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  1. Event type: Knock me off the NRG Prize: 2,000,000 (4 winners 500k each) LWS/G6: Jason Winner(s): Hope(2x),Wolf1,XPLV Screen shots:
  2. Event type: Land on my Police car Prize: 2,000,000 (4 winners 500k each) LWS/G6: Jason Winner(s): ReMa/Hope/Royalty/Wolf1 Screen shots:
  3. Arrests scoreboard

    Wtf 2 days you got 1k arrest?!?!?!
  4. Event type: Dildo kill tamo Prize: 7,000,000 LWS: John Winner(s): Fattie Screenshots:
  5. @Emilijanas You're denied because you have some questions missing and not answered properly, please re apply after 2 weeks. Keep hanging with us
  6. @nessn You will be given Pending, meet HQ+ for tests.
  7. @micafz09 ive met you already and ive seen your skills it was all good, meet HQ+ ingame for invitation Accepted.
  8. @micafz09 your application is under review. You will be having an answer soon though you left the following question:"what is dm/deathmatch" please fill this question and you will have an answer soon.
  9. Event type: Dildo all v all Prize: 2,000,000 LWS: [TT]Expert Winner(s): Tudor Screenshots:
  10. How would this benift us while you guys got alot of benifits for example marker kill in jail. Everytime i enter jail and wanna hide in a room i just get 50 % health or even less because of the marker kill.
  11. Great idea, With those stretchers it would really be more realistic and fun to play as a Paramedic.
  12. Event type: Hydra shooter Prize: 1,000,000 LWS: Expert Winner(s): Dali Screenshots:
  13. You're experienced enough to join us Accepted.
  14. Event type: LMS Fallout on Glass Prize: 1,000,000 LWS: Koko Winner(s): LiveinJailus Screenshots: