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    yes Should we change faster forums ?
  2. BOSK'S FBI APPLICATIONForm Last Updated: 08/05/2018AUTHORISED BY THE OFFICE OF THE EXECUTIVE Written on 16/05/2018 STAGE 1 Name: Sideris (Isidoros) Account Name: bosk Nationality: Greek Are you over 16 years of age? If no, please specify your age: I'm 19 years old, born on 27/09/1998 Do you have a ProCop diploma? If no, please specify why: I have not a ProCop diploma but my aim is to get one. I was on Criminal's side and haven't yet been with a squad to get one. Previous G/S/C memberships and why you left: I've been on almost every official gang, the reason I left them was because I used to be bored in one only place and wanted to meet more people. Same story goes on Squads and Companies. If asked, I can talk more about them in-game. Why do you wish to join the FBI: Since an old FBI member i have only good things to remember. Nice training courses and always felt as a real family. My aim is to enter you guys so I can again experience those moments. Why should we accept you in: I changed my mind and really want to follow the police side. FBI is a gang with good reputation and hospitallity towards their members. I can for sure bring a funny and active member in the squad. Give me the chance! STAGE 2 – GIVE SHORT ANSWERS What is roleplaying: Roleplaying is when two or more players act life-like in a game, in order to provide a more realistic gameplay meeting real life senarios. What is deathmatching: Deathmatching is when two or more players fight in game using weapons or murder methods in order to claim a reward (The reason of Deathmatching sets it). Sometimes people fight for fun or during an invade/trainning. Tell us three server rules (F1): Marker-arresting/Marker-killing while a BR is not allowed. Deathmatching that aims on revenge or with no reason, is not allowed. Camping at Criminal spawns or Hospitals, in order to arrest one is not allowed. Are you allowed to Deathmatch other players: No. STAGE 3 What are your English skills out of 1 to 10: 8 What are your driving skills out of 1 to 10: 8 What are your shooting skills out of 1 to 10: 8 What are your role-play skills out of 1 to 10: 9 What are your strenghs: I'm a generous guy. I'm friendly even with my enemies and good on planning things. Role playing is my favourite thing to do. What are your weaknesses: I think i need to practice the para-landing. Sometimes I'm getting mad easily but I'm working on keeping it low. STAGE 4 Scenario One: You are the agent-in-charge of a patrol unit which includes you and two other agents. You are informed of an ongoing store robbery and there are no other units available for back up. How would you successfully resolve the store robbery with the following equipment available and team. Vehicles: § A Police Maverick § A Patrol Vehicle Weapons: § Combat Shotgun § M4 Assault Rifle § Sniper Rifle EXPLAIN BELOW: What i would do, if i was the chief/leader of the invade, is getting in the maverick and para-jump one by one from far away. Then start hitting the robbers with the nightstick to clear the area. The other one agent will also come with me to act as a backup in the top of the store. The last agent will clear the inside of the store untill we get down to secure it. Scenario Two: You are the leader of an assault on a suspected criminal ‘base’ being used for drug distribution. You have the following teams under control to assault the ‘base’: § Assault Team – Armed with assault rifles and combat shotguns § Backup Team - Armed with assault rifles and combat shotguns § Approach team (Recon) -Armed with sniper rifles *ALL SQUADS HAVE ACCESS TO POLICE MAVERICKS AND SQUAD CARS* The fence around the base is protected by four armed criminals. Inside the base there are a further three armed criminals. Your mission is to secure the outside of the base, how would you do so? EXPLAIN BELOW: First off, The Approach team with the snipers will park two squad cars in horizontal orientation and wait for the assault team to get in the area. The assault team approaches the outside of the base while the snipers kill the four armed criminals. The backup team para-jumps at the back of the base and surrounds the other three criminals and escorts them to the nearest possible Police Department for interrogation. Scenario Three: An armed FBI Unit is called to a hostage situation to a building nearby to the Los Santos Police Department building. Two criminals had attempted to rob a fast food restaurant but police had arrived during the robbery. As a result, they have taken an old woman hostage and barricaded inside. The two-armed criminals are young and very nervous. You have access to the same squads as in scenario two. How would you diffuse/ deal with the situation? EXPLAIN BELOW: First off, an negotiator goes inside unarmed and here goes the talking: -Cop speaker: You're surrounded, an negotiator is coming inside unarmed to talk with you guys! -Negotiator: I'm unarmed! Please let me in so we can have a good end and everyone can leave the area unharmed! -Young Nigga #1: Come inside but don't try acting smartish! We will kill this old ma'am with no mercy -Negotiator: Copy that. First off, the hostage has to go because the team is ordered to attack in 5 minutes if you guys don't free the old Lady! -Young Nigga #1: Alright alright, stop fucking dripping you cop... -Negotiator: Guys, you can trust me, I can help you if you listen to me, Let the old Lady go and the we can discuss the sittuation! -Young Nigga #1: How do you guarrante us they will not attack on us? -Negotiator: They have to follow one order: Attack to save the hostages. Hand me the old lady... -Young Nigga #1: Bitch stand up and get out, YOU HEARD NOTHING FROM US OKAY? WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. NOW WALK IT!! *The old Lady runs towards the cops crying that she would have missed the goodbye to her family. The cops invaded the area and arrested the two Young Niggaz, Everyone is happy. That Young Niggaz got in jail where they had a meal and rested they life there (about 30 years on jail) Thank you for reading this application! It was really fun to make. See you in-Game, Bosk I'm Black.
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  7. Hey Guys ^^

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