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  1. Tiago hermoso

    1. Broken

      Soy lider de TT a la mierda Groove

    2. TbdS

      Vale! Tienes mi apoyo!

  2. Mods Library

    My pleasure!
  3. Giveaways

    And most importantly, http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-12-04-ubisoft-is-giving-away-assassins-creed-black-flag-for-free-next-week-on-pc. Hold your tits and nuts!
  4. Changes to HQ

    [ALTT]Sheun back in the day and Father of all SEAS now. Congratulations @Shaun!
  5. The shitcunt that is EA

    I absolutely loved to play Battlefront on PS4. I've played for hours and hours with my friends, until it eventually became impossible to play if we didn't own the additional content. I was incredibly hyped for Battlefront 2, I honestly thought they'd fix everything they wronged in the first game. I've played the BETA and loved it, until it was eventually released and reviews came in, stating everything this dude from your video said. And I don't even like Star Wars, I've played all the games, watched Force Awakens on release day but I honestly don't like it. I absolutely loved to play FIFA 17, the last soccer game I played this seriously was PES 6. I own Pro Evolution Soccer, PES 4, PES 6 and PES 13, but I've never played as many hours in any of those game as I did in PES 6 during my childhood and FIFA 17 just recently. I was incredibly hyped for FIFA 18 because it was the first soccer game I saw improving this much in an yearly release date. The game is now running on my PS4 as I'm witting this. Unfortunately, I've noticed in both games that the matches and most lucrative game modes are biased in order for you to struggle and possibly lose, just so you give up and eventually buy FIFA coins. And I don't even like soccer, I find it to be boring and overpaid. I absolutely love The Sims. I own Sims 2, Sims 2 Pets, Sims 2 Castaway, Sims 3 and I just pre-ordered Sims 4 for PS4. What changed since the PS2 times? Micro-transactions. They are now selling stuff in packs, such as furniture and clothes, that SHOULD have been released with the full game. In fact, it used to come with the full game and this stand alone DLC's used to be only thing we paid for. Anthem seems to be a masterpiece, A Way Out is every Prison Break's fan dream come true, Plants vs. Zombies is a lot of fun, Dragon Age and Mass Effect have their fan base, Titanfall is great, Unravel is amazing, Need for Speed used to be great, Dead Space was awesome, Spore was amazing, Mirror's Edge has potential and the Battlefield series are simply my favorite when it comes to warfare. My point is, they're a big-ass company with some incredibly talented studios working for them, they used to be a great publisher and they can get you playing and enjoying games about stuff you don't even like. Why are they ruining everything with Micro-transactions? The answer is money. It's a business at the end of the day and if they can earn some extra cash doing this, you can bet they will do it to their full extent. The problem is in the gaming community, not in the company itself.
  6. Sad but true. I lost track of the many nights I stayed awake researching, mapping, modding, testing and writing countless suggestions - most of which are now edited, deleted or closed. That's hours of my life that I will never get back, but gladly wasted for the good of a server I truly believed and a community I adored. There was always people like Boston telling me I was wasting my time, I never listened to them but if I look back now I'm forced to agree. I was naive. Truth is, If you're not learning how to script and you're not willing to wait months for your shit to be reviewed, you're not getting anywhere. I'd be happy to know if I managed to get 1/3 of everything I suggested actually added to the server. If it wasn't for people like Getagrip, who took my suggestions and asked for my help, I would now be in the exact same place I started years ago. You have a higher chance of getting told to fuck off because "this is a free to play game" and "you're not entitled to ask for anything" than actually getting answered. It's a 13 years old game nonetheless. Move on people!
  7. Liar!!


    1. Yoko Kurama

      LMAO HERE TOO !!!!!!! damn I'm going to Portugal !

  8. Sales / Games on Offer

  9. Giveaways

    https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=zmKVwsAyc5vCx5nm I will not be using my copy. I've already got the game. Enjoy!
  10. KATLA?

    RIP TT
  11. Moving to Canada

    I'm currently accepting smuggling opportunities, I'll gladly (and quietly) travel in a cargo container with as many Asians as you need to smuggle. Anything will do as long as I get out of Poortugal.
  12. SAES Meme pictures!

    That's a classic ahah
  13. New Recruit

    He's so polite and nice to people, he's clearly new in the job. The name does ring a bell. I can only hope he will be able to speed KATLA's progress. Welcome!
  14. Housing Changes

    Where's my money @Billionaire?
  15. Help Omar get into a group!!

    I would have invited you to LWS, or any other useless group I used to abuse in the old days. Only because it's Boston asking and I'd do anything for this man to clear some time to find a wife. Unfortunately, my account was attacked by Al-Shabaab during the time I was banned and I'm no longer part of any group. You're out of luck. I recommend you to PM @JoKilaPT and beg for his approval (Pro tip: Begging usually works better through PayPal services). Good luck!