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  1. NBA 2K17

    for me it took about 1 hour and a half
  2. NBA 2K17

    Aye my favorite game :D play that on my PS4
  3. Happy Birthday Fam! Hope you had a great one

  4. Deep's Designs

    Nice work man keep it up !
  5. :O Greeeeeeeeen Congrats!

  6. Freshmens in GM

    Congratz @Angelo. and @Ardron !
  7. Hotfire loves Dinosaur

    1. Nemesis.

      dinoSAES is love dinoSAES is life!

  8. Elections back!

    Make San Andreas Great Again!
  9. SAES Meme pictures!

    Los Santos was blocked due to @Batman! spreading a virus to everyone in Los Santos. Thank you Batman.
  10. Did you take more little kids into your basement ?!?!?

    1. Teddybear

      am i not allowed to? its my hobby

    2. Hotfire

      Just wanted to know so that I can maybe join you :P

  11. Corrupt SAHA !!!

  12. Rennie invites you all to play his favourite game

    I will roll after @jonas13362 and hopefully we both get in the same jail cell :D <3.
  13. kit kat :DD

    1. Kat

      Coldfiree :D  XD