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  1. What do you think of the member title above you?

    you dont even have one. If people only knew what they could do with mine...
  2. What do you think of the member title above you?

    Either a weed maniac, or a nationalist from sweden
  3. What Do You Think About My Profile Picture

    Someone who thinks Heineken is the only beer in the world and tries to look cool
  4. Everyone is making bullshit topics now, I'm joining the hype. Rate the member title of the latest post here (the text above the profile picture, under the name)
  5. What Do You Think About My Profile Picture

    yes, but its made 1 year ago, I am literaly currently working on a new one since my drawing skills improved a lot, stay tuned. @Velona Its nice really, but Im sure you had better designs
  6. What Do You Think About My Profile Picture

    Why is everyone doing it wrong already? Jeez It is what do you THINK, not describe what you SEE
  7. What Do You Think About My Profile Picture

    Pretty sure we already had 2 topics about this. Rate the profile pic above you & Describe the profile pic above you
  8. jeg har seks tissemen

    1. Frisout

      Ingen, JEG har seks, ikke dig ja! 

  9. Yes Or No

    No Any non sex related questions?
  10. Yes Or No

    Listen to your heart, Then say fuck you heart you dont tell me what to do I'm the boss around here I can fap the whole damn day as much as I want. Did this answer your question?
  11. Yes Or No

    No thank you. Should we revive this topic?
  12. SMITE

    @TbdS I never rage quited, I won all the 3 rounds I played. No need to defend the game I never called it shit and I wont, the fact that it is not my type of game doesn't mean it is a shit game.
  13. SMITE

    I got one friend who dedicated her whole life to this game for a year, she literaly got answers on an exam right because she knew the lore of all the gods. I tried it 2 times and found it a meh game, not bad just basic, not for me.
  14. Can we say America first but Turkey second?

    OMG how much nationality can people have? The fact that you are from the country doesnt make it the best video, and that goes for everyone in this topic not just the Dutch. Can we all shut up now please?