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  2. Activity check Las Venturas Bank Robbery San Fierro Bank Robbery
  3. Roadtrip Turfing
  4. Activity check Las Venturas Bank Robbery Las Venturas Bank Robbery
  5. Event Type: Last Man Standing LWS: [MMC]Koko[SAA] Prize: 1,500,000 $ Winner: 157|Fad|OG Presents: Mongols MC Screenshots:
  6. Activity check Los Santos Bank Robbery San Fierro Bank Robbery
  7. Event Type: TDM with Freeways Explanation: People could team up with another player, making teams by 2, one of them driver and other one shooter. Shooter had to eliminate out other players with their M4 only, driver had to avoid other shooter shots. LWS: UE|Gogo Prize: 3,000,000 $ / 1,500,000 split. Winner: Team 215; Pozemester and Strret Presents: Mongols MC Screenshots:
  8. Mongols MC Roleplay Only Topic

    Today we made called Sons Of Anarchy, to take a visit and maybe buy something, Firstly gave them to test few cups of our alcohol, they asked where we bought them, but they didn't know that we actually made it ourselves, after tasting it, everyone seem to like it, they had a talk with their guys and decided to take two barrels, which in total is 60 liters. When we made a deal about alcohol, we lead them inside to our laboratory, asked if they want to buy some coke by any chance, but they do don't do any drugs, which is pretty understandable. Showed them few gas barrels that are left, we got those barrels from Cuba, since the price of gas in SA is damn high, but still Jordi explained that they have full storage of gas. Business part was done, showed them our bar we got in our farm, sadly our speakers didn't work, so there wasn't music, but they still enjoyed time since the drinks at the bar was for free. After few drinks they said that they're willing to do bank robbery, we agreed to help, drove to San Fierro to rob a bank, robbery was successful. One day after bank robbery, we loaded our trucks and headed to their clubhouse, sadly none was there so we just dropped barrels on the ground and left a sign "From ya' brothas'". Didn't take money for this offer since we made all ourselves and they helped and been with for a long time, hopefully they'll enjoy our alcohol.
  9. Activity check (before cleaning) Bank Robbery at Las Venturas Turfing [RDMC]
  10. Event Type: Kill Gogo Explanation: Gogo was spawned as LWS, so it was pretty difficult to him, gogo did everything so he doesn't get killed, however Rema still managed to do so. This event made a lot of explosions in Las Venturas, pretty sure cops weren't happy about this. LWS: UE|Gogo Prize: 1,000,000 $ Winner: [B~B]Rema Presents: Mongols MC Screenshots:
  11. Event Type: Beat 1v1 MMC Member in fist fight. Explanation: Made boxing event in our clubhouse interior, everyone could participate, if they beat one of mongols in fist fight they win money prize. After a while, we announced and closed entrance so none can leave and it became all vs all, last one standing won bigger money prize. One player could win three time in total. LWS: UE|Gogo; UE|koko; [MMC]DUFF[M]. Prize: ~1,200,000 $ Winner: Many winners, can't remember all but: Julio, Toneh, Bob.Mayo, Zeta. Presents: Mongols MC Screenshots:
  12. Activity check Bank Robbery Los Santos (8/8) Roadtrip
  13. Event Type: Clue Step Event Explanation: Since this is new type of event and everytime you do it changes, I thought I'll give our steps and explanation here. So in order to start event you need meet Rainer (Standing in SF), He directed people to deliver Starbuck freeway (LS Beach), Once someone did that, he directed him/them to spawn as prostitute and go to UE|Amazing (Mt.Chillad), Amazing gave 2 math tests that they had to solve, once they did that, Amazing gave number (random for everyone) to take back to Rainer, first one who did that wins the grand prize. Helpers: UE|Amazing Prize: In total of 3,000,000$; 2 millions for first winner and 500k to 2nd and 3rd as little present for their effort. Winner: 1st: Tayber; 2nd: Essa; 3rd: Crash. Presents: Mongols MC Screenshots:
  14. Mongols MC Roleplay Only Topic

    After a while of demolishing Palimino creek, we decided that Red Devils had enough, town was dead already. Duff gathered Mongols MC members together and suggested to make a roadtrip, after a while of discussing, we decided to make one but allow other people to join too. Roadtrip started at our clubhouse. Firstly, we took a look what's happening in Las Venturas, huge mess as always, many people, many officers, we had nothing to do there, we took the fastest route to get to Bone County to ride in peace not by getting pull-overed or getting in some other problems which we didn't want to. Took some routes around Bone County and yes indeed, it was chill there, no cars or people, just freeway engine sounds. We stopped at bar to check how's business going, for surprise everything was going good there, even thought it's freezing outside. We bought few bottles of alcohol and cigars and continued our way. Next stopping point was at Palimino Creek, we had to visit Red Devils base for another time, just in case if someone is still alive there, but it was deadly silent in there, sprayed some tags and pissed on the walls, bikes weren't there, most likely they've sold them already. And lastly, we stopped at our redneck farm, tried out our newly-made alcohol, everyone seem to like it. After few cups and dances, we decided to give a tour to our brothers around the farm, after the tour, roadtrip came to the end, everyone went to their home.