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  • ""The wolf on top of the hill is never as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill!" - James 'Flame' Ramirez"
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"The wolf on top of the hill is never as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill!" - James 'Flame' Ramirez

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  1. Yes Or No

    yes We already started talking about pussies, but are pussies better than ass?
  2. [FREE] Map shaders by Tut

    We, Tut, you never fail to amuse me
  3. Yes Or No

    No (you need better London for that) Are wet pussies better than dry ones?
  4. Yes Or No

    Yes Will that dick give you babies?
  5. Yes Or No

    No (Map Editor ROCKS!) Will I be president in SAES?
  6. SAES Meme pictures!

    @Ardron WTF
  7. Roleplay number ~ 41# Participants in Roleplay ~ @TaJ, @BlaZZey, @FlaMe, @Yokih (Helper), @Wizax (Medic). Roleplay scenario ~ It was a beautiful sunny day. @FlaMe, @TaJ, and @Yokih were in their cars on Pacific Coast Highway beside Interstate 425 East. Suddenly, FlaMe revved his engine, all knew what it meant. Taj shouted from his car,"To the bridge on Interstate 125 over the canal near groove street?" Silently, they made a challenge. Yokih got his nitrous bottle ready while Taj and Flame were warming their beasts up. They waited at the signal and as soon as it was green, only smoke and black tire marks prevailed there. Soon, they were tearing up the asphalt of Los Santos roads. Nearly 4 minutes after starting off, they got near the bridge, but little did they know what was about to happen. Flame's car hit the pavement and sooner than they could blink, it flew up in the air. Unfortunately, there was no landing strip and his car crashed into one of the guarding pillars of the bridge, with its front end hanging dangerously from the bridge. Flame couldn't feel his back and his leg was stuck inside. He tried in vain to free his leg but failed to do so. Yokih attached a tow cable to his car and Flame's car. He pulled it back while Taj pushed the car back from the front fender. Soon, the car was back on road, but its engine was in flames. They successfully pulled Flame out of the wreckage, but he was bleeding profoundly, and it was impossible for them to stop the bleeding with the First Aid kits. They called @Wizax, who was a paramedic with the Jefferson Hospital. He sent his colleague @BlaZZey with an ambulance which arrived within a minute. Flame was taken to Jefferson Hospital in the ambulance and was rushed to the Emergency Department. Thankfully, by God's grace, he survived. He is resting in the hospital now and his car is back in TMH Garages. Maybe once more, after a bit, we will see him again revving his heart up with those beast pistons and those venomous nitrous bottles. Till then, TMH continues on to expand it's legacy.
  8. Giveaways

    It has been on the house for like 2 months
  9. Yes Or No

    No, Is Hesha a cunt?
  10. SAES Meme pictures!

  11. No Fresh Men

  12. Official Quote Wall

    noice 1 @Teddy
  13. 100,000,000 GIVEAWAY!

  14. SRs in deep sea

    +1 PS: Get a runway too, maybe? XD
  15. 100,000,000 GIVEAWAY!

    How to enter?