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  1. count to 1,000,000

  2. count to 1,000,000

  3. Elections back!

    Will this new update allow us to build a wall to keep the Russians out?
  4. Does a Monkey even fit with Enternia in the first place LOL
  5. What do u want to see from katla?

    Dildo kill leaderboards
  6. banners Mogan"s designs

    Check your inbox :D
  7. free Tut's Design Service [paused]

    To be honest this is already a good start only thing that bothers me is the white part that is going trough the gun
  8. AZIS - Sen Trope (Jonasi remake)

    Well it is a good thing that the ban list in katla will be cleared
  9. No when you receive the ping that states 0 I just said it seems to appear with people that are afk and are alt-tabbed out of the game When you receive it you have to relog anyway to play
  10. i post things there never happens anyway can't be bothered and this topic is also still called bugreporting
  11. Thought I would make a topic with all current big bugs that i know off that are going on. --> Avoiding by logging out Currently, players are able to avoid again by logging out. The avoiding ped with /sur shows up but no matter how much you hit it you are not able to arrest it. People are lately doing it more and more --> Avoiding reports Players are logging out to avoid bans now to. Players avoid arrest and punishments by nading themselves or directly log out due to what is stated above to avoid being reported since we can't click their account names in --> Car spawn Lately a bug appeared where we aren't able to park our used cars due to someone using it. This even appears when the vehicle is right next to you and you are seing that there is nobady on it, this also appears when a vehicle exploded. ( This does not happen always but it does often ) --> Spawn panel Some spawns won't show up and you have to re-click the category that you are looking in to have a chance of them showing up this is especially annoying if there are a lot of different spawns i have had it a lot of times that it took me to spawn around 25 seconds to spawn as a sapa trainee This happens with ALL classes --> Usage of /sell while being dead A player managed to abuse some sort of bug to sell weapons while he was dead he couldn't be moved at all for some reason his ping at the time was 82 ( blade ended up admin jailing him ) --> Players with zero ping This bug showed up recently and i guess it has something to do with alt-tabbing out of the game since all those people are AFK, This bug does come with problems so i suggest to add something so these people will be kicked automatically --> Selling properties Players lost their permissions to sell their properties when they try to nothing happens only a SAHA members is able to put them up for sale currently. --> Income & Taxes Normally Taxes & Income happens at night but lately, it doesn't anymore if i check the amount of money i have when going offline it is still the same in the morning. --> TPing into vehicles Everyone is able to tp into a customized vehicle from like 5 meters away even when it is locked. This creates a really annoying and unfear gameplay for people. For example, I am able to drive an NRG and when i fall off in mid air i can just tp back on it in like one millisecond and keep driving.
  12. This was the best feature the forums had to bring the community together on the forums. Now I mostly just look at group or squad forums, suggestions and now katla and that is pretty mutch it
  13. Rip legacy donations in katla

    1. Legacy

      If that happens i will never support this server again 

    2. Noisyboy

      Thats why i dont donate to games/servers

  14. Legacy's Reward Change

    Total Donated : 150 Pounds What i want to have removed Skimmer http://imgur.com/a/dZrZz Cheetah http://imgur.com/a/l7QgU Secuicar 1 http://imgur.com/a/WmVP1 Secuicar 2 http://imgur.com/a/WmVP1 Boxville http://imgur.com/a/WmVP1 Pizza boy http://imgur.com/a/WmVP1 What i want to be added Police Car http://imgur.com/a/9Ibxm Bone County PD Police Car http://imgur.com/a/xdrow San Fierro PD Police Car http://imgur.com/a/I5p32 Los Santos PD Police Car http://imgur.com/a/YCo8e Las venturas PD Police Car | SAPA BASE Police Car | SAPA BASE
  15. Ingame Nickname: Legacy Account Name: legacy1 Date of joining Pro Cop: 13 october 2016 Who tested you: Tut Who invited you: Tut Current Squad/Company: SAPA Age: 18 How long have you been on this server?: Around 2013 How long have you played as a regular cop before you absolved your Pro Cop diploma: Around 2 months Roleplay name: Darryl_Duke