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  1. Turfing Palomino Creek Before: After:
  2. ACTIVITY CHECK San Fierro 8/8
  3. ACTIVITY CHECK Small meeting and promoting Deadpool to Sergeant at Arms and Ramos to Secretary. Bank Robbery after Meeting LS Bank 8/8
  4. Small Roadtrip around San Andreas
  5. Participants: [MMC]Mato[HQ] Farmer Kidrus(Ramos) Story:Mato recieved a call from good old friend Kidrus from Blueberry in Red County. Kidrus has a problem with his combine. That combine was very old and exploited and it stops working. Mato came to his place and checked the situation on combine. Mato decided that he will fix it in Dillimore. Kidrus and Mato uses towtruck and drives to Dillimore.They tried to parked combine very close to garage. There were tools for fixing of course. They grab them and started fixing.They fixed a machine and combine's working again.They started talking about the price , but Kidrus said that he doesn't have enought money to pay Mato.They get a deal that every month will Mongols recieve half of his crop.
  6. Mongols MC Roleplay Participants: [MMC]Mato[HQ] Pilot Dave(Ramos) Story: Mato was driving Tow truck around Bone County.Pilot Dave called him to check out his plane.Dave bought it from his friend from Las Venturas.Plane was not in good condition. Mato reviewed a plane.He said that some parts of plane must be replaced.Mato tow a plane and gets in to Dillimore. Mato fixes and replaces all parts which are needed.After he talk about the price with Dave.Of course for fair price.Dave paid around 400$ for this repair.
  7. Mato's Reward change

    Part I: How much have you donated for the sever? 10 pounds When was the last time you requested a donation reward change? Around 1 year ago. Why do you need this change? Because I want to add players on my donation. Links to your donation topics: I can't find it. Links to your previous donation changes requests: N/A ======================================================================== Part II: What I Want to be Removed Vehicle 1: N/A Location: (IF PLACED AT A PERSONAL PROPERTY, LIST THE PROPERTY NAME AND OWNER'S USERNAME HERE SO WE CAN LOCATE IT.) N/A Interior: N/A ======================================================================== Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1: N/A Location: (IF PLACED AT A PERSONAL PROPERTY, LIST THE PROPERTY NAME AND OWNER'S USERNAME HERE SO WE CAN LOCATE IT.) N/A Username: (YOUR USERNAME ONLY, ANY ADDITIONAL USERNAMES CAN BE ADDED THROUGH THE DONATION PAGE, AS CAN MODS, COLOURS, ETC.) fbixmato , kostanjevec12345, satan96 , recliner Interior: N/A (Everything what i want to do is, to add more usernnames to my shamal donation)
  8. Mongols MC Roadtrip 20.2.2017
  9. Activity Check LS Bank 8/8 SF Bank 8/8
  10. Activity Check 17.2.2017 Bank Roberry Los Santos 8/8 Bank Roberry Las Venturas 8/8
  11. Mongols MC Las Venturas Bank Rob 16.2.2017 8/8
  12. Mongols Mc Los Santos Bank Rob 16.2.2017 8/8
  13. Mongols MC Night Activity We are Mongol raiders! We are raiders of the Night! 8.2.2017
  14. Mongols MC Los Santos Bank Roberry