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  1. Hampton Saints MC Roleplay - Easy Mulah It was a saturday.. a lazy one.. And suddenly I felt like driving with my Harley. Sajjad wasn't busy, so he decided to join me. We started our little trip from Hampton Barns to Palomino Creek. It was nice to hear our Harleys speaking to each other. The whole town seemed to be empty. I even noticed a very popular cafeteria being empty when I looked to my left. Even cops weren't there munching donuts. I wondered where all the folk were, and Sajjad reminded me that there was an annual marathon near the town in the eastern woods. In that moment I had an idea. I asked Sajjad if he had a his shotgun with him and since he nodded I told Sajjad to follow me.. We turned right and parked right in front of a bank. After we parked our bikes we went straight into the bank and sparked a heist with a few bangs. Sajjad was dealing with the two civilians and the accountants and I was going to gather all the money from the two safes to my bag. Our shots however alarmed two MI-6 agents who were enjoying their donuts, not in the cafeteria, but in its back ally, right next to the bank. They both ordered or us to put our hands up. It seemed we were on our way to the rothole, but suddenly Sajjad ran for the back door into the back ally which also distracted the agent in front of me. I used the moment and plunged on him.. After I knocked him on the floor, I grabbed da mulah and jolted to the entrance.. In that moment I realized that I didn't know where Sajjad was. I stole a Walton instead of our bikes since a car is more secure vehicle than a bike and then went to look for him. I saw Sajjad with both agents chasing him. I took down some speed to give him a chance to jump on the back of the Walton. As I was passing him with just the right speed, he was able to caught on. The cops opened fire and even hit our tires.. Car beats foot, so we got away easily to our hideout at Hampton Barns. We weren't followed. We went to our main house and placed the bag of mulah into a cupboard. The undertaking went quite well this day. We were rather pleased and rewarded ourselves with a....... cake... (certainly not made of weed.....) Special thanks to: @sajjad @Revonex @Glayd @Jacks and for the final shots: @Candy and @IceCold
  2. Hampton Saints MC Roleplay - The lucky clover saved the day It was a warm evening, beer had just ran out from Hampton Barns. It was a perfect time to hit the liquor store after I bought a new mildly light brown Walton from a local farmer.. So I started my engine and hit the road. Since there was a huge sale in the Flint County store I decided to go there just to save up some money. While driving to Flint County from Hampton Barns with my newly bought brown Walton. I heard a noise from the hood. I decided to ignore it and drive on, because the store would have been closed in 1 hour. After a minute or two the engine stopped and so I was forced to park by the side of the road. I opened up my hood and started to look for the problem which caused my engine to stop working properly.. The lucky clover of HSMC decided to help me out with this problem. Luckily there was an ALT mechanic near me who spotted the incident. He immediately offered me assistance.. He drove to me with his white towtruck and asked what the problem was. So I explained the situation to him.. After few minutes of chatting and looking for the problem, he offered to make an inspection for the Walton. So I went to the towtrucks passenger seat and waited for him to connect the Walton with the hook of the towtruck. And so we drove into ALT base to have the inspection. In the ALT garage he engaged on with the checkup just because I wasn't aware of my newly bought Waltons status. The inspection took some time.. The Walton had cost under 500$. I was pretty happy with the deal, but after this incident I was anxious just because I got this vehicle 1 hour ago and it already had a problem. So meanwhile I decided to smoke to calm my nerves. After 10 minutes the mechanic was done.. Everything seemed to be okay except for the engine. The mechanic didn't explain all the details, but there seemed to be a problem with a pipe which lead into the engine. He immediately found the same piece and changed the old part with the new one. The lucky clover gave me a hand for the second time today. The mechanic was in a such a good mood that he said that I don't need to pay for the inspection and only for the new pipe which cost around 30$. So we went to his desk to deal with the money part. The inspection and the payment was complete so I slowly drove out from ALT garage.. Special thanks to @Francoz!
  3. OverdoseCrime - Media Archive

    -#38 Event Type: Fallout Event Prize: 1 Million LWS/G6: LWS: Darius Winner: [TT]xRaider Screenshots:
  4. OverdoseCrime - Media Archive

    -#37 Event Type: Chicken Nader Event Prize: 1 Million LWS/G6: LWS: Style Winner: [VLA-H]Rolando Screenshots:
  5. MI6's Media Archive

    MI-6 Agent: MI-6|Whiskey[O] Suspect: BS|Noam RP Information: Agent.Whiskey was doing his usual patrols in LV highway. Unluckily another speedster this week rushed through, this time even bumping into agent.Whiskey's beloved car. Agent had to stop his donuts once again and put his sirens on. Through the megaphone: "Stop, this the M.I.6 Surrender now!" The speedster, seemingly a gangster, didn't stop. "This is your last warning, surrender now or face the consequences.." Mobster with his brown SGT ignored and gave even more speed. He tried to switch the lanes but because of his great speed rolled over the road lines, crashing his car into a post. Agent stopped by his car and came out with a tazer in his hand. The gangster, from BS gang apparently, crawled out and started begging for a way out. Agent was unmoved - he already had his last warning, which he ignored. I took out my tazer and gave a shot. The rest is history. RP ScreenShoots: http://imgur.com/a/zdVNH
  6. MI6's Media Archive

    MI-6 Agent: MI-6|Whiskey[O] Suspect: [MMC]Maddy[SAA] RP Information: Agent.Whiskey was patrolling around SF after a difficult store robbery.. He stopped by the traffic lights, eating a donut, but suddenly had to stop because of a white vehicle moving in a great speed by the left side of his patroller. A blasted nutjob in a cheetah, who was driving way over the speed limit.. He spilt his cheap logger whiskey bottle near the hand when activating the sirens and started following him.. Agent.Whiskey enabled his megaphone and shouted in rage:"Stop! This is the M.I.6 Surrender now!" The speeder slowed down a bit, yet didn't stop entirely. He seemed to be unsure what to do from the way of his shaky driving. Agent:"This is your last warning, surrender now or face the consequences!" The nutjob stopped now and left his car. After sharing helloes, agent asked:"You know why I pulled you over?" "Nooooo ideaah.." he said. "You were going way over the speed limit.." "Reaally? Oh no sorry man my spedometer is broken down." Agent asked for his ID, checked it from the database: "I see you've broken some laws before... for drug dealing" The speeder tried to excuse it with some lame apology, but agent ignored and took the bastard to the police station. The bastard didn't seem a threat so the agent gave him a warning with a BIG ticket. RP ScreenShoots: http://imgur.com/a/e5fuX
  7. MI6's Media Archive

    MI-6 Event Event type: Chicken Arrest Prize: $1.000.000 Winner: [SMC]SmoKy[VP] Hoster: MI-6 LWS: Alfred Location: Near LV dildo shop and pay'n'spray.