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  1. Personal Information In-game username: hextech In-game nickname: [NNB]Alper<vL> Real name: Alper Reis Age: 19 Gender: Male Nationality: Turkish Primary language: Turkish Secondary language: English English proficiency: To be honest, I can rate my speaking, reading, and writing skills 8 out of 10. Introduction How long have you ever been playing on SAES: RPG? I have been playing SAES since 9th September 2014. Current squad/groups: National Narcotics Bureau (Vice Leader & 2nd Founder), Homeland Security (Vice Leader), SA Fire Department (Fire Fighter), Desert Eagles (Airborne) Security Group Services(HQ), Procops (member), In-game activity: I try my best to login in-game every day but currently I am working in a factory so I am bit semi active till end of Aug. Skills Information Your strengths: In real life, I can work within a team because I take responsibility seriously and do it in a timely and accurate manner, while not stressing under pressure and heavy workloads. I have done various projects in school with my friends and always take the responsibility of being group leader. Also, I'm good at communicating with people. I began work in an internet cafe and spent my time there interacting with customers. This helping me gain lots of experience. On the other hand, I'm creative person, if something comes up in my mind, I start work on it and do not stop until finish it. Also, I can produce quick solutions for the problems to solve them. I have lots of friend in real life and all of them come to me if they need help on any matter. Because they know that I can find a solution for them to solve their problems. In-game, Well, I was one of the instructors in San Andreas Police Academy. While I was doing my job as an instructor, I understood that I'm good at teaching new things to new people. All the new cadets were like my friends and they were happy while spending their times with me. I know that taught so many things to them. Also, I'm current vice leader of the National Narcotics Bureau, being a vice leader gave me more responsibilities than before for example I must keep the control inside of the squad, need to deal with financial matters and the reports if comes about a member. NNB. After a while, NNB started to grow up with me and I grow up with it. So, I gain much more experience while leading it to higher levels. Your weaknesses: Well, it is hard to see your weakness but I know some weakness that I have. First, if someone I can lose my control in fight but I realise that life is short to break people hearts so If an apology needed I can easily apologize to people. Secondly, it mostly ends up with a disappointment but these are good lessons for me to learn to do not trust people easily. I want to mark that I'm always in attempt to overcome my weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Why do you want to join PCD? I want to join PCD because I know how stuffs are working in police side and I’ve been playing as police officer since 2014. Right now, I have developed my main skills with being the vice leader of NNB, for example dealing with repots. I want to help to my colleagues with reports and solve them quickly with teamwork. Why should you accept me? Well, you should accept me because I can count myself a mature, loyal, and reliable person. I can find solutions for the problems easily. I can work in a team without any problem. Also, I know how the stuffs work in police side so I would be a useful addition to PCD. About Myself My name is Alper Reis, I’m 19 years old and live in Cyprus. I'm going to high school. My hobbies are playing basketball with my friend, not as professional love doing research about anything I like. I would like to go to the gym for bodybuilding. I’m playing SAES with my friend. Making music with musical instruments (Launchpad name of musical instruments.) I like to watch crime TV series. Best Regards, Alper Reis
  2. Arrests scoreboard

    More than half made in NNB you faggot, don't come to me with AAPD
  3. Arrests scoreboard

    @Deu teach these kids a lesson
  4. lets insult karitos

    +1, you got the point logi
  5. National Narcotics Bureau Activity 09.07.2017
  6. lets insult karitos

    Well, I don't like Karitos because he is a maggot but not because he is rich af, he just born as a maggot. don't destory my life thx @Karitos
  7. S.W.A.T. (OLD TOPIC)

    SORRY FOR POSTING HERE but a dumbass talking about NNB, SheraP is the man you need, Teddy (!)
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  9. I understand that you've nothing to lose as you're a swat member but at least I have something to lose
  10. @Teddybear I wish you lose all your shits <3
  11. This is not even our application format, in order to apply NNB, you have to use the application format on the first page, I attached the right application format below. EDIT your post above and don't post new one. P.S: After a while, I noticed that you've applied to literally all the places in SAES, so your application is DENIED.
  12. Welcome back to your family Dariich, we missed you!
  13. Interview The Person Below You

    I guess everyone is trying to create his/her own "unique" topic Does @Teddybear sleeps with a teddy bear or without a teddy bear?
  14. Damn, they really made it...
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