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    @nicus. congratzz
  2. Participants: Tamo, @Juky, and @Dinaz NSA Sent one of their disguised agents on a mission to put one of the illegal racers into custody. And it was successful; However, as always nsa's modern technology helped us to arrest this guy as he was known one of the dangerous illegal racers and there is a limit. This guy had previous crimes as was shown on NSA database. The agent named Dinaz disguised as a racer and met with the criminal. However, the deal was about a hypercar which is illegally sold and it's also illegal to be driven on the roads. NSA had a backup unit behind the building secretly hidden which can appear if anything escalates. After few minutes of the deal, The backup unit came and arrested that guy. In addition, he had a pistol hidden with him. Screenshots:
  3. Event type: Elegy race Prize: 1.000.000 LWS: @Dufabo Location: MC Winner(s): @LuDaKa123 SS:
  4. NSA - National Security Agency

    @MetalHead Thank you for applying to NSA. We haven't seen you showing interest. Therefore you're denied. Feel free to re-apply after 1 week; if still interested. @Elegy. Thank you for applying to NSA. Please use NSA application format it's in the spoiler below: You have 24 hours to edit it; otherwise, you will be given denied
  5. Event type: Huntershooter Prize: 1.500.000 LWS: @Dufabo Location: G6 Winner(s): [CDC]Sweet SS:
  6. Event type: Knock me off NRG Prize: 1.000.000 LWS: @Dufabo Location: LV Winner(s): @tomahock123 @Fixk2 SS:
  7. Event type: Hunter shooter Prize: 1.000.000 LWS: @PulaR Location: G6 Arena Winner(s): @EL.PunHoLoko SS:
  8. NSA - National Security Agency

    @Dinaz you got pending meet HQ+ for tests
  9. NSA - National Security Agency

    @Benny We're sorry to inform you that you are denied and that's because of breaking multiple rules in SAPA.
  10. Event type: 1v1 Sniper tournament Prize: 1.500.000 LWS: @PulaR Location: G6 Arena Winner(s): @Kybalion1.618 SS: