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  1. Giveaways

    People already need Steam, Origin and uPlay. Let's add GoG to the list, because why not.
  2. Drawn to Death

    This game has just been released, and it's free for PS Plus users.
  3. For Honor

    Are you still alive? I can see you've been playing For Honor Gay-Force!
  4. For Honor

    I just got the Deluxe edition. I know I'm late for the party but I'm a cheap fuck, the game is now in a huge discount thanks to the Easter sales. And by huge I mean 20 euros cheaper, plus 10 if you received the coupon from your March shopping. If you wanna join me, my PSN is TbdS666.
  5. PS4 Exclusives are coming to PC

    PS4 exclusives are indeed coming to PC through a paid service called PlaystationNow. It requires a monthly subscription and it's currently locked at 720p, 30pfs and struggles with input lag. They just released KillZone Shadowfall and Knack. All the previous exclusives from PS3 are already playable I believe. It's not exactly the death of Playstation like many PC elitists are saying, nor the death of good exclusives like many Sony fanboys are saying. It's just direct competition to the Xbox services and a way to spread the popularity of many games still unknown to the vast PC communities.
  6. Destiny 2

  7. Destiny 2

  8. i want to join Tuga Thugs

    1. TbdS

      I want to join Ariana Grande in a marriage.

  9. Terrorist attack on London

    Teddy was there, but he's so useless the terrorists mistaken him with a statue.
  10. I'm impressed. I can only hope this new server will be released soon enough. I know this is still a work in progress but here's my two cents: 1. There should be an option to change the hud back to default, not everybody will dig this GTA V radar and GTA IV hud next to it; 2. There should be a way to preview the furniture you're about to buy, just to avoid having people buying what they don't want. Unless we can sell it back for the same price, which is a bit unrealistic. These are mere suggestions for things you probably have already thought. I just want to mention it because I'm an obsessive-compulsive cunt. Keep up the good work!
  11. Clash Of Clans (CoC) ~SAES~

    If you deleted the Ariana Grande's text I sneaked into it, I will just add it again.
  12. SMITE

    SMITE is everything but basic. If you have no skill, strategy, team-play and tactics, you'll probably get fucked, feed the enemy team and consequently fuck your entire team. That's why so many people rage-quit and leave the game. They just released a new Season, that's a common bug in PC thanks to the patch.
  13. SMITE

    I play this game on PS4 with JP4, LRamalho520 and few other pals. I'm currently trying to get @Ikzelf into it as well.
  14. NBA 2K17

    I got this game for free, thanks PS+!