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  1. SAES Meme pictures!

    Why does a quote get more likes than the original post?
  2. If you put pure water in a fridge will it freeze?

    The answer to your title is no, Luckily they talked about a freezer and not a fridge in the actual video
  3. Video Editor

    You better remove that before you get your posting rights removed for a week, saes does not support piracy
  4. Video Editor

    It does have 2 audio layers As said, it's not for extreme professional editing, if this guy just want some simple random movie then this is the most user friendly program out there
  5. Video Editor

    if you just want a simple program, Windows Movie Maker ain't that bad, if you know the tricks you can make some pretty decent movies with it. Not profesional results with epic effect ofcourse, but if you just want a simple montage it's fine. Even this movie is made 100% using that program
  6. My newest creation

    Sorry, I aint selling any of my codes to keep them rare :) I do hope to encourage people to be creative themselves and create some awesome stuff
  7. My newest creation

    Hello, I am back with my extremly modded cars made with @NanoBob's workshop! With today: 74-Z Speeder Bike (from star wars) See the spoiler for my earlier work
  8. Event Time!

    how exactly will the 3 finalists be chosen?
  9. Event Time!

    Wait, I got it untill you started about dildo kills. What are we doing? Dressing up or dming?
  10. Hidden Talents of SAES Community !

    I think people don't even realize the point of this topic anymore, it just turned into an actual *SAES got talent*
  11. Show us Yourself v2

    NO! Don't make him post his dick here again!
  12. Soon...

    Go back to kindergarten and learn to count to atleast.. Lets say.. 200000 Just a random number, I'm not impying anything here
  13. SAES Meme pictures!

    Dive> log out> log in > enjoy the trip
  14. Soon...

    What happens at 36 warnings?