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  1. TST - The Strike Team

    Part 1 / Personal information. Ingame Name: Bully Real Name: adir Age: 15.5 Country: israel Languages you speak: hebrew Gender: male Nationality: jewish Have you ever been kicked/banned from the server ? / if yes why? I got Banned Becuase I was have 2 account in my serial one of me and one of my brother and I dont know he create new account so I got banned and I tell to Admin to delete this account. Have you ever been kicked from a Gang/squad ? / if yes why? MMC:because my friend MrBanana ask for help with 5 TST members and 1 off them was danny and i late and he got arrested i come and kill them and dany told to MMC HQ that i DMed them but i think he just was made and he reported Part 2 / Your playtime in MTA/SAES. How long have you been playing MTA? 8 months Have you been playing on other servers? (squad/gangs) I was play in SACG:RPG I was in SWAT How long have you been playing on SAES? 8 months How many hours do you play in a day? 7.5-8 How many times do you visit the forums in a day?Daily since I need to check news and more. Previous gangs/squads?: MMC UE MG MM SAPA MMC HS Are you in any groups?: rTECH Part 3 / Questions about your qualifications. Strengths: Shooting,driving,RP's skills,Team Work,Friendly. Weaknesses: 1vs1 in Ghost Town,Paracute im good but not so mutch. RP Skills(0-10) 8.5 Arresting skills(0-10) 7-7.5 Shooting skills(0-10) 8.5-9 Driving skills(0-10) 7.5-8 English skills(0-10) 7.5-8 Describe Deathmatch: DM means: You Can Not kill people for no reason Or Shoot For No Reason Or Shoot On Car. Describe RolePlay:Role Playing means: act as a real life like driving people in Taxy and get payment, and like rob bank with your crew (gang), or make a parsuit against criminals. Describe TeamWork:Teamworking is when u work with you'r teammates all together , and to help u'r teammate when they need you. Part 4 / What to do if. What would you do if you are chasing someone and they avoided arrest? I will screen this avoider and I will go to talk with any admin about that and give him to pictures and to doing /report What would you do if someone came and asked you for a bribe? Well, First i will RP with him and only bribe him with a good reason with having a stars, If he is not give me good reason I arrest him and If he give me good reason I bribe him and let him to go Someone DMs you: Well, I will screen it and I will talk with him about that I tell him learn F1 rules and I post this screens To admin. An admin asks you something: I will doing all what admin want from me Depending on what it is. Someone from our squad with a higher rank calls you? Im coming Fast to him and I doing all what he want becuase im respect higher rank. Part 5 / Communication. Do you got TeamSpeak 3? yes Do you got a microphone? yes Do you use IRC? no Part 6 / Additional Questions. (not only at saesrpg.net but tell the steps) Did any TST member suggest you to apply? Who? Vektor,alius Did you have the chance to hang around with any TST before applying? If so who?Where is our private forums? yes I hang with alius, Private Forum: http://saesrpg.net/forum/224-the-strike-team/ Why do you want to join TST? Becuase I want to join to life of cops and learn more about cops And I think I good when im cop so I want to join to Squad TST because this is amazing Squad and activity and good guys. Give us atleast one good reason to accept you? im activity every day im not breaking the rules I can help to Players with all I am friendly. Tell us something about yourself( more than 30 words) my name is adir I am 15.5 years old and I have brother and 2 sisters my brother now in the army and all time I wait for him in house I one sister he is baby and I have one sister he is old 10 and I am like to play with my friends football and I like Watch movies with my friends and I am with all my friends play SAES:RPG and we are all day in the game and we are activity every day. Additional information: Well, im activity every day I have 5 friends from SAES:RPG from real life so we are every day in the skype and in the game and we are going together we never leave someone alone, Thanks For Reading.
  2. Mongols Mc 14 online!! Turf
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  4. Mongols Mc 17 online! Mongols Mc event CS wolfXD win price 1,000,000