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  1. SDO TRAINING [11/12/2017] Hosted by: Trevor SDO Members: Santa and Malicious SDO Helpers: Stoner and Feels Target: SAP Base Screens:
  2. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Bank robbery 29/11/17 Bank robbery 01/12/17 Bank robbery(1) 02/12/17 Bank robbery(2) 02/12/17
  3. Changes to HQ

    Congratulations Shaun!!!
  4. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Event Type: Fighting 1 Vs 1 Prize: 2.000.000$$ LWS: Cripz>Brondy Winner: Petrow Screens: https://imgur.com/a/9wO2m
  5. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Role-Play#1: https://imgur.com/a/D3IOZ Today i recived a call from Black Syndicate Member, he was talking about interchange services, so we met under brigde to avoid the cop's eyes, then we talked about the amount of drugs he want and the amount of weapons that i want, so we made deal, then he went to his trunk to get the weapons and i went to my trunk to get the drugs and we interchanged it. Role-Play#2: https://imgur.com/a/M5b2t While i was driving near LS gym i found guy standing next to the gym waiting someone to open the door for him, so i went to him to ask if i can help. When he saw me coming he jumped and ran to me happy, he told that he is grateful for seeing me, and he wanted to get some fighting lessons inside, i accepted his offer and we went in, like always we started by running to get worm and to avoid the wrong movements, after runnig i showed him some basic moves of the fighting style, he learnt fastly. After that we started a small fight to see him, if he is able to fight correctly. He was very good at fighting and he used the basic moves that i showed to him in the fight. Role-Play#3: https://imgur.com/a/e4ZYJ I opened my eyes today on a message from a young guy want to get some drugs, so i went to our stock to check if there is small quantity for him, i took it then i loaded it in my trunk, then i went to the location that he wrote it on the message. I was driving and i entered a small cave, and he was waiting there, i stoped the car to talk with him about what he want exactly, then i moved to the trunk and i gave him what he needed and he gave me my money. Role-Play#4: https://imgur.com/a/qCTb3 I recived call from a gangster, he wanted a private lesson, so i went to the location that he told me about it, i and i found guy with white cap, waiting in the entrence, so i went to him to make sure that he is the right guy, so he told me yes im, atfer that we went to Las Venturas gym, we started with small run to get worm, then told him to hit the punching bag, to see if he is able to fight, he hit it well, after that we moved to the ring to fight, he started punching then he hit me with the K.O. Role-Play#5: https://imgur.com/a/yXIfh Today Black Bullets Member called me for Drugs service, so i took my car after loading it with the drugs and i went to B~B Base, i arrived there, and i found the guy waiting me infront the gate, we shaked each others then i opened the trunk to show him the drugs, he took what he needs then he gave me my money. Role-Play#6: https://imgur.com/a/XuERm While i was driving to Tuga Thugs base, i found in the mail box, a letter from unkown organization. The letter contains some information about our drugs and there was a location, the organization wanted some drugs to be loaded in trucker's vehicle, they wrote the name of the trucker and the timing of the delivery, so i went to our stock and i got drugs from there, then i loaded it in my trunk and i went to the location. When i arrived i found the trucker ready to go, so i opened my trunk, i took the amount of drugs and i hid it inside the woods, after that i went to the trucker to take my money from him. Role-Play#7: https://imgur.com/a/QoFP3 Today i recived a call from Skydiving Organization, they wanted drugs to be delivered to their base, they were doing a party in their base and they wanted some drugs to make sexy party, so i went to our stock i took some drugs from there and i went to SDO base, when i arrived i heard the music everywhere there, i stoped my car and i took a sit there, we talked about the price and the type of drugs then we moved the car to give the leader his stuff, so i opened the hood i gave him the drugs and he gave me the money. Role-Play#8: https://imgur.com/a/Kj9bw After the party our alied Black Bullets called me, he was Mr.Maxim, he wanted private fighting lesson inside his base, so i went there, he was waiting me infront the gate, we entered together inside, we started with running with the running machine, then after that i showed him some important moves in fighting style, and the last thing we did is small fighting. he hit me a lot but sadly he didn't win, but he made good job. Role-Play#9: https://imgur.com/a/3nGSN While i was driving back to Tuga Thugs base, a hobo stoped me, i got out of the car, and went to him to see what he wants, he told me that he want suicide pills because he want to leave this world for some minutes, he was old man, was trying to survive with anyway, but he gave up and now he found the drug solution to get away from this life, so i decided to give him, i went to the trunk's car and i got the drugs, i gave him what he needs and i took my money and i went away.
  6. AirTrip Led By: Steve Air-Trip Location: LV-LS--LV X Date: 27/11/17 Participants: SDO|Trevor,SDO|Santa,SDO|Weps,SDO|Hitbot,SDO|Maxim,SDO|Sniper,SDO|Daglow,SDO|Steve,SDO|Bozi,SDO|Horizonts,SDO|Element,SDO|Malicious, SDO-H|Faysal, SDO-H|Stylex,SDO-H|Amara,[ALT]JI6 and SAPD|Breezy Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/FbA4C Training Led By: Steve Training Location: TT Target Date: 27/11/17 Participants: DO|Trevor,SDO|Santa,SDO|Weps,SDO|Hitbot,SDO|Maxim,SDO|Sniper,SDO|Daglow,SDO|Steve,SDO|Bozi,SDO|Horizonts,SDO|Element,SDO|Malicious, SDO-H|Faysal, SDO-H|Stylex,SDO-H|Amara Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/NxLv3
  7. == Sky-Diving Mangers Activitys== Training Led By: Trevor Training Location: MC Top Date: 14/08/17 Participants: SDO|Trevor|SM,SDO|Fattie|SM,SDO|Daglow|SM Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/3Tt0o
  8. == Sky-Diving Organization's Members Activitys== Training Led By: Trevor Training Location: MC Top Date: 10/08/17 Participants: SDO|Trevor, SDO|Ammar,SDO|Fattie,SDO|Daglow,Proton,Bas,Destin and AchrafMstf Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/W7ZZs
  9. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Day In Tuga Thugs's Gyms #5 (The Last Episode) Today was the last day for Mr.Trevor in LS gym, he will be retired, so in his last day, Mr.Gomez came again to the gym to see Mr.Trevor, while Mr.Gomez arrived and got that Mr.Trevor will be retired, he wanted a last training before he retires, so like always Mr.Trevor started with his basic moves with his friend, after that they started a fight but this time Mr.Trevor was the winner in the last fight, after the fight the two friends went to drink some beers together. By that Mr.Trevor finished his career in LS gym, who knowns maybe we find him in another series. Screens: Participants: [TT]Trevor and Mr.Gomez
  10. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Day In Tuga Thugs's Gyms #4 Another day in LS gym, while Mr.Trevor was waiting for customer, Mr.Fattie enetered the gym, he came to me and asked if he can get some personal trainings to improve his fighting skills, Mr.Trevor accepted his request and started right away in the training, like always they start with small run around the room to get worm and to avoid any wrong moves into the training, after that Mr.Trevor showed him some basic moves of fighting, like hitting with his hands and in same time moving his head to protect it from any hits, after that awesome show they started fighting 1 vs 1, Mr.Fattie fought well but he needed more lessons to improve his skills, one lesson won't make big difference, for that Mr.Trevor told him to come back again to the gym and the other TT coachs will take care of him. Screens: Participants: [TT]Trevor and Fattie
  11. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Day In Tuga Thugs's Gyms #3 While i was driving around Los Santos, a police man stoped me to check if i have licence, when he took my id, he was reading the id and he stoped at my occupation, he asked me if im real personal trainer, i answered " yes im sir", after that he told me that he is interested in some lessons, so i took him to LS gym, to start the lesson, we started by small run then i showed him some skills of fighting, he learnt the moves quickly, after that we get in the ring to fight, i kicked him with my feet, but he defended well and counter attacked me by that hit, i fell down. The police man woke me up and asked for how much the training coasts, i told him that he costs 25$, he gave me my money and thanked me for the private training. Screens: Participants: [TT]Trevor and FTH
  12. AirTrip Led By: Trevor AirTrip's Co-Pilot: Fattie Air-Trip Location: LV-SF-LVx Date: 09/08/17 Participants: SDO|Trevor,SDO|Steve,SDO|Henry,SDO|Fattie,SDO|Santa,Reacher,Kuny, Pozmester, Swat, Steffie, Hope and Rikki Screenshots:
  13. Type of event: Parachute Marathon Prize(s): 2.000.000$ Winner(s): Sicario Hoster(s): Trevor Staff member: Joe Screens:
  14. SDO Activity: Group Pictures: