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  1. SAES Meme pictures!

    Nooooo way bro you told us that really nooo
  2. Roleplay 197#-Selling informations It was a night and it was so boring day till one i recieve a phone call from a guy who's known as undercover agent who needed some source of informations about CripZ around Los Santos their movement and everything about them i told him we shall meet in Los Santos beach so i can give you there in that time , i am in car currently in Los Santos so i can wait for you not a problem just be fast dude and bring the money with yourself i'll give you everything black on white no lies. he said yeah i know totally that's why am contacting you am friend of your member so am trustyworthy so chill am comming in a black car you'll see me wait for me, i told him if you see some Porshe black one that's me there go slowly while you're near. See you in couple of minutes there. So after quick talk we have agreed about the price of 800.000 dollars for that information he totally agreed cause we gave him everything what we know about it he can send whoever he wants to we don't care we took the money we're good now , he told us thanks a lot for your effort in this files we are gladly accepting this and the money is very solid for this source of informations the goverment and secret agency of San Andreas will contact you often about this of coruse we'll have a lot of meetings you won't be touched you've all rights here , all i can say is see you soon i will need something more about another case whcih we're corious but will call you soon see you! We shaked our hands and said goodbye.
  3. The purge in SAES.

    Blazzey gimme the number of ur dealer
  4. Bank robbery LS 8/8 Late night activity
  5. Main Roleplay 189# Corrupted Goverment In the late night hours i have received an phone call from annonim person said hello Adway we need to meet am from the goverment and i know what are you trying to find for years and we can find each others compromise let's meet in front of The Company's hotel and we can have talk in a car i told him that it's not possible to meet with me and dunno how do you got my phone number cause it's really secret, he replies ,trust me i know what are you guys planning to do and i see that you're growing much bigger and bigger so i need to work with you even the goverment can't find any clue or way where you are and your peoples you're the bosses of the goverment currently every single step you avoid us maximum and a lot of informations and connections you have more then us currently we are aware of that especially you're so known as criminal with badges we're calling you like that in general is that enough for you to meet now? I told him okay i will tell you where to come and slowly to move and to listen my orders ,otherwise you will be shooted.He said perfect see you whenever you want. I told him today in front of goverment we'll meet don't do anything i've peoples around that place they'll be there for like 10 minutes. He told me that he's one of those the main ones in the political party which rules the San Andreas currently he's position is high ranked and he's name is Stewart,he's aware that one day will come where we will assasinate everyone of them if they don't listen our orders he's definetally aware of that and want's as soon as possible to work with us as he as he see's we ai't playing.I went outside of the hotel entered in my new car Audi A8 and start riding to Los Santos where's the meeting place. When i was comming closer and closer to the meeting location in front of goverment buidling i saw his face and that was really Stewart the guy who was long time before making a lot of problems to us and he wanted to get rid of us somehow cause hes high ranked person in goverment so he can pull out everything from it finally he decides to cooperate this was the best move for The Company agents and The Company itself totally we need to contact ministers and the prime minister in future to be step closer for the future unstopable organized crime. I parked my car and he couldn't belive like me that we meet each other after so much tracking and we started negotiatiog about something real what's going on and what's happening he was the guy who can trust since he called us for real this time friendly for compromise he told me that he got an informations about past and about future about The Company which is great importance for you since you hadn't informations from us before ,now i will finish you i couldn't belive and i was so excited about it so he gave me the permision to enter in goverment togheter and walking inside the secret rooms this was definetally a huge move for The Company. While we was inside he was talking about the computer which can be used by the high ranked peoples in state he gave me the permision to suffer on that pc i took my USB with myself and transfer all of those informations from their computer he was standing and watching me saiyn you can do it since i knew your oldest information which one of the FBI officers told me since you and FBI are in best connections even you're some undercover agent from them they told me one of them that my head is on huge price by you ,i know how much peoples who was chiefs or directors in police were been "Mysterious gone" or dissapeard then i got it that's all of you. Which i was scared that would happend to me soon as u guys are so sneaky and unpredictable i won't mess here you go now you have everything what you wanted years ago. I shaked hands with him and said thanks and by the way have you turned the cameras off ? He said yes of course nobody will ever know you were here until they all got in situation like me ,trust me there's a lot of disscusion about you and a lot of rumors in goverment one thing i should tell you emmediatelly till that's late. The state of San Andreas want's to declare an war against your police underground there's a lot of corrupted cops which are under your control not under state and that's what they don't like. Information that which is dangerous is the main operation which is improvise and it's fulfillment is in progress take care what am sayin * He showed me in their book about that action and completely plans" So i took that very serious then ever in my life.--------They want to declare a state of emergency in the state and officially start the secret action that is being prepared against you, this action is set up to completely clean you up The action will be called "Saber" We left the goverment building with full of evidence and completely every what we wanted for years luckly we'll be in touch secretly with the main peoples in goverment which will be used as our helpers inside.I left with him and we was talkin in car about the future.
  6. 3/14/2018 Night Activity
  7. SideRP-183# Whenever for them(With Black Syndicate) I was hanging with my friends somewhere in San Fierro then sudenlly i recieve a message "We need to meet each other for an hour in Black Syndicate place" it was from one of their member so i was so corius what's going on i was slowly leaving the bar where i was and call him on phone and said " What's the problem brother? " He said "Dude we have an urgent thing one of the cops yesterday stopped me and said something which was our secret for years and he told me that he needs to meet with you to find a comprimise for each other so i'll be quiet if the compromise is good" I told him"Fuck bro i am on the way to your place wait me am there for an half an hour just chill drink something" So i entered in my BMW and driving like a maniac to the Black Syndicate place. So we was talking about the case and i was like call that officer fast and organise the meeting place as quick as possible cause we've not time to wait for that that has to be solved so fucking fast he was like yeah sure bro we need to do that now he was calling that officer and that officer told him that he is located in San Fierro near bank come to bank and follow my lead with my car i'll turn my rotations on , we was like is this some bait or? Denis was like fuck it let's go whatever is it , he knows our secret things. We accepted he's deal without sayin shits and went back to San Fierro again to find on that meeting place where he should wait us. The officer invited us somewhere in some bulding near the San Fierro bank and we started talking about the benefit from both side what should we do that he needs to be quiet,he asks us if you don't start offering something i can with one button show all of your secret to everyone so be fast, we was looking each other and i knew what's the best thingy. I Showed him the house and i said it's on sale but we'll deal with reale estate it's yours now is this enough? He said perfect,hope i won't see you anymore i said me too you took my 2 hours of life for this shit , see you be happy now.
  8. Night activity 3/5/2018
  9. Night activity 2/28/2018