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  1. "Semper Occultus (Always Secret)" Military Intelligence Section 6 is a division of the British Secret Intelligence Services (SIS MI-6) with a focus on espionage, investigation and tactical assaults. Our objective is to collect secret intelligence and to mount covert operations overseas in support of the San Andreas Government objectives. The international scale of crime in the 21st century world has lead to international branches of this special investigation organisation. The San Andreas division of MI-6 was first formed on October 2010 by the request of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and backed by the newly formed Conservative government. Ministers chose Sir Ranger and Sir Bedii to form the first international Branches of SIS MI-6. Currently the American branch is run by Sir Captain Chronic as acting Leader, Sir iLazy as Vice Leader with Sir Ranger as founder with former HQ staff El Kebeer in retirement. At its native Head Quarters of Vauxhaul, Central London in the heart of the United Kingdoms establishment, the Secret Intelligence Services (SIS) plays a vital role of securing the nations interests both on Sovereign soil and on the international stage. The SIS has many different branches, that are equipped to both research and response to criminal activity across the world.... Military Intelligence Section 6 specializes in combining all levels of crime with military backing for to provide the British Government with the most up-to date information and solutions to the any threat to the Nation. In 2010, nine years after the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center's of New York City on September the 11th. An already strong international agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States had paved the way for a special branch treaty that allowed the investment of over 30 Billion Dollars to "expand the resources available to combat the threat of Terrorism and Cyber Espionage". With the agreement in place, American and British intelligence and security organisations would now work together in a tighter bond while being well funded for the next 25 years to combat "any threat to both nations security". The agreement saw Sir Ranger and Sir Bedii opening the San Andreas branch of MI-6 that would become the main hub for the west coast defense barrier that would help NATO defend itself from a Pacific breach. In late 2014, a new Regional Leader was appointed as Sir Ranger was promoted to duties that called him the Middle East crisis. Sir Toreno and Sir Chronic stepped in to replace Sir Ranger and Sir El Kebeer in the top spots. The organisation quickly expanded the cyber security program, utilizing the abandoned Big Ear in Bone County to replicate National Security Agencies cyber program. In mid 2015, Sir Toreno was also called to the Middle East as the threat of IS migrants and regional instability was increasing with many different nations becoming embroiled in Syrias mass conflict. The future for MI-6 is increase in Research and Development as garrison numbers of agents are falling as the threat increases daily. Receiving over $1,000,000,000 infrastructure package the organisation is seeking to update the structure and move bases while also promoting numbers of active agents. We are a uniquely passionate squad that focuses on a family ethic to constantly provide a good sense of team spirit and equality despite a hard English structure of ritual humiliation. Agents are required to dedicate a very high amount of loyalty to ensure they can be trusted with-in the organisation as well as on missions... The squad specializes in intelligence gathering and covert operations. A strict code of conduct that provides a strong back bone to the organisation. Agents are allowed to chose their own units and create their own career path. Promotions are routine and have a focus on both time and showing initiative, internal corruption is frowned upon and will result in punishment, removal or blacklisting. Agents are encouraged to both investigate and tactically assault the high gang culture on the server but show restraint by using dialogue whenever possible. Agents are also famed for using very persuasive methods of interrogation. The overall key to MI-6 is subtlety whenever possible and firing a gun when all other options are exhausted. We need people with a host of different skills backgrounds and experiences to work both in SA and overseas. However there are some qualities that all our people share: Complete integrity, team spirit, innovation and advise. Also each one of them is committed to help protect SA from threats ranging from terrorism to regional instability. We search for people with the highest standards of skills across many different backgrounds and experiences so if you think you meet these standards we're happy to review your application. The Tactical Support Unit (TSU) is the fighting force behind the San Andreas Division of MI-6 is split into three sections, an Undercover Officer (UO) can chose to follow any of the three career paths. Each unit is based on a secondary objective that they must follow when in Briefed for Team Missions. The Units are as follows: Assault Unit The first response, these agents are specialized in responding to first line situations and taking out targets on a mid to close range level. These agents will have to focus on arresting targets and holding down a line of defense on top of regular intelligence duties. Sniper Unit The sniper unit provides support for the combat units. They both secure the perimeter and provide battle ready intelligence data on the field as well as covertly spying on persons of interest. They are also the designated shooters when assinations or high profile targets need to be taken out. Transportation Unit This unit is focused on the safe transit of agents, personel and VIPs. their secondary objectives are to transport agents safely to and from missions specialising in evasive driving, extraction techniques and engineering intelligence. 1. Follow all of the server rules stated in F1 in-game. 2. Always try to arrest first, you may use deadly force only if the suspect is unreachable and the life of a fellow law enforcement agent is at risk. 3. Never use any other form of police spawn to get to a Store rob or a Bank rob. You must go there as MI6 only. Also do not spawn at your own property to get there faster. 4. Do not chase players with 10 stars or less unless they attacked you, or committed a crime in-front of you. 5. On approaching a player with more than 10 stars, you must first warn him twice using the official MI6 binds. If the player does not obey, arrest by force. If the player does obey, give him the chance to surrender first then arrest. 6. Do not raid any gang's base without the presence of an MI6 member with the rank HQ or above. 7. Do not give access to the M.I.6 base unless you have permission to do so. 8. Always listen and obey orders from higher ranked members. 9. RP more: Remember we are the British secret service so act like it. 10. Use Teamwork. 11. Never leave a man behind. 12. Do not abuse/bug abuse. 13. Respect all SAES>members and their commands (if they are reasonable that is). 14. Be active on the forums. 15. Do not post stupid/unnecessary stuff on the forums. 16. If you abuse the stingers, there will follow an instantly kick. 17. Donation vehicles may not be placed without permission granted from an HQ+ 18. English in clanchat only. 19. Do not spawn as MI-6 if your wanted level is higher than 3. The MI-6 Headquarters: Further MI-6 Operating Facilities: Current Leader and Vice Leader: @Captainchronic & @iLazy ************************************************ Colour code: #0099ff ************************************************ Tag: MI-6| ************************************************ Squad Level: 4 ************************************************ Squad Value: $ 900,000,000 ************************************************ Contracts: ALT & Lock n' Load ************************************************ Recruitment Status: OPEN ************************************************ Official MI-6 Binds: You made up your mind ? Here is the application form:
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  3. damn always on a saturday which fucks me up =\ , could have made it for sunday this time.
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  5. iLazy's reward change

    Part I: How much have you donated for the sever? 20$ When was the last time you requested a donation reward change? March 2016 Why do you need this change? Need to remove my donation at the old MI-6 base in Big Ear. Links to your donation topics: Links to your previous donation changes requests: ======================================================================== Part II: What I Want to be Removed Vehicle 1: Enforcer Location: ======================================================================== Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1: Bullet Location: NNB HQs, ill show you where exactly. Username: lasanhapt
  6. MI-6 US Embassy Statement: The MI-6 is here to announce its retirement from US territory happening as of today, it is the Queen's will that the agency employees currently operating in the US, more specifically in San Andreas, are sent back to the U.K to assist with the growing terrorism threats, it is also unsustainable to continue to spend so many resources overseas this being one of the main reasons the agency is terminating its operations in San Andreas. On a more personal note, it hasn't been easy taking this decision and we struggled against it for several months now, but there comes a point where its simply not possible anymore, mainly due to my inability to be as active as i once was and with the current staff also being quite busy in real life its proven not to be doable to keep this squad running, ive been here for more than 2 years now, ive seen its ups, ive seen its downs, but there comes a time where we must let go and move on, so id like to thank every member ive encountered and played with during these last years and thank them for the time well spent. Regards, The US MI-6 Embassy PS: I would like to thank Hesha for his continous support of MI-6 (he paid me to write this)
  7. Everyone sucks if you look at it this way:
  8. SAPD :: Shadowlog

    Applicant: Marko Link to the application: http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/84558-info-people-who-got-denied-from-procop-and-require-a-re-test/?do=findComment&comment=1602952 Tested by: iLazy Invited by: iLazy .
  9. SAPD :: Shadowlog

    Applicant: Psibot Link to the application: Tested by: iLazy Invited by: iLazy PS: Who's useless now bitch @Royalty
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    Long live the institute, that scrub Patrol and his BoS can suck my synth's cocks.
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  13. EURO 2016

    It was France's tactic since the start, eliminate the best in the field, sad as fuck.
  14. Elder Scrolls Online

    I play it ocasionally still lvl 6 tho =p
  15. EURO 2016

    Thats what happens when you overrate a team.
  16. EURO 2016

    Shuting all the haters in the world, whats todays excuse for us being in the finals?!