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    YES, YES, YES would you travel to America with a gay?
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    1200 seconds camp in the bank? perma ban
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  11. THE DEAL It was Sunday night, when Mr.Fredro recieved a call from Mr.Jay, an old friend of him from the well known clique, Sons of Anarchy. There were in need of some bikes, fast, safe and ready for the difficult missions. Of course he knew where he addressed to. The problem was that SoA, had not enough cash to buy those expensive bikes, even if the price was friendly. But they had some weapons to offer. They arranged a meeting, next morning, in order for ''Zebras'' to recieve the weapons and for ''Sons'' to test the bikes. When ''Sons'' arrived, there was no time to be wasted. Mr.Fredro with Mr.Xx3, explained them the quality of the bikes they were taking and how rare they are out there. They have all been surprised with our effort on those bikes. Weapons have been checked, because ''Zebras'' always test something before they buy it. Their power was amazing and their accurasy too. Then, it was time for Mr.Jay to check the bikes. Everything seemed to be great. It was time for the delivery. ''Zebras'' helped them and drove the bikes to their spot. It was such a good deal. Participants: Organization Zero, Sons of Anarchy
  12. EVERYONE WANTS TO HAVE OUR GIRLS It was Sunday morning. Fredro was working at some bikes in garage while he heard 2 cars arriving. It was Louis, with his mates. Fredro greeted them and asked what were they looking for. Louis told him that they'd heard about Z's girls' quality and they'd like to see some of them and choose who to buy. Fredro drove them in the sitting room, where girls were waiting. They have been treated a drink, had a talk and some experience with the girls and they finally chose 2 of them. Then, Fredro had a last talk with louis. They talked about the price and the delivery. The deal was 5.000 $ and the girls in his base. They also talked about any future business and they traded phone numbers. Finally, girls have been delivered to Utopia's base. They pleasured Zero for everything and told them that they would prefer them if they ever want some girls again.
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    yes does kain suck?
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