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  1. Log ingame man you are inactive dont lose ur props

  2. - Road Trip, 20th of August 2017 -
  3. - Activity, 20th of August 2017 -
  4. The sweet revenge.... PART IV Participants: WMC Members, [NSA]Arkan, and FOX members. It had to be done at some point, we've received another photo of our police officer that we're trying to find, but he keeps his name in secret, unlike his partner, you could clearly his badge on the photography. It took no time to track his ass down. It was already getting late, so we went for a 'ride' since he was taking night shifts, we found his vehicle driving around LV, we drove our van just in front of his, he stopped, we threw him out of the car and pushed in the back of the van. It happened so quickly that no one even saw anything, that's good. Ah.. good ol' desert, the best place for stuff like this, we took his ass to Las Venturas Quarry, it was night-time so no one was working there, we tied him up and asked several questions about our 'mysterious officer', this guy was weak as fuck, in no time he told us everything we need, but... you can't leave him talking... we threw him of the hill.... Ouch! You're dead now moose meat, we got the name of officer and the patrol unit, he was patrolling in LS-RC region, took us half an hour to find him, crashed his car, there were 2 of them, threw them out, tied one of them up and left there, and took our targer [FOX]Sam with us and took him to our farm, for a 'friendly' talk. Firstly, we took a picture of our brotha' he said that he doesn't know him, but we already noticed that he started to panic. Then we took another picture of our brother and him in once of the car accidents, where he shot our brother down. He was saying sorry and offering us money, but money was not the right subject is this case, we took our previous made explsovis and attached to him. Hmm, what a better place to set off fireworks than in most famous casino right in Las Venturas. We took him inside and tied him near the slot machines where cameras can't get us. You think we'll bomb it? Nah, we're seeking for revenge, death is nothing compared to stuff we've planned. We called his 'friends' 911, that there's a guy with c4 saying that will blow up everyone. As everything were planned already, we edited the secuirty cameras and added this fake video instead where you can see him walking by himself, alone. We were looking how cops arrive from the other side of street. Other cops didn't believe in his 'fake' stories and as we were informed, judge got him in the jail for 30 years, but he won't last that long since cops are not welcome in jail and he'll probably get shot down iat some point.That's how revenge looks like, i hope he'll have fun there, motherfucker. The end of 'The sweet revenge' Thanks for everyone who participated in this roleplay.
  5. The sweet revenge.... PART IIIParticipants: WMC Members and Maddy as Jeff. The explosives have been made, it's time to make the shit up. We went to Las Venturas, 4 dragons casino, because that place isn't that secure and it's easy to break in, we broke inside the security room, downloaded the recorded files in flash drive and went out of the casino safely, we didn't get caugh because as I said before, that place ain't secure, there are just 2 guards at entrance and that's it. Once we got the video files, we went to do out next "mission", which was to edit those files... but bikers ain't no hackers, we don't know stuff like that, one member suggested that there's a guy called Jeff and he does stuff like that everyday, so our men called him and went to his "office". He looked like we all imagined, weak and nerdy, but that's exactly what we needed, we introduced ourselves and then he started to work on it, took him around 30 minutes to edit the file and make it look like it actually happened, we were impressed with his work, however, you can't leave it just like that - we had to make sure he does not leak anything, scared him a bit with the pistols, he looked like trustable person. Dropped one grand on the table and we left. To be continued....
  6. The sweet revenge.... PART II Participants: WMC Members and O|Snome (DDT). In part I, we tried to get information about that officer from one of the SWAT people who have been spotted patrolling with that other guy, but sadly, he was tought enough and didn't reveal anything... But we knew that the time is coming and Warlocks members made a plan for a sweet revenge for that cop who've killed our brotha'. Our people gathered information where we could get our c4 compoments and we found out that DDT are the most trusted people that can sell stuff like that, since we have no knownladge about things like that, so we took our vehicle and agreed to meet in somewhere in the desert, that place was dead, great for deals like that. Must be one of the quickest deals ever, those guys ain't no wasting time, they come here, get the product over, take cash and dissapear, it was quite expensive, i must admit, three grand is quite a lot nowadays, but hopefully that pays off. The deal lasted about 5 minutes. We arrived to farm safely, no on-road "accidents" or anything, good thing we made that deal in night-time. After we arrived, in the same day, our men that are specified in things like this, spend whole night making up the explosive. You'll hear about our plan in upcoming parts. To be continued....
  7. EVENT TYPE: Boxing (All vs All) LWS/G6: Z|Nemesis PRIZE: 3,000,000 $ WINNER(s): [B~B]Bec SCREENSHOTS.
  8. Mongs 4ever ^^



  9. donation change

    Part I: How much have you donated for the sever? 20 Pounds When was the last time you requested a donation reward change? March 7th Links to your donation topics: http://saesrpg.uk/profile/27526-rainer/?tab=activity Links to your previous donation changes requests: Part II: What I Want to be Removed Vehicle 1: Coach Location: ex-MMC base, other car got removed already. Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1: Burrito Location: At Farm LV - LS highway Username: recliner Vehicle 2: forklift Location: At Farm LV - LS highway Username: recliner
  10. Real sound effects

    everyone can add any mods they want, so if you want those sounds, add them.
  11. Could you remove 1 private message please

  12. Mongols MC Roleplay Only Topic

    "Smooth exchange with our Brothers" Roleplay story written by Underground Empire member(s).
  13. Can't pm you, check the topic. 

    All info should be there I believe, find me ingame or pm if you need more information.

  14. Mongols MC Roleplay Only Topic

    Story written by @Burn98 It was a normal day at the MMC Pub. Customers were coming in, Rainer the newly elected president of the MMC mother charter had was enjoying a few drinks. As prospect you are tasked with doing several chores for the club and today I was tasked with tending the bar. It all looked really easy and simple really...Anyhow, more people started to come in, and all of a sudden The bar was completly full, i was serving drinks everywhere, my fellow prospect everley had to help me because everyone wanted something. After finally being able to attend to everyone's orders the situation started to get uhm... a little bit out of control, the bar was so full some people started to jump on the counter, others were wasted on the floor. But what really started a fuss was the unexpected... two trucker looking hobos ordered the finest beer there was. Me being the American biker i am went to the back to get some fine american beer. However these two lunatics did not like this and started to protest against it, conspiracy theories they yelled, System dogs all kings of anti-government critics. As we put them out of the bar, i remembered that those two bums didnt pay yet so i ran outside to make them pay. All of a sudden these two are protesting outside and one of them grabs a flamethrower and some molotovs!! The situation gets out of control as they blow up our club bikes and throws molotovs to the roof. We start running after them and round em up. At this moment we think we had it under control because we were more but one of the hobo's lights up the flamethrower and burn everything around, our only solution was to jump to the river to avoid death by fire and i know my name is burn but u don't mean it literally... Screenshots: