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  1. Ola Velona, i need RR Banner for SDO, can you make it?  (sorry for posting here (clear your inbox) )

  2. SKY-DIVING TRAINING Training Led By: Trevor Training Location: Fox base Date: 16/01/2017 Participants:SDO|Robles,SDO|Trevor,SDO|Armade,SDO|Horisonts,Gonza Screenshots:
  3. SKY-DIVING Organization: Role-Play Today Sky-Diving Organization Team were seating in their base talking about SDO buisness and suddenly, SAPA Members came to us, Mr.Trevor went to them to ask if they need help or something, they said that their parachutes stock finished and they haven't anymore parachutes to do their rades or to jump on SRs, so Mr.Trevor asked them about what kind of parachutes they need, Mr.Hamza said " as you know we need very special kinds of parachutes, you can give the best kind you have in your stock" Mr.Trevor understood that Mr.Hamza need a special one so he decided to went to SDO Stock Room to show him all kinds of parachutes, they went to Los Santos since SDO Stock Room placed there, SDO Team arrived there, Mr.Trevor Opened the Stock Room, when Mr.Hamza saw the room and entered to check parachutes he really like all parachutes there, he chose the best ones then he said " i want 10 boxes" Mr.Rambo gave him the price of 10 boxes, he accepted that, then SDO team moved to load SDO Car with parachutes, after loading the parachutes they went to BC Air Port to test parachutes, they get in beagle and went to SAPA target to test parachutes, while SDO Team were in the plane Mr.Larzen went to SAPA Base with parachutes stock, after the successful landing they went down to get their money and gave SAPA Team their new parachutes. Participants: Sky-Diving Organization: SDO|Trevor,SDO|Rambo,SDO|Hunter,SDO|Wayne,SDO|Misticworld,SDO|Larzen,SDO-H|infared San Andreas Police Academy: SAPA|Hamza,SAPA|DEnox,SAPA|Czar,SAPA|Herjorss
  4. SKY-DIVING TRAINING Training Led By: Trevor Training Location: TST base Date: 15/01/2017 Participants:SDO|Xeni,SDO|Trevor,SDO|Rambo,SDO|Larzen,SDO|Matizz ,SDO|Viki,SDO|Maxim,SDO-H|Karma, SDO-H|Rota, SDO-H|wayne, SDO-H|horizonts Screenshots:
  5. Enternia's Media

    Type of Event: Fallout Prize : $1,000,000 Winner(s) : Nirjhor LWS/G6: Trevor Screens:
  6. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Type of Event: Chicken Nader Prize : $3,000,000 Winner(s) : Calibre LWS: Trevor Screenshot's:
  7. SKY-DIVING TRAINING Role-Play Today Sky-Diving Organization organized sky-diving trainings like always, so SDO Team moved to Abandoned Airport to talk with the new skydivers there, they parked our helicopters, Mr.Trevor told them to line up to talk with them about the skydiving, Since he is the founder of this organization, he knew every details of skydiving things, he started with asking them if someone didn't skydive before, he found that Mr.Pogba didn't try before so he called him and said "so Mr.Pogba you didn't skydive before and of course you dont know how to open the parachute, so let me explian you how can you do it: that's the red rope when you jump pull it since you dont have exerperience in skydiving before you can't stay long time in sky without opening your parachutes, after that he showed him his parachute then went to his line. After that SDO Team Made two line first one led by Mr.Rambo and the second led by Mr.Trevor, they chose who will be in Rambo's team and who in Trevo's team, then each team went to his helicopter and started flying, Mr.Trevor gave them some advices like "be ready to jump any time and if you have enough experience to stay in the sky without opening your parachute do it". Finally SDO Arrived to Target, Mr.Rambo Showed them where they need to land exactly, Mr.Trevor stayed near target to see if someone fail or something to give him the right notices, The Helicopters Flight high then Mr.Trevor gave them Signal to jump with SDO Radio, all skydivers jumped in same time including SDO team and all of them land on the right place. After the succesful landing Mr.Trevor told them to land up again and thanked them for their coming and shake hands with each other. Participants: SDO|Trevor,SDO|Rambo,SDO|Matizz,SDO|Mr.Maxim,SDO|Billionaire,SDO|Xenio,SDO-H|Seven,SDO-H|Wayne,[CDC]Pogba,[T~C]Horizonts
  8. SDO Activity Type of event: SkyDiving Tube (New) Prize(s): 2.000.0000 Winner(s): Buck Hoster(s): Trevor,Matizz helper LWS/G6 member: Trevor,Matizz,Batman Screenshots:
  9. AirTrip Led By: Rambo Co-Pilot(s): Trevor Air-Trip Location: LV-LS-SF Date: 09/01/17 Participants: SDO|Rambo,SDO|Trevor,SDO|Larzen,,SDO|Aramade, SDO|Viki, SDO-H|Batya, SDO-H|Xenio, SDO-H|Wayne Screenshots:
  10. Type of event: Find The Chair And Land on it (New) Prize(s): 2.000.0000 Winner(s): Karitos,Tamo Hoster(s): Trevor,Rambo helper LWS/G6 member: Trevor Screenshots:
  11. Update: Air-Trip format:
  12. AirTrip Led By: Trevor Air-Trip Location: LV-LS-SF Date: 09/01/17 Participants: SDO|Rambo,SDO|Trevor,SDO|Hunter,SDO|Apple,SDO|Larzen,SDO|Aramade,SDO|Aramade, SDO|Matizz, SDO*|Barras, SDO-H|Batya And SDO|Henry Screenshots:
  13. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Event 05/01/17 Turfing LS 04/01/17 Bank robbery #1 04/01/17 Bank robbery #2 04/01/17 Bank robbery 05/01/17
  14. Type of event: Land on the chair (10 rounds) Prize(s): 10.000.000 (1mil per round) Winner(s): Koko,Gogo,Ronaldo,Electric,Ricky,Deep,Maj,Jere,Kawaii,Marlos Hoster(s): Sky-Diving Organization's Members helper LWS/G6 member: Trevor,Matizz,Aplle Screenshots:
  15. TugaThugs Media Archive

    Tuga Thugs - Box (All Vs All) Prize : $1,500,000 Date : 4 january 2017 Winner: Aramade LWS: Trevor Screenshot's: