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  1. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Type of Event: Running Event Prize : $1,000,000 Winners : Marvel LWS: Trevor Screenshot's:
  2. Type of event: Stunt Plane Race Price: 1.000.0000 Winner(s): neversit Hoster(s): Trevor helper LWS/G6 member: Trevor Screenshots:
  3. clear your inbox!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Weps you should post here, read general chat topic.
  5. Type of event: Dodo Race Prize(s): 1.000.0000 Winner(s): Cactus Hoster(s): Rambo helper LWS/G6 member: Trevor Screenshots:
  6. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Type of Event: LWS Ball 1 Vs 1 Prize : $1,000,000 Winner(s) : Onlym3 LWS: [TT]Trevor Screenshot's:
  7. Type of event: Land on The Sea (New) Prize(s): 4.000.0000$$ Winner(s): Scept Hoster(s): Trevor helper LWS/G6 member: Robles,Trevor,Dexer Screenshots:
  8. Enternia's Media

    Type of Event: Street Race Date: 27/01/2017 LWS/G6: Trevor Event Explanation: A Street Race, start from gangsta hood (i chose grove street), the event consist of small streets and they need to pass from it and reach the finish line, every participants should pay 50.000$ to participate, and after that the winner gets Event's Price + Participants's Money, this event called "Street Race" Winner(s) : Mr.Maxim Prize : $1,000,000 + Bonuses: 400.000$ Screens:
  9. next time post your activitys here!!
  10. Last Letter!

    Si Rambo, read your fb message
  11. Inbox Full Warning

    Like Toreno said, i need to search them ingame to tell them about their inbox, but im always aware about my messages, i made this suggestion not for me xD, but for others because they always ignore their inbox.
  12. Inbox Full Warning

    yea but sometimes, you dont notice that you have many useless messages like many players here who use always PMs via Forum.
  13. Inbox Full Warning

    well the limt need to be like that better, because when you will decide to delete your useless messgaes you will find many messages, so the amount of messages are perfect at the moment.
  14. Hello Community, well as you know when you need to send an important Message via Forum, sometimes you found that The Receiver couldn't receive messages anymore, so i suggest to make Warning Notification to let the player know about his full inbox, by this way he will be able to delet his useless message.