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  1. AA Media Archive

    Event Type: LMS Location: Jeff Prize: $ 1.000.000 Winner(s): Bob Hoster: Arms Assassins Screens: https://imgur.com/a/1Vsj5
  2. Official Quote Wall

    Can't see it bro
  3. And justice for kmeta

    Free my nigga Kmeta
  4. I miss you babe!!! <3

  5. DDT Event: Event Type: RC Baron Shooter LWS/G6 Helper(s): Duff Event Prize: 1.000.000$ Hosted By: Drunk & Disorderly Terrorists/Hotfire Winner: Zwolle Screenshots:
  6. DDT-RolePlay: DDT Member(s): Hotfire Other Participant(s): Almighty Backstory: There was this guy who was near our cave taking pictures. I caught him of the corner of my eye and approached him. He quickly hid the camera and acted like nothing happened. Of course I was suspicious of what he was doing. I started asking him why he was taking pictures and he claimed that he is a photographer. I didn't believe him and thought he worked for the gov't or somebody. He seemed like a suspicious person to me. I told him to carry on and not to ever come back to our caves. He said he won't but I didn't believe him. As he left, I started following him. I made sure that he doesn't know that I am following him. About 20 minutes he arrived at LS Cave. I started following him with my AK-47. He had no idea I was behind him. As soon as he pulled out his camera, a bullet went through his head. Blood all over the floor. He should've listen to me. I quickly took the body inside the cave and cleaned out the evidence so the gov't won't track me. Screenshot: