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  1. U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation Office of the Executive San Andreas, 700-004 25/04/2018 Dear @Temi, Thank you for providing us with the requested information, you have passed the application stage and will now be tested by either me or @IG8820 in-game. Best regards, Daniel Slay Deputy Director
  2. STAGE 1 Name: CodeX# Account Name: ptgboss Nationality: Potuguese Are you over 16 years of age? If no, please specify your age: I am 16 years old. Do you have a ProCop diploma? If no, please specify why: Yes I have the ProCop diploma, acquired on March 7th, 2018. Previous G/S/C memberships and why you left: I've been on Tuga Thugs for some months, and actually left it to join FBI, after TT I've been FBI for also some months and left it to acquired the ProCop diploma. Left SAPA today to try my luck once more on FBI. Why do you wish to join the FBI: I've already been FBI so I kinda know what to expect from the members, though FBI is going to some changes (like this application) and the FBI has one of the roles I prefer. Why should we accept you: FBI should accept me because I think my interest is good enough. I also think my RP in the FBI role scenario is quite good. And I can be an active member, at least for now. STAGE 2 – GIVE SHORT ANSWERS What is roleplaying: Roleplaying is simulating / pretending a real life situation, trying to make it as close as possible to real life in its actions. What is deathmatching: Deathmatching is randomly and/or without any reason the action of attacking another player causing any damage to him/her and to his/her vehicle. Tell us three server rules (F1): Multi-account is not permitted. Cheating is not allowed. And english is the only language that must be used in the main chat. Are you allowed to deathmatch: I am only allowed to deathmatch inside a roleplay scenario, if for some reason the suspect is not arrestable or unstopable. STAGE 3 What are your English skills out of 1 to 10: 8 What are your driving skills out of 1 to 10: 7 What are your shooting skills out of 1 to 10: 6 What are your role-play skills out of 1 to 10: 8.5 What are your strengths: Arresting What are your weaknesses: Driving in high speed, my aim is not that good. Sincerely, CodeX# / Daniel Slay
  3. SAPD -Roleplay Names

  4. Ingame Nickname: CodeX#Account Name: pgtbossDate of joining Pro Cop: 07/03/2018Who tested you: Leblanc & EstinogeWho invited you: ZeKinGCurrent Squad/Company: SAPAAge: 16How long have you been on this server?: Since 2014/2015How long have you played as a regular cop before you absolved your Pro Cop diploma: Since I joined the server, besides the time I was on Tuga Thugs and RTI.Roleplay name: Daniel SlayPolice Officer Daniel Slay (( CodeX# / pgtboss )) - I promise to keep respecting all the rules regarding the ProCops qualification and truly filled this form using my legitimate information.
  5. FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Part 1 - Ingame information Ingame name: CodeX# Login name: ptgboss Are you a ProCop?: No, I am not.. When did you start playing SAES?: I joined SAES in arround september 2014. When did you start playing MTA?: I started playing MTA arround 2012/2013. How many hours do you play in a day?: Arround 2/3 hours. Your avarage FPS: 20 to 30 FPS. Your avarage Ping: 60 to 100 Ping. Are you active on IRC?: No, I don't use IRC. Are you active on Teamspeak3?: Yes, I am. Previous Gang(s)/Squad(s)/Company(s): SAPA (2 Times) , Ghetto, Tuga Thugs Did you left or got kicked? If yes, why?: SAPA - Left to join Tuga Thugs after being bored to stay there. Ghetto - Gang died, can't do anything for it. Tuga Thugs - Left to join FBI, Crim life is boring. Have you ever got banned in SAES? Never. And I think is will not happen. Have you ever got kicked in SAES? I got kicked by Ikke (Ikzelf_) one time for accident spam (Fail bind). Why do you want to join FBI? I want to join FBI because the squad seems very powerful and loyal. And I am interested on the squad. The squad is also good at teamwork and RP. I like the role of the squad and squad type. I got some friends in FBI so I want to join the adventure. The organisation of the squad is very good and it seems a very nice place to me. If you have patrolled with us, set screenshots below: I patrolled sometimes but my PC is formatting, so I lost all screenshots. Part 2 - Real Life Questions Age: I'm 13 years old. Male/Female?: Male. Nationality: Im from Portugal, so I am Portuguese. Primary languages: Portuguese. Do you speak any other languages? Which?: English. Tell us, a few lines about yourself: I am currently a student. As other guys school isn't the paradise for me, it's very boring. I like to play hockey and I do it every week. I am a Junior HTML Developer and JAVA Student. I really like technology. Most of my day is passed infront of the computer playing or coding. I like to play PS4 too. I am a bit sociable but only if u invite me to go to some party or anything like it. I live in portugal in a zone called Santarém and near me there are SAES players such as TbdS, JP4, KillZone and others. I like to watch cop series on TV and action movies. Part 3 - Ingame skills What is your English skills? (0/10): 6.5/10 What is your Driving skills? (0/10): 6/10 What is your Shooting skills? (0/10): 7/10 What is your RolePlay skills? (0/10): 7.5/10 Strengths: Sniper shooting, arresting and shooting at tires. Weakness: Hydra heat seeker, aircraft shooting, deathmatch and drive very fast.
  6. We'll talk about you,You'll get the answer soon. I'm sorry Mr.Halo_ but I joined a group (RTI) after did SAFP apply.