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  1. Hello teddu sucky bear

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    2. Auto

      Come babe

    3. Teddybear

      ur not even online fegget

    4. Auto

      Come ingame

  2. Show us Yourself v2

    Great Night !
  3. מה קורה רונן המאונן עדיין חי?!?!?!

  4. Hey #ff00ffTeddy

    Lets meet today in game at 18:00 +

    1. Teddybear

      no auto u are racist

  5. Yes Or No

    Yes. Do you think teddy is a gay?
  6. Best JB ever

    Old times always good !! I really miss those times
  7. Post a pic of your country (Taken by you!!!)

    Jerusalem Eilat
  8. Show us Yourself v2

    In palestine you see just allahuakbar boom
  9. Show us Yourself v2

    So beautiful day
  10. About Blaster..

    No body can respect that. Rest in peace, I had some great times with blaster.
  11. Holy shittt what a come back by barcelona

    Then you are not true fan !!! Barca for everrrr
  12. Last Letter!

  13. שלום #ff44ffteddy מה שלומך

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    2. Teddybear

      back from what? art thou implying I was gone?

    3. Auto

      Back from inactive u haredi

    4. Teddybear

      i wasnt inactive you stupid ashkeNAZI

  14. יהומו מה קורה

  15. Why are you dming so much cunt stop that