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  • ""The wolf on top of the hill is never as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill!" - James 'Flame' Ramirez"
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"The wolf on top of the hill is never as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill!" - James 'Flame' Ramirez

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  1. Ford mustang gt

    Oh, hell yeah!
  2. Congratulations fella!

  3. Seems to be a nice idea, as we can take awesome shots anytime with these disabled, otherwise, we will have to wait for someone to stop getting killed...
  4. Mta map converter

    nevermind, got it
  5. military greetings

  6. Yes Or No

    No will you study english grammar?
  7. Yes Or No

    No Are we allowed to bring out our bananas in here?
  8. Ingame name: FlaMeReal name: Sayan KunduAge: 18Nationality: IndianTimezone: GMT+5:30Languages able to speak: English, Hindi, and BengaliCurrent Server Groups: San Andreas Police Department: ProCop Officer InvestArms Corporation: Senior Research Scientist Black Eagle Security: Trainee The Motor Heads: Sub Leader Venturas Tunings: Customizer Military Experience: My favorite game is Arma 3, and most of the military tactics I know, came from there. Besides, I have been in quite a few MCC activities in the past too, and have learned something from there too. Participation on DE recruitments: I did once long ago and landed on 20 (poor me). Couldn't attend the rest due to time zone difference.Access to ZIP or admin panel: NopeAccess to other special abilities ingame: Nope.Access to TS: Yes, but I mostly use DiscordAccess to IRC: Yes How would you define DE: Desert Eagles is the name for the armed forces of the state of San Anderas. They do what mostly all other countries' armies do, they protect. Our lives in San Andreas are constantly under threat due to the presence of terrorist groups like Cuban Liberation Organisation and Drunk and Disorderly Terrorists, and pirates like the San Andreas Pirates. The valiant soldiers of the Desert Eagles spend lots of precious hours of their lives in protecting the land we love so much, for which we are able to roam freely on the streets of San Andreas. How would you define MCC: Military Civilian Components is the supporting hand of the Desert Eagles. It is like a volunteer force who helps the primary defense forces whenever and wherever required. From transporting weapons, ammo, and vehicles of the Desert Eagles to Backing them up in times of war, MCC is always beside them.Why would you like to join MCC: From the day I joined SAES, I wanted to join the Air Force of Desert Eagles. Yeah, I did annoy a few people off back then constantly asking how to join it. But now that I know the Desert Eagles more closely, I just wanna work with them. I have been to the MCC trainings and they are quite exciting. I just want to train myself so that one day, I can fight alongside the armed forces, defending San Andreas from CLO, DDT, and SAP. Why should we accept you: You can expect some intelligent tactics coming off my mind in times when they are needed the most. I am also quite combat effective. Besides that, I am also good at driving heavy loads and am good at flying.RolePlay Experience: I would go for a 9/10. Being in those RP groups have really helped me gather some Roleplay experience.Able to follow orders: Yes, Sir!What MCC Department would you like to join: ReservesLogistics:Experience with trucks: Experience with airplanes: Experience with ships:Experience with logging and reporting: Imagination review (how creative are you): Mechanical Engineering:Experience with ZIP panel: Able to work fast: Knowledge of SA map: Imagination review (how creative are you): Spatial Awareness (you're good at maths, physics, and estimating spaces etc.): Reserves:Former Combat groups: N/ATeamwork rate: 8.9/10Able to resist variability: A lot, probably 9/10.Resistant for stress and heavy workload: Considering the fact that I still play games even if my exam is after 10 days, I will say, yeah, I am resistant to stress and heavy workload.Emotionally unstable: Nope.-------------------------------------------------------------If you can read this, post a picture of rhino inside A69 with your application to even be considered.
  9. Giveaways

    And there is a BF4 DLC - Dragon's teeth up for Xbox
  10. Nano's twin

    Beware, more bans incoming!
  11. Official Quote Wall

    The answer is "English"
  12. Official Quote Wall

    ME: Trump, we have a problem! That script font.... Trump:
  13. Official Quote Wall

    You should meet the 10yo Indian kids on CS:GO... they are far stupid than this
  14. Official Quote Wall

    That's Ronseal's son? dayum

    Cant we crouch?