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  1. Get a steam game worth 10€

    Invite you to TT or promote you, or talk to you for more than 30 seconds.
  2. Это красиво, мой друг!
  3. Sales / Games on Offer

    SEGA sale - https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/sega-sale? Activision sale - https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/activision-sale/ I'm a DC fanboy and I totally recommend the Arkham series, the story is shit but the game-play is epic. Injustice 2 is much better than the first one but the story, as always, it's shit. The game-play and characters are pretty accurate, even tho they're mostly releasing the Warner Bros heroes instead of the DC heroes.
  4. Giveaways

    I'm giving away a copy of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto III, due to this recent purchase of yours truly. @Specialist got my spare copy of Bully: Scholarship Edition, don't bother ask. @Hesha got my spare copy of Granf Theft Auto III. @Lightning12 got my spare copy of Grand Theft: Auto Vice City. Feel free to PM me to get the keys, one per person please! :)
  5. Get a steam game worth 10€

    I'm afraid I can't post my genuine phrase about Nanobob without getting banned. Here's the damage control version: "Nanobob is a person". Is it good enough for the contest @COMBINE? Hue.
  6. Your Origin/Uplay/GOG/Battle.net ID's

    uPlay - TbdS616 Origin - TbdS616 GOG - TbdS
  7. General Chat for talk, help and spam

    I've seen a topic where we can share our Steam IDs, but I haven't found a topic where we can share our Origin, uPlay and GOG IDs. I mean, Steam is probably the biggest gaming platform on PC, but we all know we need all the others to play certain exclusive games. Am I missing something?
  8. Sales / Games on Offer

    I've just bought the $10.23 (€8.34) bundle and it's totally worth it. Thanks! Finished my Rockstar Games collection, saved money and donated to charity ahah! I've got the following games up to trade, if anyone's interested: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Grand Theft Auto III Bully: Scholarship Edition Already own those but they're part of this bundle as well. @Yoko Kurama, you're the deal maker! ;)
  9. Giveaways

    I've got this game for free months ago thanks to PS Plus. Here's my key: 6KBMB-F3MAN-ZZJJZ for a lucky cunt who can't be arsed to create an account.
  10. Can I be royalty too? :C

  11. Show us Yourself v2

    I would love to! I can already imagine us drinking and talking about Kurdistan history and your fight ahah! Patrol, you're a Spanish slave who should be working in the wall. <insert some random street insults followed by some random words that make no sense> FIGHT ME!
  12. Show us Yourself v2

    Sooooo, who wants to join TT? I'm trying to picture their faces of fear when they saw you for the first ahah! Seriously, just imagine talking to this friendly guy with a nice voice, whose name is Ecko, and asking to meet him somewhere in your city. Days later a big black car comes over, opens the driver's door, throws an AK47 in the backseat, and this dude dressed like the French army during WWI appears. I would shit my pants ahah!
  13. Your 2018 wishes

    @Cassandra he's refusing to believe in our ever lasting love!
  14. Your 2018 wishes

    I didn't want to share your pictures here, that's why I posted Ariana's.