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  1. Show us your car!

    I'll post one pic of each near the name and some more of each one in it's spoiler. Maserati GranCarbio : some more: Mercedes A200 AMG 2017: Some more: Polaris RZR 900-turbo 2016: Some more & some drifts that i found in my phone from about 3-4 weeks ago: Plus a pic with a class mate from a water trip we had today (came back 1 1/2 hour ago) IM THE LEFT ONE WHO's DRIVING IM THE LEFT ONE WHO's DRIVING Also have Mercedes S500 and Mercedes GL-500 but i dont have pics in my phone,will take later.
  2. Show us Yourself v2

    1984 lol,you weren't even alive back then :D cool pic
  3. unbanned negro?

    1. SiirTuga


    2. I-Gun

      na, hope so D:

  4. Official Quote Wall

    go some pages back i posted it too xDD
  5. Official Quote Wall

    Hahaha he was on marker while we were waiting every AA to log in
  6. Official Quote Wall

    Nope,look in AA media there is over 1200 seconds
  7. Top 3 highest Scores!

    Edgar has like 50K kills Then rampage i guess and i have like 25K,will take ss when im online
  8. CSGO :: General Chat

    anomamly's old video :P
  9. Hey Guys ^^

    Tugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3333333333333333 come back my friend!!
  10. CSGO :: General Chat

    good stickers getting paid for 10% of the sticker price. For example an AWP Asiimov BS worths around 20 bucks,with 70$ skin. You just do the awp price + 7$
  11. Luxury house on the mountain

    Why i cant see the screens,link not working
  12. Dota 2 Official topic

    Just play LoL menz :D