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  1. SAES Meme pictures!

    The floor is "unban Kmeta"*
  2. accept FSB

    We got it, eggman
  3. Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    Gangs - level 2-5: [TT] - Tuga Thugs : One of the strongest gangs on the server, 9/10 [AA] - Arms Assasins : One of the oldest and strongest gangs on the server, really great job!, 9/10 [B~B] - Black Bullets : Same as AA, except that you guys are camels. 9/10 [Z] - Organization Zero : You guys are doing well so far, 8/10 [UE] - Underground Empire : You guys are so damn good, i really like you bois. 9/10 [BS] - Black Syndicate : I got some conections in BS, aka friends. And i gotta say, you boys are doing great. 8/10 [CDC] - Comando Da Capital : To be honest, most of your members are not skilled that much. But, about your activity, you're doing so damn good! (Dont hate me plox) 7/10 [O] - The Outfit: Really respectful and mature people, i really like you. 9/10 CripZ: HOLY SHET! dat activity tho! you bois are doing so god damn good! and i hope to see you guys reach lvl5 cuz you deserve it. 9/10 [OC] - OverdoseCrime You guys just reached lvl2 and you're doing great with the activity. 8/10 Squads - level 2-5. [FBI] - Federal Bureau of Investigation : The FBI. You guys are doing good with the activity as well. (kick mickey plz) 9/10 [SWAT] - Special Weapons & Tactics : Skilled, respectful and mature members. I really like you people. 9/10 [SAPA] - San Andreas Police Academy : Home, sweet home! i'm really, really grateful for you guys <3. 10/10 [SAFP] - San Andreas Federal Police : You boys are doing good so far. 8/10 [FOX] - Fox Operation.X : You boys aren't that active these days, somehow. But, you're doing well :P (hassoni suc dic) [NNB] - National Narcotics Bureau : You boys are doing great. 9/10 [NSA] - National Security Agency: Trainee skuad, jk jk :d, you guys are doing good so far. But, the thing is, i dunno why you guys became a bit inactive after you reached lvl2. But meh, good job! 8/10 Companies - level 2-5. [ALT] - All Load Trucking : Lazy c*nts! i'm just kidding, you boys are doing good, as good as your motto :P. 8/10 If you can't pick the Gang, Squad or Company you are in now. What would be your : Favorite Gang : UE Favorite Squad : NNB
  4. TST Activity Check 27/11/2017 Screenshot(s):
  5. TST - The Strike Team

    Accepted, tested and invited!
  6. Last Letter!

  7. MTA Screenshots

    DZ SIG having a threesome
  8. Last Letter!

  9. Last Letter!

  10. TST Activity Check Screenshot(s):