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  1. Greetings @RaMiRC We are happy to see your interest in joining our blacklist. We've received your application and it is currently being delivered to our digital sorting facility by the fastest internet messenger cheetahs around. Once there, magical FBI elves will load up your application on giant monitors and read the words in the chorus to decide your fate. Before this ritual takes place, the magical SWAT elves will take their time adorning themselves with the finest kimonos made from silk and mithril. Then, they carefully slice and roll the freshest and most exquisite sea urchin sushi from the northern coast of Hokkaido and brew the finest sencha tea from Uji, Kyoto, which they sip in unison to the rhythm of Sting's "Desert Rose." Because of this, it'll take a little bit of time for them to digest your application and let us know what the scoop is. And trust me, you don't want to rush these guys. Angry elves are like baby stingbobbles. We know the anticipation is intense, so if you're itching to get some stress out feel free to PM @Teddy with any questions or musings. He will be around to keep you calm and tell you that yes, everything will be okay. We love you and can't wait to hear what the verdict is! Look out for a PM from @IG8820 in the coming week. On the behalf of NNB Executive Team, Mootje
  2. Greetings @RaMiRC, I will keep it short and just answer what I quoted below: You applied for us on Wednesday at 09:46 AM. Then you decided to apply for WA on Thursday at 11:45 AM and yesterday for MNC at 04:12 PM while your NNB application wasn't even answered yet. This means you've no loyalty and just want to join a random organization. We don't accept people that choose NNB as a second place or apply for other organizations while their NNB application is answered yet. And something else which is even worse, Those 2 organizations I stated above are criminal organizations which make us think that you don't even want to join the police side. And when I read your application for those organizations it verifies that you want to be "a professional criminal". So let's end it here, your second NNB application is now denied as well because everything I stated above and you directly re-applied when we denied you. If you really want to join us and prove your loyalty then you're able to re-apply in 2 weeks. On the behalf of NNB Executive Team, Mootje
  3. Greetings @Quiz, Your application is aboard the NNB Deluxe Express and headed straight to our Recruitment Facility where we’re constantly yelling at each other about how excited we are. And let me tell you, we’re SUPER EXCITED that you’ve applied to join us. I’m currently yelling at Fadril that you applied and he’s all like “shut up” but I won’t let him get you down. After reading through your application, the elves then start screaming at each other to see who's more excited. After this long grueling session of screaming, the elves sit down, drink cold brew coffee and listen to “This Is How We Do It” to get themselves pumped up about what our decision will be. Till then you're PENDING, we would like you to hang out with some of our elves in-game and show some activity. On the behalf of NNB Executive Team, Mootje
  4. National Narcotics Bureau Activity
  5. Official Quote Wall

  6. gz SilverNostra

    1. RAMPAGE


      ty mootje gz too mate

  7. A way to cancel police calls

    What about you can decide which calls you're able to see and which not. Same about taxi calls.
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  9. Hey @xxrobson3, My name is Mootje! Thanks for your application and interest in NNB! Back at the NNB Headquarters, our ritual elves have finished looking over your application. Once finished, they all hum in unison and summon a fortune cookie containing the verdict. It's fantastic and delicious, kimpa! Without further ado... let's crack open the cookie and see what it says. Aw bummer, it looks like we can't accept you as a NNB member today. Thank you so much for applying! I hope I get to see your beautiful face again. On the behalf of NNB Executive Team, Mootje
  10. Yes Or No

    Yes Do you know what Revplit is?
  11. Greetings @BlaZZey We would like to thank you for your application and interest in NNB, but unfortunately, you didn't make it through the voting procedure which means your application has been DECLINED. If you're still interested in joining us and want to prove your determination you may re-apply in 2 weeks if you're planning to do so make sure to join our discord server https://discord.gg/VDGfXYm. On the behalf of NNB Executive Team, Mootje
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  13. Mistigun Versus NNB Members