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  1. "Gathering intelligence" Thanks to the following players for participating in this RP Pub Rainer ( and some other MMC members cant remember the names) [FOX]007 Officer.Curny _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So many reports came up on MMC like being high,shooting and other things, So we've decided to raid their base to gather intelligence. We kept a FOX unit incase of something wrong happened. We hided him behind the base it was all clear. After reached their base. They were eating having dinner inside. We've heard them talking and laughing.So we entered their base from the fence. Once we entered we've found somethings.We found Weapons,bats,shovels and drugs. Agent pub by mistake sneezed in a high voice. They heard the sneeze, They went out to check who's there. First one came out got tazed by us others came out to see what happened. After all of them came out i called the FOX unit immediately. Fox unit came but in the number they were bigger and more people we couldn't do anything we surrendered, They took us to room it was having 1 chair and all of them was there. They asked us some questions we didn't answer then they wanted to burn one of our officers. So agent tamo said the truth. But they didn't listen and burned that officer. We tried to get out in any way we couldn't they had full Armour piercing. They killed all of us and the mission failed.
  2. Event type: Maze Arrester Prize:2.000.000 LWS:Xoeric Location: LV Stadium Winner(s):Kybalion ScreenShot(s)
  3. Dear applicant, First of all i would like to appreciate you for keeping interest in joining our squad, Although your application might not be excellent, you still want to join us and i respect that, So i will give you PENDING. Meet me or any HQ+ Ingame for the tests, best of luck to you. Regards, National Security Agency
  4. Dear hope, next time we tell you to edit not to re-post it:) thank you.
  5. Dear xWolf, You're permanently Denied, You applied for us, and we've gave you enough time and chances to meet you in-game. But once you came in-game you joined a gang and without informing us.
  6. Dear applicant, Thank you for your interest joining us. Your application is under review. You will get your answer soon
  7. Dear applicant, Thank you for your interests joining us.Your application was excellent, I would like to give u Accepted. Meet HQ+ for the invite.
  8. "Stealth fighter" Thanks to the following players for participating in this RP Tamo Relic ClaR _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7th February, 2017 22:05 NSA wanted to gather intelligence from the gang called under ground empire. So one of our agents called agent.Thomas dressed up as a criminal and planned drug deal with under ground empire. We've chosen a place which is under ground empire base and the Time chosen was 22:10. I've reached the meeting point and he arrived that time... So later on Agent relic was hiding in case of something happened wrong or we wanted to arrest him. So first, agent thomas asked him to show the drugs etc... He opened the trunk and there was all what agent thomas wanted. The criminal asked agent thomas to show the money, Agent Thomas opened the trunk and aim the gun on the criminal head, The criminal surrendered. Once the criminal surrendered I asked relic to go out and cuff him, Once he cuffed him up we got him in the car and got him to the Las ventures Police department. We reached our destination then agent Thomas changed his clothes back and took him to the court and the judge sentenced him. Screen shots.
  9. Event#12 Event type: Fall out Prize: 1.000.000$ LWS:M7mod Location:G6 Winner(s): Aramade ScreenShots:
  10. Money Transportation

    +1 would be cool idea
  11. count to 1,000,000

    first pic i found on google i added it xd
  12. Event#11 Event type: Kill tamo with a dildo Prize: 3.000.000$ LWS:Koko Location:Around LV Winner(s): Viki ScreenShots:
  13. Event#10 Event type: Hydra shooter Prize: 1.000.000$ LWS:Koko Location:G6 Winner(s): Wolf1 ScreenShots: