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  1. Corrupt SAHA !!!

  2. Rennie invites you all to play his favourite game

    I will roll after @jonas13362 and hopefully we both get in the same jail cell :D <3.
  3. kit kat :DD

    1. Kat

      Coldfiree :D  XD

  4. wow...

    damn smh racist people these days.
  5. SAES Meme pictures!

    and he's still going lmao
  6. let's create saes DD/DM/Race server!

    I like this idea
  7. Project KATLA: Dev' Diary #3 (A Video Sneak Peek)

    Batman shut the fuck up.
  8. Uncharted 4

    I still haven't finished this game yet lol.
  9. The Last of Us 2

    I can't wait for this!! :D I played the last of us remastered and it was fucking awesome. Now I'm happy for the Last of us part 2!! If any of you guys got a ps4 add me on psn- hotfire402
  10. How do you imagine the users to look.

    I found @traged's family
  11. SAES is 13 years old!

    Happy Birthday SAES!
  12. Show us your car!

    You live in a nice neighborhood btw nice car