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  1. SAES Meme pictures!

    When Nanobob Fuck's up with the server and burritos start to ascend
  2. RECRUITMENT STATUS: OPEN Greetings, We decided to open the recruitment for 3 weeks, note that you can either apply for Civilian Reserves Unit(Reserves) or Civilian Engineering Unit(Logistics and Mechanical Engeering). Good luck! Major.Crash of MCC MCC HQ Team
  3. Disk in JB

    This existed in GIMP cop's when spawnign had a marker to grab guns some M4 and some Sniper + this was also in the FC one and if this was done cop's couldnt abuse this as this could be scripted like if cop's leave jail area everyhting goes away (all the ammo for the gun)
  4. Blade problem is that sometimes we cant use the back door as criminals will just shot from end of the hall we need to use the front door that gives us more cover but for that we need to leave the jail area and then enter in the marker so you will have to marke the jail counting the street maybe? a few meter's like 10 would be enough
  5. Show us Yourself v2

  6. Selling alcohol in /sell

    Maybe a new criminal spawn also pretty sure E would love to have this
  7. Signatures

    oh i though one of the reasons was this new forum mb then
  8. Signatures

    this was requested before and the reason it's denied it's because of the forum update it no longer support's the signatures
  9. Dark theme

    you edited the css nano?
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  11. Official Quote Wall

    There is a much better way to get a baned just ask Teddy if he likes is scoreboard
  12. Not just in SR's but also in RP's you are doing something and you have to stop everything just to get in the vehicle if you even see the announcement
  13. So tell me there is about 3 crim's for 1 cop If you are with 2 more people and each one shots the cop 1 time with a CS=about 120 dmg you can also nade and use other guns besides if the cop manages to taze you he still needs to run to you punch you meanwhille your friends can kill him
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