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  1. Stance Nation

    Event No #27 Type of event: RC Baron Shooter Prize: $1.000.000 Helper(s): *O|Stay Winner(s): KristiLV Click here to see the screens.
  2. on.hold Velona's Designs

    Birader bi tane de Kjaer dizaynı yapsana
  3. Stance Nation

    Roleplay No #18 Type of Roleplay:Robbing the car shop Participants: |SN|Sceptic,|SN|Fabman,|SN|Bambus,|SN|Tape and Falkytrien Backstory of the RP: It was evening in the San Andreas city.We were just chilling in the San Fierro,Pier69.We saw a car shop there which is filled with super cars.And we are so much interested for these cars.We went inside of the car shop firstly and we asked for the price of the cars.They ignored us because we look like a homeless person.Then we left the car shop and we went to our hood.I talked to fabman about this car shop and I talked about the cars.He liked them after some minutes our arms dealer Tape came to our hood.We bought some shotguns and Uzi's from the Tape.Then Bambus was waiting us at the pier 69.We went to the Pier69 and we robbed the carshop.We drove the cars all over the san fierro then we hided the cars to the abandonded garage. Click here to see the screens.
  4. Stance Nation

    Event No #23 Type of event: Sanchez Race Prize: 1.000.000$$ Helper(s): *O|Stay Winner(s): UE|Gogo Click here to see the screens.
  5. Stance Nation

    RP ROLEPLAY NUMBER 12 Participants:|SN|Sceptic,|SN|Tape's. We stole the cars! It was evening in the San Andreas City.Me and Tape were chilling in the San Fierro.Then we decided to drive around the san fierro.We saw the expensive car in a street.These cars were Bullet and Banshee.Me and Tape decided to steal that cars.We parked our car and we went near the car and we checked for the cameras.Then we took our pickloks and we picklocked the cars.We took the cars and we drove around the san fierro.Then we stopped at the abandonded factory and we checked the parts of the cars.Then after some minutes we hided the car to the abandonded garage and we left the location. Click here to see the screens.
  6. Stance Nation

    Event No #19 Type of event:Chicken Nader Prize: 1.000.000 Helper(s): [AA]Zombie Winner(s): Metalhead666 Screenshots: Click here to see the screens.
  7. Stance Nation

    RP ROLEPLAY NUMBER 11 Participants:|SN|Sceptic,|SN|Jax,|SN|TonyMontana,[CDC]Eien and Adriano. Transporting drugs It was evening on the SA city.I got a call from the Eien.He said he got a job for us.He called us to the CDC base.Then me,Jax and Tonymontana took our cars and we went to the CDC base.The roads were empty,there was no traffic.After 5 minute we arrived to the CDC base and Eien talked to me when we arrived there.He said "Hey lads,I want you to transport some drugs to the a man"well we doesnt buy drugs normally but It was a transport.Eien said we'll take %50 of the Money.Then we loaded drugs to the our cars and we went o the meeting point.When we arrived there,the buyer was waiting for us.We did our job as fast as we can.I showed him the drugs and he liked the drugs and we load the drugs to his car.Then we took the money case and we left the Jefferson motel. Click here to see the screens.
  8. CAUGHT THE MOST WANTED CRIMINAL. Participants:[TST]Scept[PVT-T] and SoA|CrazyMan|P. Story: It was afternoon in San Andreas City.I was doing a statewide patrol in LV.Then I recivied a call from the DISPATCH about a Criminal named Jackson Teller.He is in the most dangerous Motorcycle club in the San Andreas.Dispatch gave me the his location and I opened my sirens and went to his location.When I saw him I checked the paper and that was him.I stopped him and I asked him some questions.When I said " As a Law officer,you're under arrest Jackson.For a stabbing an innocent person and your past activities." Then I get him on the ground and I cuffed his hands on the ground.I took him inside of the police cruiser and we went to the LVPD.When we were arrived the I get him out of the car and we went inside the PD.I took him to the Interragion room and I asked him some questions.He said " I stabbed the person because I caught him while he was raping my wife and I took my knife out and I stabbed him " and I talked about his past activities.And I showed the past activities of him and he was shocked.Then I took a rezervation from his court and I took him in to the cells. Screens:Click here for the screens.
  9. Ingame name:I am known as Sceptic but you can find me as [TST]Scept[PVT-T]Real name:BerkeAge:19Nationality:TurkishTimezone:GMT+3Languages able to speak:I am able to speak English and TurkishCurrent Server Groups:I am currently member of San Andreas Fire Department and San Andreas Interceptors.Military Experience:Well I used to be MCC tropper back in time but I made a mistake and I left.I was PFC.Participation on DE recruitments:3 or 4 times.Access to ZIP or admin panel:I have access to SAFD building panelAccess to other special abilities ingame:-N/A-Access to TS:YeahAccess to IRC:YeahHow would you define DE:I would define DE as Angels of the SA.They are saving our people from the enemies which are CLO and DDT.They are the listed soldiers of San Andreas.They have three units and its Airborne which is my favorite one,assault and Naval unit.How would you define MCC:I would define MCC as enlisted soldiers which means they arent official soldiers of the Army.They are hardworking to become a real soldier.They currently have 2 units and they are Reserves and Engineering units.Why would you like to join MCC:I would like to join MCC because I really want to become of an enlisted soldier and I want to hardwork for becoming a real soldier.So MCC role is really fit for me.Also I used to be MCC back in time and I was PFC in MCC.I missed the old days and I want to become a MCC member again.Why should we accept you:You should accept me because I am a trustworthy,helpful guy which is so needed for you lads.And I used to be MCC back in time but I really made a mistake and I left it.Also I was PFC in MCC.I would say If I get in again I would never leave it.RolePlay Experience:Well as a Law officer ( been part of NNB/MI-6/FBI ) my roleplay experience is enough to do roleplays.If I have to rate it over 10,I would rate it as 8Able to follow orders:Yes I am able to follow orders.What MCC Department would you like to join:I would like to join Engineering ( CEU ) unit.Logistics:Experience with trucks:Well my experinces with Trucks are enough to drive them.I know some important parts of the Trucks.Experience with airplanes:Well my experiences with Airplanes is good and I really know how to fly them properly and I know some important parts of the airplanes.Experience with ships:Well my experiences with Ships is not good at all.But I'll try to improve my experience with sips.Experience with logging and reporting:Well I would say I am good at .Imagination review (how creative are you):If I have to rate myself over 10,I would rate it as 7,5Mechanical Engineering:Experience with ZIP panel:If I have to rate myself over 10,I would rate it as 7Able to work fast:I am able to work fast.Knowledge of SA map:9/10Imagination review (how creative are you):My creativity is enough to do some activities,I would rate my creativity as 8Spatial Awareness (you're good at maths, physics, and estimating spaces etc.):I am good at maths.Reserves:Former Combat groups:Teamwork rate:Able to resist variability:Resistant for stress and heavy workload:Emotionally unstable:-------------------------------------------------------------If you can read this, post a picture of rhino inside A69 with your application to even be consired. You can see the photo by clicking here <<
  10. TST TRAINING Training point:Pit maneveurs and some basic questions. Screens:Click here for the screens.
  11. Event type : Rhino shooter LWS : UE|Koko Price : 1.000.000 $$$ Winner : SoA|Karma Screens:http://imgur.com/a/6Cj2e
  12. SOME TIPS COULD HELP YOU ALWAYS Participants:SDO:Rambo,Larzen,Aramade,Mr.Maxim and some helpers of them;TST: Sceptic,Leenox,Makabra and Kanzo. Story: It was morning on the San Andreas City.Four officers were chilling inside of their HQ's.Then their chief called them on their radio and their chief said " Hello gentlemen.We've found an illegal gun storage in the Los santos.We the Chiefs want you the Raid there by air units.So if you have some man that scaring from parachuting,you have to teach them how to land properly and parachuting".Sceptic said " Alright sir,I will try to do my best on it."Then Sceptic started to think something to teach parachuting.Then he saw an advertisement in a wall.A group but a skydiving group.They were named theirselfs as Skydiving Organization.Then Sceptic called them on their number and started to talk them.He said " Hello lads.I am an officer in The Strike Team.We may need your help about how to land properly and how to beat our fear in the parachuting."Then their leader Rambo said " Hello officer.We should give you lads a free lesson.I'll pm you our adress." Then Sceptic hang up.Then Sceptic called others officers.And he said " Lads,We are going to somewhere."and they took a sultan and started to go their location.When they arrived to the location they were waiting the officers. Then officers left from their car.And Sceptic talked to the Rambo.Sceptic said " Hello lads,here we are.We are here to learn some tips about the parachuting. and Rambo said " Officer,some tips could help you always".And rambo said " We'll give you a free lesson officer."and they went to the SDO storage in the LS.When they were arrived there,they took some parachutes with them and they went to the Abandonded airport in BC.When they were arrived there,they took a beagle and they started to fly it.Rambo said" Officer,can we use your HQ's target? " and Sceptic said " Yeah sure thing,lets fly this baby over there" and Pilot flied the Beagle to the TST HQ's.When they saw the Target Rambo said " Go go go Jump" and everyone jumped from the beagle and they landed properly to the target. When they were landed over the target rambo gave another tips to the officers and Sceptic said " Alright Mr.Rambo we are done there " Rambo said " We're so appreciated to help you officers" and Rambo and Sceptic shaked their hands and the others went to their location again. Screens:Click here to see screen's.
  13. Event type : Chicken shooter LWS : John Price : 1.000.000 $$$ Winner : [AA]Traged_ Screens: http://imgur.com/a/FhWrr
  14. TST - The Strike Team

    Part 1 / Personal information. Ingame Name:I am known as Sceptic but you can find me as Officer.JoeyJ Real Name: Berke Age: 19 Country:Turkey Languages:I can speak Turkish and English. Gender: I am Male Nationality: Turk Have you ever been kicked/banned from the server ? / if yes why? Banned two times for multi acc. Have you ever been kicked from a Gang/squad ? / if yes why? -N/A- Part 2 / Your playtime in MTA/SAES. How long have you been playing MTA? Almost 4 years. How long have you been playing on SAES? Same as above. How many hours do you play in a day?7 or 8 hours. How many times do you visit the forums in a day? All the day. Previous gangs/squads?:I'd like to tell my previous organizations to the HQ's. Are you in any groups?:I am in SAi and SAFD. Do you have PC (Procop membership)?:-N/A- Part 3 / Questions about your qualifications. Strengths:My biggest biggest strenght is Roleplaying.My english knowlegde,Using my taser etc etc. Weaknesses: My biggest weaknesses are probably FPS drops and Ping. RP Skills(0-10) Lets just be honest I could rate it as 8,5 Arresting skills(0-10) Ehmm 8. Shooting skills(0-10)Same as above 8 Driving skills(0-10) 7,5 English skills(0-10) 8 Describe Deathmatch:Deathmatch is killing people for no reason. Describe RolePlay: Roleplay mean is acting like real life.If I have to give an example cops are doing pull-over's. Describe TeamWork: Teamwork means doing work with your team pals. Add a picture of your "stats" by using www.imgur.com (press /stats ingame)(use spoilers: [ Spoiler][ /spoiler] http://imgur.com/a/H8baU Part 4 / What to do if. What would you do if you are chasing someone and they avoided arrest?Firstly I'll take screenshots of it and I'll report him. What would you do if someone came and asked you for a bribe? If he asks me honestly I would bribe him but if he force me to bribe him I wont bribe him. Someone DMs you: I'll take screenshots of it and I'll report him. An admin asks you something: I'll follow his orders and I'll do everything what he says. Someone from our squad with a higher rank calls you? I'll follow his orders and I'll do everything what he says. Part 5 / Communication. Do you got TeamSpeak 3? I do Do you got a microphone? No Do you use IRC? Sometimes. Part 6 / Additional Questions. Did any TST member suggest you to apply? Who?Yeah John and Wayne. Did you have the chance to hang around with any TST before applying? If so who?John and Wayne Did you have a talk with any of our scouts before this application? if so who?-N/A- Where is our private forums?:Its in Territorial Support Groups. Who is the Leader and the Vice leader of TST?:The current leader is Danny and Vice leader is John Why do you want to join TST?:I want to join The Strike Team because TST is a good squad which I am looking for.We could raise TST back to the top where it belongs.Also TST members are so friendly and they are doing their job awesome as a Cop.Thats why I want t to become one of them. Give us atleast one good reason to accept you?:I am an old player in SAES.Also I am a god damn roleplay machine.I think being roleplayer is enough reason. Tell us something about yourself( more than 30 words): Hello lads,my name is Berke.I am 19 years old and I am living in Istanbul/Turkey.Actually I like to do some sports like Football and others.I am currently playing in a club.And I love to hang with my friends around night actually with Wayne.He is my in real life friend and one of my best friend.I love to go cinemas with him. Additional information:-N/A-