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  1. Show us Yourself v2

    Yeah they're actually my childhood friends
  2. Show us Yourself v2

    #the view was great
  3. The admin of year 2017 is...

  4. Show us Yourself v2

    Yes, especially that hes doing it infront of me!
  5. Show us Yourself v2

    In de beach! ;D
  6. Rocket League

    It isn't that bad actually , I am playing with my xbox controller and it's way better than playing with a keyboard
  7. Show us Yourself v2

    the haircut your mom wants you to have vs the haircut you want
  8. Show us Yourself v2

    Do you honestly think that people really care whether you're lying or not bruh?
  9. clean your messagebox!!

  10. Rocket League

    How many goals did you steal? ahah
  11. Could you clean your inbox please?