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  1. Rest In Peace Red Devils Mc

    Rest in peace boys, we will miss you! (also SGTs too)
  2. Giveaways

    It's my pleasure and as I know EVE online is now free to play so I guess that key is not working anymore but I don't know about the rifter ship skin
  3. Giveaways

    Rising Storm Game of the Year Edition It's free for a limited time. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/rising-storm-game-of-the-year-edition
  4. Having a bad day? Watch this

    you're 2hot4me.
  5. Having a bad day? Watch this

    fucking so hot...
  6. SAES Meme pictures!

    it should be alius :D
  7. Show us Yourself v2

    I guess you're the person on the left.
  8. Promotion

    First Team Nano then SAES, congrats.
  9. Taxi Service or Weed Service? It was a sunny and warm day in San Andreas. The agents of the National Narcotics Bureau was training under my supervision. While the training going on, one of the Intelligence department agent approached to me and give me an urgent report. I took the report from him and started to read. The report was about “Taxi El Centrino”. I have heard about this company but I’ve never used their taxi service so it would be good oppurtunity make a visit to them. I ordered to my agents to gather up at fron yard and gear up for an operation. After a few minutes, we were all ready to go to. We jumped in to our NNB Rancher and start off. When we arrived to TEC HQ, there are few people talking to each other inside the building. The agent which is driving the car, give signal to the people inside to open the gates. Then, we ride inside of the building and at that moment the operation “Taxi” has been just started. After we ride inside, we got out from the vehicle and a man approached the fron door of the rancher. As he said he was the CEO of the TEC and he wants to speak with me. First, I introduced myself to him and we started to speak. He asked me why the NNB is here, they didn’t do anything wrong. I told him that we just come to check about a report that reached to us early. He tried to refuse at the beginning but then Agent Sou showed the search warrants that we got from the district attorney. After that, the CEO moved away from our way and let us do our job. Agent Sou stay with the cab drivers and checked their IDs and the did a little background search on the NNB database. While he was working on it, I checked some of the vehicles inside of the TEC HQ and after 2 or 3 vehicles, I found the right now. The cab driver tried to hide his stacks inside of the rim but he couldn’t have enough time to fix the crack on the rim so that’s gave him away. I called all of the cab driver and the CEO to my position. I showed the weed back to CEO and I asked him who drive the taxi next to me. He said “ Tony Rubel! Step foward and explain it to all of us!” and after that I started to wait for him to explain the situation to us. Tony was trying to explain the situation but he was under pressure and he couldn’t even speak properly also he was denying all the time. Agent Sou approached to me and told me that all the people in here have a clean background and they have legal documents. Still we couldn’t leave Tony there so we took him with us to NNB HQ for further interrogation. After we arrived to NNB HQ, the TEC members followed us tilll to NNB HQ, I gave order Agent Sou to took the suspect to interrogation room and make him ready for interrogation. Then, I stay there to explain the situation to TEC CEO. I told him to follow me to my office and then he took a seat and in my office and started to wait for me until I come. After, I left my office, an agent came to me and told me that they found some evidences that proove that Tony dealing drugs in his cab. I took the files with me and moved to interrogation room. I went inside of the hidden place and called Agent Sou to show the files to him. When, he came to the hidden place, I showed him to files and give him some critical strike points and then left him there to continue to his interrogation with the suspect. I moved back to my office and started to talk with CEO. CEO’s name was Mootje, he is working for TEC for 10 years and he is a loyal member of the company. I asked him some questions about the cab driver and he told me that the cab driver hired about 5 days ago and they didn’t know anything about him but his documents were legal and he passed all of the tests before hired. As I know my from my exprience, those guys are not going to stop until they are successful so I gave some advices to Mootje to what he should do if they come again and he agreed to work with us in this operation. After that, I took him outside and he went back to his company HQ. Then, I moved back inside and went back to interrogation room, the suspect was already started to crying and begging for his life. At that point, I knew that I could trust to Agent Sou. After he confessed his crime, we put him to jail inside the NNB HQ until this trail. Yet! We are still searching for the big boss of cab driver.
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  12. Very very very useful idea, fully supporting this suggestion.
  13. Darksiders III

  14. A way to avoid annoying cops!

    You've never witnessed it becaue you're not spending your time like me in the offical squad spawn or any other cop spawn. Most of the crims are doing it to have some fun.