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  1. Outlaws Motorcycle Club Media Archive

    Brotherhood of Man! It was evening in the San Andreas city.Me and wayne were chilling in the Palomino creek.We just decided to check our arsenal and we dont have some AK's and Tec-9's in our arsenal and we decided to buy these guns from our brothers.Then I took my phone and I called the Mongols secretary Sergio.I talked to him about our current situation and he did understand us.Then Wayne took a burrito and I took my Freeway and we went to the Mongols Clubhouse. When we arrived there Sergio was waiting for us.We get out of our vehicles and me and wayne shaked Sergio's hands and we started to talk about our current situation.We were new in the town and we needed some guns to fight against our enemies.He said " You guys are new in the town,I can do some discount for you guys since you're our brothers ".Then we walked to the Mongols arsenal.Sergio showed their arsenal and their arsenal was awesome.He showed us the AK's and Tec-9's.The guns were awesome and me and wayne decided to buy it with 1k bullets.Then we talked about the money. After leaving the Mongols clubhouse,we went to the my house and we loaded the guns to my garage.Then we kept chilling in my home and we drink some beers. Click here to see the screens.
  2. Outlaws Motorcycle Club Media Archive

    Digging some guns in to the Dirt. It was afternoon,we heard that some cops was searching our guns which came from the Ireland.They know that we are getting that guns.One of us learned that the cops will search our clubhouse for these guns.These guns were AK's,Tec-9's,Shotguns and some Glock 18's.Me and the VP loaded guns to the bags and we put bags to the burrito and we went to the forest.When we arrived to the forest we took two shovels and we started to digging,when the dirt was very deep we took the guns from the burrito and we throw guns in to the dirt and we closed the deep with the dirts and we went back to the our clubhouse. Click here to see the screens.
  3. Welcome to the Media Archive of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. We will post our roleplays,events and activities here,so If you are not one of us dont post something here.Thanks understanding us. Roleplay counts = 2 Event counts = -N/A- Activities = -N/A-
  4. Hand Cuff system

    Well,seems an awesome idea mate.I am supporting it as a crim +1.
  5. ETS2 : Screenshots

    @Alves and other friends,we were driving all over the map :D
  6. read this to connect to truckersmp's discord


  7. ETS2 : General Chat

    I am currently having some contacts in the truckersmp forum.They are helping me,can you send me the link of their discord?
  8. ETS2 : General Chat

    Well I bought ETS2 yesterday and played MP with my friend.I had no problem yesterday in multiplayer but since this morning I got this problem,I already deleted and re-installed it.What to do? http://i.imgur.com/mPFOPZ1.jpg
  9. SWAT|Media Archive

    S.W.A.T. Activity - Morning patrolling around San Andreas - - Sceptic - KaKush - Amit - Rozloo - http://imgur.com/a/bUudm
  10. SWAT|Media Archive

    S.W.A.T. Event Type of event: Last Man Standing Prize: 1,000,000$ LWS: [AA*]Viki Winner: O|Sira Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/1RNur
  11. SWAT|Media Archive

    S.W.A.T. Activity Patrolling around San Andreas - responding to store robberies and other criminals activities - Sceptic - Teddy - KaKush - Amit - Click here to see the screens.
  12. SWAT|Media Archive

    S.W.A.T. Event Type of event: Rhino Shooter Prize: 1,000,000$ LWS: [AA*]Viki and UE|Koko Winner: Matsuri Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/W0Izm
  13. Ingame name:[SWAT*]ScepticReal name:BerkeAge:19Nationality:TurkishTimezone:GMT+3Languages able to speak:I am able to speak English and TurkishCurrent Server Groups:My current groups are SAFD,SGS and TEC.Military Experience:Well I used to be a MCC trooper but I made the biggest mistake in my life and I left it also my rank was " Private First Class".If I get another chance I wont let you guys down.Participation on DE recruitments:5 times.Access to ZIP or admin panel:I am having an access to the SAFD panel.Access to other special abilities ingame:-N/A-Access to TS:YeahAccess to IRC:YeahHow would you define DE:The listed soldiers of the San andreas.They protect our country from the state enemys which are DDT and CLO.There are three units in the Desert Eagles.Airborne,Naval and Assault.They have the biggest guns,aircrafts etc.So to make it short they are the angels and listed soldiers of the San Andreas.How would you define MCC:Well MCC troopers are the enlisted troopers which they got no permission to join a war without General.They work hard to become a listed soldier.Why would you like to join MCC:Well I would like to join MCC because I used to be a MCC,I want to work hard to become a listed soldier of the San Andreas.I should train myself so hard in the MCC.MCC is my one of favorite group in the SAES RPG.And I belivie if I become MCC again I wont let you guys down.Why should we accept you:You should accept me because I am a skilled player in this server also I used to be a MCC trooper.My rank was "Private First Class".I belivie myself that I wont let you guys down again and I will work hard in the MCC if I you guys let me in.I was doing a lot of activities in the MCC when I was one of you.RolePlay Experience:Well my roleplay experiences are good enough for me.I am able to do some roles I mean I can do that as possible as I can.I've been in my organisation so as I said on above I am able to do them.Able to follow orders:I am able to follow my orders!What MCC Department would you like to join:I would like to join my ex unit Reserves.Logistics:Experience with trucks:Experience with airplanes:Experience with ships:Experience with logging and reporting:Imagination review (how creative are you):Mechanical Engineering:Experience with ZIP panel:Able to work fast:Knowledge of SA map:Imagination review (how creative are you):Spatial Awareness (you're good at maths, physics, and estimating spaces etc.):Reserves:Former Combat groups:Well I was an ex Reserve unit trooper.Teamwork rate:Well my teamwork is good enough for me.I can give info to the other troopers when I see an enemy.If I have to rate it I would rate it as 8/10Able to resist variability:Yes I am able for it.Resistant for stress and heavy workload:I am resistant for it already.I can take the biggest stress and heavy workloads!Emotionally unstable:I am stable. Click here to see the rhino photo!
  14. SWAT|Media Archive

    S.W.A.T. Event Type of event: Hunter Shooter Prize: 1,000,000$ LWS: UE|Koko Winner: [CS]Plymouth Click here to see the screens.
  15. SWAT|Media Archive

    S.W.A.T. Event Type of event: Fallout Prize: 1,000,000$ LWS: UE|Koko Winner: RBR|StreyWorks Click here to see the screens.