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  1. KATLA Dev Diary #6

  2. Someone said Baba is dead but tell them I am coming back amına koycam etrafın.I am coming to distribute judgment.

  3. I was just jokin and you're not the first one opened ATF.Check oldie organisation archives anyways still gl.
  4. Niggah,I am wishing you best of luck but stop opening my oldie organisations without askin' me nigguh!?!
  5. Show us Yourself v2

  6. Roleplay#152 Delivering some Supplies to the GYM's. Participants : OverdoseCrime members and helpers. It was nearly night in the Las Venturas City.Fenriz and his fellow friends were chillin in their hood.Then Fenriz's phone rang.Then he took his phone out of his pocket and he answered the phone.The Las Venturas GYM management was calling Fenriz. (Conversation in Phone) -Hey am I talkin' to Fenriz? -Yeah you're,speak. -I am the Las Venturas GYM manager,we need some supplies in our GYM. -Alright we'll deliver some supplies to your Gym in 30 minutes. -Alright we'll be waiting for you. (Conversation ends) Then fenriz gathered his fellow friends and they load the supplies to the truck and they went to the Las Venturas GYM.When they arrived there Fenriz got out of the vehicle and told his helpers to carry those supplies to the gym and afterwards he told them to get the money for him.When his friends done with that job,Fenriz had some more supplies in the truck and he led his fellow friends to the Los Santos gym.They went there.When they arrived Fenriz told his friends again to carry the supplies into the gym and get the money.When his friends done with them,they want back to their hood and they kept chillin in their hood. Click here for the screens.
  7. -167- Event Type: NRG Race Event Prize: 1.000.000$ LWS/G6: @kokicha13 aka koko Winner: [ALT]MrSolrac<M*> Click here for the screens
  8. -164- Event Type: Fallout Event Prize: 1.000.000$ LWS/G6: @TheStyle Winner: Light Screens: Click here for the screens.
  9. Your 2018 wishes

    more pussy.
  10. Official Quote Wall

  11. MI6

    Real name:Berke Username:javexy In game name(Include your previous nick if you have changed your name):Fenriz Age:17 Nationality:Turk Education level:Currently 3rd grade of the High School. Country of residence:Turkey. English proficiency:Well if I have to rate it,I can rate it as 8. Hours played:3836 hours. Previous/current gangs/squads/organizations/groups:I'd rather to tell it to the HQ's in the game. Briefly describe your personality:I am an honest,trusty person.My english skills are good enough which helps me in communicating and doing some activites with my friends.Also I am an active person. Briefly introduce yourself:Well,I live in Istanbul/Turkey.I am currently student in a high school.I am studying Programming ( which I fucking hate so much ).I am Fenerbahce fan.I am trying to go to the stadium every match with my lads when we are free.My hobbies are playing basketball and table tennis.Also I listen Metal,we had a death metal band but sadly we had to stop it.Well thats all I can say. Weaknesses:Well my weakness is sadly my FPS.Because I have an old computer. Post the ban appeal topic here if you have been banned before:I've been banned twice for multi-accounting.
  12. MI6

    Congratulations brotharrsss.
  13. meanwhile in Turkey

    Let Moussa Sow teach him it!
  14. How did you come up with your nickname?

    darkthrone member.