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  • "About me:   Hello my name is Diogo i live in Portugal with my mom and sister and i go to a vocational school,im on my final year of computer science, my history in SAES goes back to my trolling days w…"

About me:


Hello my name is Diogo i live in Portugal with my mom and sister and i go to a vocational school,im on my final year of computer science, my history in SAES goes back to my trolling days with my friends about 3 years ago,although ive dedicated myself more seriously in the past 2 years when i got back from a long inactivity period,so i decided to enroll in SAPA and get my PC diploma cause ive always found Police gameplay more appealing,after 2 months in SAPA i graduated and decided to apply for MI-6, im proud to currently find myself as Vice Leader of such a fine squad and to play with such great teammates.


My RP character:

My name is John Diggle i was born in San Fiero to a humble and working family composed by my mother a teacher at the local university,my dad a shop clerk and myself, when i was 20 i decided to enroll in the Police Career, the main reason was that i lost my father at the age of 12 in a store roberry due to street crime and violence so when i grew up i decided to join the Police Force and help my City. I enrolled for 2 years in SAPA where i learned everything i needed to spread and apply the law, i met good friends and trained myself daily in both physical and mental stress drills. After my time in SAPA my work got better and better so i was spotted by the agency known as MI-6 that was on a recruitment program to find new Agents,after an interview and some tests (both physical and mental) i was offered a job in MI-6 and so i became an Agent. I live a quite life nowadays few people know my true idendity and i dont have any family because due to my career i make dangerous enemies and i enroll in stressful missions so it would mean putting them in danger,all i can say is that i make our country better day by day,any further information would be considered information leak to the government and i would have to terminate you...





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  3. damn always on a saturday which fucks me up =\ , could have made it for sunday this time.
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    Part I: How much have you donated for the sever? 20$ When was the last time you requested a donation reward change? March 2016 Why do you need this change? Need to remove my donation at the old MI-6 base in Big Ear. Links to your donation topics: Links to your previous donation changes requests: ======================================================================== Part II: What I Want to be Removed Vehicle 1: Enforcer Location: ======================================================================== Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1: Bullet Location: NNB HQs, ill show you where exactly. Username: lasanhapt
  6. MI-6 US Embassy Statement: The MI-6 is here to announce its retirement from US territory happening as of today, it is the Queen's will that the agency employees currently operating in the US, more specifically in San Andreas, are sent back to the U.K to assist with the growing terrorism threats, it is also unsustainable to continue to spend so many resources overseas this being one of the main reasons the agency is terminating its operations in San Andreas. On a more personal note, it hasn't been easy taking this decision and we struggled against it for several months now, but there comes a point where its simply not possible anymore, mainly due to my inability to be as active as i once was and with the current staff also being quite busy in real life its proven not to be doable to keep this squad running, ive been here for more than 2 years now, ive seen its ups, ive seen its downs, but there comes a time where we must let go and move on, so id like to thank every member ive encountered and played with during these last years and thank them for the time well spent. Regards, The US MI-6 Embassy PS: I would like to thank Hesha for his continous support of MI-6 (he paid me to write this)
  7. Everyone sucks if you look at it this way:
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    Applicant: Marko Link to the application: http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/84558-info-people-who-got-denied-from-procop-and-require-a-re-test/?do=findComment&comment=1602952 Tested by: iLazy Invited by: iLazy .
  9. SAPD :: Shadowlog

    Applicant: Psibot Link to the application: Tested by: iLazy Invited by: iLazy PS: Who's useless now bitch @Royalty