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  1. Show us Yourself v2

    9atous manel
  2. Show us Yourself v2

    etofla techbah lil'epic ye5i o5tou ? @Madix
  3. Good news, everyone!

    2tosh bou katla
  4. SAES Meme pictures!

  5. Enternia's Media

    It started when a group of people we used to work with decided to get rid of us and start working with another competitor companies, Since then, no aggression actions were taken from them even though they were profitable for us we hoped for the calm to continue but they were trying to leak informations about our secret warehouses etc to the police. one of our spies spotted their members near a police department and while he was trying to inform us on the phone that they are trying to leak about us they saw him and everyone one spreaded away luckly our spy got their plate and vehicle model which was all what we need to find them. We moved to las venturas highway waiting for them to appear and catch them before they leave the city; We adbucted them to a hidden farm at red country where we killed them after assuring that they are sent to get us in trouble with the police, later on we took their dead bodies to bury them and hide any evidence...
  6. I can't get a bribe inside of the jail, can you ?
  7. So once you are jailed, a small panel like the one we used to save our weapons with at the old jail system appears but this one will offer you to either pay your bails 50k-100k and get out, that amout is fine so we don't get all the criminals to be free all the time or even higher amout depends on your stars or stay in jail. ez pz
  8. Community Staff Recruitment

    i need a money help, any cs wannabe can help me ?