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  1. Clash Of Clans (CoC) ~SAES~

    If you deleted the Ariana Grande's text I sneaked into it, I will just add it again.
  2. SMITE

    SMITE is everything but basic. If you have no skill, strategy, team-play and tactics, you'll probably get fucked, feed the enemy team and consequently fuck your entire team. That's why so many people rage-quit and leave the game. They just released a new Season, that's a common bug in PC thanks to the patch.
  3. SMITE

    I play this game on PS4 with JP4, LRamalho520 and few other pals. I'm currently trying to get @Ikzelf into it as well.
  4. NBA 2K17

    I got this game for free, thanks PS+!
  5. For Honor

    Probably my favorite class, I'm always making Lagertha xD
  6. For Honor

    Exactly my thoughts. I'm going to get it for PS4 tho. PS: Vikings are the best! The great heathen army is going to avenge Ragnar!
  7. For Honor

    I played the two Closed Betas and I'm now playing the Open Beta, the game is amazing and overwhelming. It's literally everything they promised, which is quite impressive taking in consideration it's Ubisoft what we're talking about.
  8. Giveaways

    I'm your dearest friend, mate.
  9. Show us Yourself v2

    This is why I blacklisted Russians from joining TT. I hope you're happy @HarmY!
  10. Show us Yourself v2

    No, they're clearly gangstas. Old school is their fucking life, born and raised in the streets of Tunisia.
  11. Show us your car!

    One word: Brexit xD
  12. arms assassins i want to join you

    Accepted!! Please wear [B~B] tags in your nickname next time you login!
  13. Show us Yourself v2

    Yes, you can see the ghetto and a few trees, really impressive.