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About me:


Hello my name is Diogo i live in Portugal with my mom and sister and i go to a vocational school,im on my final year of computer science, my history in SAES goes back to my trolling days with my friends about 3 years ago,although ive dedicated myself more seriously in the past 2 years when i got back from a long inactivity period,so i decided to enroll in SAPA and get my PC diploma cause ive always found Police gameplay more appealing,after 2 months in SAPA i graduated and decided to apply for MI-6, im proud to currently find myself as Vice Leader of such a fine squad and to play with such great teammates.


My RP character:

My name is John Diggle i was born in San Fiero to a humble and working family composed by my mother a teacher at the local university,my dad a shop clerk and myself, when i was 20 i decided to enroll in the Police Career, the main reason was that i lost my father at the age of 12 in a store roberry due to street crime and violence so when i grew up i decided to join the Police Force and help my City. I enrolled for 2 years in SAPA where i learned everything i needed to spread and apply the law, i met good friends and trained myself daily in both physical and mental stress drills. After my time in SAPA my work got better and better so i was spotted by the agency known as MI-6 that was on a recruitment program to find new Agents,after an interview and some tests (both physical and mental) i was offered a job in MI-6 and so i became an Agent. I live a quite life nowadays few people know my true idendity and i dont have any family because due to my career i make dangerous enemies and i enroll in stressful missions so it would mean putting them in danger,all i can say is that i make our country better day by day,any further information would be considered information leak to the government and i would have to terminate you...





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