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  1. TST Media Archive

    Topic: kidnapping an officer by a drug dealers Participants: Koko, Gogo, Pozemester, Curvy, Mohd, Tamo, Leenox, Rambo, Wayne, Alaa, Kanzo and john Story: It's a sunny day with no problems at all. We're working in the LVPD waiting for an emergency call's, So the sunset started, and till there there was no problems at all. After the sunset for a bit , We had an emergency call, Officer leenox was the one responsible for the calls. he came to officer tamo telling him that there is a store that drug dealers came to kidnapped an officer Officer rambo was in the other room, he heard officer leenox saying the call. We went to kanzo for telling him, Then we went ready with our weapons to rescue the hostage. We responded to that store asap. We found that the tables was flipped over the civilians were scared. So we went to see the camera of the shop. We saw that a group of people got the officer and ran away. We've got the car information, it was black and classic.We went with a rancher and a helicopter. We sent the helicopter first and it found the area so it called us. we went there the fastest as we can. We found them in the desert airport, They were trying to escape away with the hostage, We told them drop your weapons, but they didn't so we had to open fire our hostage was shot, we called the medic immediately, the other officers followed the suspects and shot some of them down with the tasers we wanted them alive. Officer tamo got shot in his leg, We got the criminals in the ambulance and sent them to the hospital. and some of them died and the other's were healed, after they got healed they got sentenced for 20 years in jail. Screens:
  2. TST - The Strike Team

    Our HQ team has decided that you do not fit TST, You're free to re- apply after 2 weeks.
  3. TST Media Archive

    Store robbery Crew: Khaled,Pular,Tamo and Makabra Story: There was cop units around Las Ventures patrolling to make sure that everything is calm and cool. So What happened is, There was a store robbery which started at Las ventures, No one noticed about it but after the criminals left the place the guys working in the store called us, so we responded directly and fast since we were the most near unit to this store, So we responded to the store no one was there the criminals ran away. The guy working in the store told us their car color and information about that car, So we followed them tried to stop them, but they didn't stop so we hit them from the back side of the car and they crashed, and also we crashed too , but their car flipped over. We called a fire fighters to get the fire off and a medics for the injuries. We took them to the hospital then to the court to get them sentenced for what they've done and finally they got sentenced. And no injuries happened on the to them. Screens:
  4. Ingame Nickname: Tamo Account Name: abood000702 Date of joining Pro Cop: 9/1/2017 Who tested you: Bas Who invited you: Bas Current Squad/Company: The Strike Team (TST) Age: 14 How long have you been on this server?: Almost 3 years How long have you played as a regular cop before you absolved your Pro Cop diploma: about 1 year Roleplay name: Thomas_Barclay
  5. A gift for a Great HQ

    100% clear asslick
  6. TST - The Strike Team

    After the vote you had, we decided to give you Meet HQ + to get your test and GL.
  7. TST Media Archive

    Event type : Hunter Shooter LWS : John Price :2,000,000 $$$ Winner : PawelJefferson Screens:
  8. TST Media Archive

    Weapon Dealing Crew: Tamo,Nobody,Toni,Bazuka,kygo and Rover Story: San andreas as always blue shiny sky. It was a beautiful day. Everyone was having a great day. But sometimes problem happens, it could by any kind of problems. whether smuggling drugs, taking drugs, weapon dealing etc. So this time what happened is a weapon dealing between a gang and a guy. The gang wanted new kind of weapons and more ammo, they've searched all over San andreas but they found 1 guy who had a good quality weapons. They went to him they discussed about the weapon they wanted and no one knew about it. but a civilian was crossing from that area and heard them dealing. he immediately called the strike team, and we did respond so fast to that place. We went to have a check they almost finished dealing, they got all what they want and they were leaving but what happened is, when we reached the area they heard our siren. So they hide and started shooting at us. We got our weapons ready and we opened fire. but one of our officers got shot in his leg so we called medic immediately. Once we opened fire one of them got killed and other stayed and the one dealing ran away. So the one who got shot we called for him ambulance too, So the one ran i asked officer kygo to follow him. and he did follow him and he caught him. after that i went a little bit infront to reach the enemy to arrest him. his ammo finished once his ammo finished i heard him saying " shit my ammo" so i ran to him and he surrendered. We got him to jail. After that officer kygo got the one ran away. we got the criminals in the car and went to the court to judge them for how many years that they will get arrested.The one who judge, he sentenced them for 10 years in jail. and San andreas was safe. Screens:
  9. TST Media Archive

    Event type : Chicken arrest LWS : Koko Price :2,000,000 $$$ Winner : PulaR Screens:
  10. TST Media Archive

    Drug dealing Crew: Tamo,Raptor,Kybalion,Lerov Story: At first there was 2 people 1 called Kybalion and the other called Lerov. These 2 people are addicted to drugs, one of them drug supplies finished so he came to deal from the other guy.So Kybalion opened the boxville trunk and there was many boxes of cocaine bags in the boxes.So usually they measure the cocaine with grams. The guy told him don't you have other kind of drugs, he said ofcourse, they had marijuana.So what happened next a civilian was there just walking and heard the conversation between the two guys. and he immediately called the TST and FBI agents. We also immediately responded to check whats there. We saw 2 people standing beside the marijuana plant. We told them what is this they said its a medicines for pharmacy. We've opened the boxville trunk and we've seen so many boxes we opened 1 of them and it was bags of cocaine inside 1 box.So that guy is having a large amount of cocaine. We took him to the court and they got sentenced for nine years in jail. Screens:
  11. TST - The Strike Team

    Dear @Arrow Our HQ team decided to put your application to denied, due to the fact that you have a lack of roleplay skills as an police officer,re-apply in a 2 weeks.
  12. TST Media Archive

    Event type :Chicken arrest LWS /Staff:John Price : 5.000.000 $$$ Winner : [hs]electric Location : BC Screens:
  13. Welcome to Scuba divers media archive Here you can post our activity check, events and Role plays.