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  1. The place of the event: A town Event type: Survive the military forcesLWS: Sam#Prize: 1.500.000$Hosted by: FOX Winner(s): @MatIzZScreenshots:
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    @Elegy. Your application is overall stable despite the numbered grammar flaws. However, you've missed filling one small yet important detail in our application form. You have 24 hours on you to figure out what it is to be considered. / FOX HQ
  4. ~ FOX regular patrol ~ FOX crew: Hassoni, Absent, Sam#, Kristiina, Kleptix, 007, Jonas Date and time of the patrol: 16-12-2017 Server time: 15:40 - 16:15 Screenshots:
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    Hi @Darius# , Thank you for filling the critical part of our application and showing your interest. Your application has been Accepted. Please contact an HQ in-game for your further instructions! :) Regards - Hassoni FOX HQ

    Thank you for your application. It's lacking a bit of detail, but overall you've written a stable application. You've been
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  11. Short RP With ATLN It's 2 pm and we were gathered at the FOX base waiting for our monthly shipment of 10 crates of rubber bullets to arrive. The two ATLN delivery guys arrived with their truck and showed us the ammo crates and offered us to try some if we wanted. I opened one of the crates and took out some bullets and shot on the training targets that we got at base in order to test them out. Though that was not enough to ensure that the bullets are of good quality so we had to test them on a human, so officer Enemy volunteered to get shot on his back to test it. The results ended up with the bullets being decent enough and will perform good in real-time events. We unloaded the crates of the truck and thanked the delivery guys for their time and took a picture with them. Pics:
  12. RP with a biker owning a gun Here we got a guy that attracted us by the sound of gunfire. We confronted him and asked him if he had any bussiness in this part of BC. He denied my questions so i sent agent Psibot to go search him and guess what he found.. a colt-45. We took his weapon and gave him a fine for owning an unlicensed weapon and discharging it. Pics:

    We're excited to announce that you have been accepted to join FOX. Please contact an HQ in-game for invite and further information. Regards FOX sHQ
  14. I didn't say that we should get same headshot script as DE or CLO i suggested a script that would give us headshots if the victim got 40% HP or less which means that even if you shot him on the foot he would still die.