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  1. == Sky-Diving Mangers Activitys== Training Led By: Trevor Training Location: MC Top Date: 14/08/17 Participants: SDO|Trevor|SM,SDO|Fattie|SM,SDO|Daglow|SM Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/3Tt0o
  2. == Sky-Diving Organization's Members Activitys== Training Led By: Trevor Training Location: MC Top Date: 10/08/17 Participants: SDO|Trevor, SDO|Ammar,SDO|Fattie,SDO|Daglow,Proton,Bas,Destin and AchrafMstf Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/W7ZZs
  3. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Day In Tuga Thugs's Gyms #5 (The Last Episode) Today was the last day for Mr.Trevor in LS gym, he will be retired, so in his last day, Mr.Gomez came again to the gym to see Mr.Trevor, while Mr.Gomez arrived and got that Mr.Trevor will be retired, he wanted a last training before he retires, so like always Mr.Trevor started with his basic moves with his friend, after that they started a fight but this time Mr.Trevor was the winner in the last fight, after the fight the two friends went to drink some beers together. By that Mr.Trevor finished his career in LS gym, who knowns maybe we find him in another series. Screens: Participants: [TT]Trevor and Mr.Gomez
  4. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Day In Tuga Thugs's Gyms #4 Another day in LS gym, while Mr.Trevor was waiting for customer, Mr.Fattie enetered the gym, he came to me and asked if he can get some personal trainings to improve his fighting skills, Mr.Trevor accepted his request and started right away in the training, like always they start with small run around the room to get worm and to avoid any wrong moves into the training, after that Mr.Trevor showed him some basic moves of fighting, like hitting with his hands and in same time moving his head to protect it from any hits, after that awesome show they started fighting 1 vs 1, Mr.Fattie fought well but he needed more lessons to improve his skills, one lesson won't make big difference, for that Mr.Trevor told him to come back again to the gym and the other TT coachs will take care of him. Screens: Participants: [TT]Trevor and Fattie
  5. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Day In Tuga Thugs's Gyms #3 While i was driving around Los Santos, a police man stoped me to check if i have licence, when he took my id, he was reading the id and he stoped at my occupation, he asked me if im real personal trainer, i answered " yes im sir", after that he told me that he is interested in some lessons, so i took him to LS gym, to start the lesson, we started by small run then i showed him some skills of fighting, he learnt the moves quickly, after that we get in the ring to fight, i kicked him with my feet, but he defended well and counter attacked me by that hit, i fell down. The police man woke me up and asked for how much the training coasts, i told him that he costs 25$, he gave me my money and thanked me for the private training. Screens: Participants: [TT]Trevor and FTH
  6. AirTrip Led By: Trevor AirTrip's Co-Pilot: Fattie Air-Trip Location: LV-SF-LVx Date: 09/08/17 Participants: SDO|Trevor,SDO|Steve,SDO|Henry,SDO|Fattie,SDO|Santa,Reacher,Kuny, Pozmester, Swat, Steffie, Hope and Rikki Screenshots:
  7. Type of event: Parachute Marathon Prize(s): 2.000.000$ Winner(s): Sicario Hoster(s): Trevor Staff member: Joe Screens:
  8. SDO Activity: Group Pictures:
  9. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Event Type: Chicken Shooter Prize: $1.000.000 LWS: Totti Winner(s): Bangas Screens:
  10. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Day In Tuga Thugs's Gyms #2 Today while i was doing some abs exercises, a fat guy entered the gym and started looking on my abs, i thought him terrorist at first and he want to kill me, but when i talked with him, he said that he want to make some abs for get girls attention, so we talked about the price and he was so in with the price since he wanted nice abs he said i will pay even more than 25$ for nice abs. We started with small run about the room to get warm then we trained our hand with some hits, and we ended up with some abs exercises, he was a good guy at the end, for that i advised him to train hard at home and to push his limit if he want to get nice abs in shot period. Screens: Participants: [TT]Trevor [Tuga Thugs], Z|Meta [Organization Zero]
  11. Training Led By: Trevor Training Location: LS Jail Date: 30/07/17 Participants: SDO|Trevor,SDO|Daglow,SDO|Ammar and SDO|Element Screenshots:http://imgur.com/a/nQP2w
  12. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Day In Tuga Thugs's Gyms #0 One day while Mr.Trevor was driving around Los Santos, he found a guy sleeping on the road, he stoped his car to check if the guy was fine or no, he went to him and asked him why he is sleeping on the road at this time, he answered him and said that he is poor guy who didn't find any suitable job for him everyone kicks him when he try to find a job, when Mr.Trevor heard that sad story he requested to him a place where he can sleep in it without getting kicked, so Mr.Trevor took him in LS gym and told him to stay there but in same time he should protect the gym and take care of it. The next day Mr.Trevor went to the gym to see, if Mr.Gomez going well there or no, he found him watching the fighters how to fight with big interest, so Mr.Trevor decided to give him some lessons and make him ready to train other peoples, so they started with basic things, Mr.Trevor was happy while he was teaching Mr.Gomez how to train and Mr.Gomez shared that feeling too. After some months Mr.Gomez became the best trainer there, he even bit Mr.Trevor in some fights. Some day while Mr.Gomez was drivng and going to LS gym, he found a gentleman standing in dark road and he wasn't good at all, so Mr.Gomez went to him to see if he is good, and asked him about what happened and what he is doing in the middle of the night. The getleman said, while i was driving to my gang's base a drug dealer cut my way and started shooting at my car by M4, so i ran away to survive and hide for that you find me in this dark place and i think he wanted to steal the drug stock from my car but he didn't success. After that strange story, Mr.Gomez asked the guy if he can help by something, the guy wanted to just go to his base, so Mr.Gomez took him there by his, when they arrived the gentleman thanked Mr.Gomze a lot and requested him to join his gang and be part of it since he helped him, Mr.Gomez was surprised from this offer but he accepted since he wanted a new job. After some days of absents in LS gym, Mr.Gomez went the gym with his new boss to talk with Mr.Trevor and tell him some news, so they went there, they found Mr.Trevor worried and thinking a lot, while he saw Mr.Gomez he shouted and said "WHERE DID YOU GO GOMEZ I WAS SEARCHING YOU EVERYWHERE???" Mr.Gomez laughed then he relaxed his old boss and told him the whole story, Mr.Trevor was happy for Mr.Gomez how he changed and started working in serious way, then they shaked each others. Participants: [TT]Trevor [Tuga Thugs], UE|Daglow (Mr.Gomez) and UE|Mohd [Under-Ground Empire]
  13. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Event type: Air Box Prize: $1,000,000 Location: SF Brigde LWS: Totti and M7mod Winner(s): Achik Screenshots:
  14. TugaThugs Media Archive

    The Championship Girl While i was sitting in Tuga Thugs base, Black Bullet member called me for private training in their base, so i accepted her offer since she said that she will pay twice the price of the private training because i will make the training in their base, so i went there, and we started by talking, i asked her if she practiced the fighting sport before, she said yes and showed me her rewards of championship in fighting, i was suprised when i saw that and i asked her again "why you need me for private lesson and you have all this rewards?" she said "well it has been a long time since i took these rewards, i called to help me to revive my skills that's all". After that litlle talk we started by running around then we make some basic fight moves that she already knew it, and at the end we made a fight 1 vs 1, and she beat me. i was very happy that i trained with her, she was an awesome fighter. Screens: Participants: [TT]Trevor [Tuga Thugs], [B~B*]Aramade [Black Bullet]