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  1. Faggot

    1. Yannick

      I heard you liked hamburgers with David's ketchup?

  2. TF2 Night?

  3. Update (24-04-2016) Additions: New 'Patriot' skin. New 'Freeway' skin. New 'SuperGT' skin. New 'sniper' skin. Screenshots:
  4. Good night, The MCC recruitment results are officially out, congratulations to: To complete your recruitment process, find me ingame for further information. Be patient & Good luck! Colonel.DDerek
  5. As the voting process is over, you can expect the final results tomorrow ! ( From 6:00 PM )
  6. @yasinkl Please make your suggestion in this subforum: http://saesrpg.uk/community/forum/604-mta-dayz-suggestions/
  7. RECRUITMENT STATUS: CLOSED Good night, The MCC recruitment is officially closed, the results will be announced in a short period of time or hours. Be patient & Good luck! Colonel.DDerek
  8. We will use this post to post all of the new updates to the server and to the gamemode!
  9. DayZ Standalone: Screenshots/Media

    This was more than 1 year ago, 25/1/2015.
  10. RECRUITMENT STATUS: OPEN Good morning, We decided to open the recruitment for 1~2 weeks, currently everyone is trying to join reserves unit, and due to the lack of activity from the engineering unit, we decided to open the recruitment for engineer only. Wich means you can only apply for MCC CEU ( civilian engineering unit). Good luck! ( The applications will only count, if posted after this post. ) Colonel DDerek.