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  1. Show us Yourself v2

    No, they're clearly gangstas. Old school is their fucking life, born and raised in the streets of Tunisia.
  2. Show us your car!

    One word: Brexit xD
  3. arms assassins i want to join you

    Accepted!! Please wear [B~B] tags in your nickname next time you login!
  4. Show us Yourself v2

    Yes, you can see the ghetto and a few trees, really impressive.
  5. Meet the new Government

    San Andreas is a state, not a country. Just saying!
  6. General Chat for talk, help and spam

    I'm actually following the project since day 1 xD
  7. Show us Yourself v2

    share nudes!
  8. Dark Souls

    It's common knowledge there is no broken things in Brazil, broken is a term used by Brazilians to describe something or someone that just got stolen or worse.
  9. Show us Yourself v2

    You're America, you voted for Trump and your people got him elected. You don't need to be a gangsta, a black or a criminal. You're a patriot! Share your freedom!
  10. Show us Yourself v2

    That's the true gangstas! Don’t f*** with the Peaky Blinders!
  11. @Jasem @Mr.CiviC @Freaky
  12. Playing Battlefield 1

    WWI ended in 1918. WWII ended in 1945. Battlefield 1 is about WWI. Just saying xD
  13. Giveaways

    Bundle Stars is hosting a giveaway of AAA games, ending 19th December. - "Simply pick the PC game you want to win and you could be one of ten lucky winners!" Good luck! https://wn.nr/mWtdUh