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  1. Yes Or No

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Do you make sense?
  2. Giveaways

    But they are giving away 50 games from a raffle how is that not a giveaway? These kind of giveaways are being posted here regularly. Yes they want you to do stuff like subscribe in order to win, but I'm theory you can win this giveaway by just clicking on 1 website
  3. Crafting system

    And then Katla came
  4. Yes Or No

    No but I do study art. Does that count?
  5. Giveaways

    If you get the game I highly recommend the DLC Bad Blood, it's all that Watch_Dogs itself wasn't. Play the normal game first tho
  6. What's your wallpaper?

    and was active untill 3 months ago :/ Why did this topic get pinned just after the original old throwback topic got unpinned?
  7. What's your wallpaper?

  8. I feel so happy

    No to the hell?
  9. Yes Or No

    no can someone explain what the hell MVP is?
  10. SAES Meme pictures!

    They all abuse down here
  11. Yes Or No

    Not playing as TT* I still like to make buildings and map as ZIP Was that a question legacy?
  12. Yes Or No

    Yes The real question is am I a trustworthy player when it comes down to Mootje being in ZIP with me as HQ?
  13. Tell Yourself By Emoticons!

  14. Mapping Shader tool

    use them, just put them where they should go with the installer