MC base to check if someone is around the base ,He got the idea that we would take their burrito ,and destroy it. He drove his Harley back on Mongols MC base,where he took a Towtruck and drive back to Palomino Creek.He pinned RDMC's Burrito and drove it somewhere ,where police can't see him. After that he started to shoot in a burrito,burrito began to burn.Mato left the car here, and hurried away. So RDMC don't have burrito now, beacuse is destroyed somewhere in Red Country.
  4. MONGOLS MC ROLEPLAY "FIRE CAR" Participans:[MMC]Mato[M],Firefighter Enemy It was a normal day in Dillimore and Mato was repairing his own car.He was looking for some new components, which have to be confused.He have to change oil filter, air filter ,fix brakes,exchange oil in engine.He bought components in Los Santos for whole 2000$. But suddenly ,oil of engine began to burn.All was in fire and smoke , It was hard to breathe. So I surley need help.And nobody was around the base to help me. I was lucky.One firefighter has just drove in Dilimore.He saw a fire in our Mongols garage and helped me outta here, because i needed help. He dragged me to the Firetruck and gave me the mask of oxygen.I finally breathe a fresh air . I felt better. Then he tried to extinguish the fire with the Firetruck.He done this very good ,nothing else burned.All garage could be burned if Firefight won't help.He was fast and effective. When Firefighter leaves area ,I undocked the Towtruck and drive it into the Los Santos dump, because car was totaly damaged .I didnt have any other option .The repair would cost me much more, I better buy new car or bike.
  5. Event type:Boxing event LWS:[AA]M7mod Prize:1.000.000$ Winner: [CDC]Underpants Presents:Mongols Motorcycle Club Location:Los Santos Boxing gym
  6. Mato's Donation Claim

    Hello, I would like to have a shamal placed in LV Airport, with color: #4c4c4c , locked to me.