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[Crack this bloody thing already]







[It's not that hard]





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''When you were young and your heart was an open book

You used to say live and let live
You know you did, you know you did, you know you did
But if this ever-changing world in which we’re live in
Makes you give in and cry
Say live and let die''


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- 11 august, 2014


Feel free to jump through the portal leading to Tut :D



My Story: 1 year of SAES





I have been part of this community for 1 year, 9 days, 1 hour, 12 minutes and 5 seconds now and I still love it, when I joined I was just a small nab who didn't know anything, somewhere back in january 2014.
I joined with my 2 brothers because our old server was starting to get us bored, so we registered and started to play (with the same IP, still don't know why I ain't banned for multi-accounting)

Chapter #1: Pink Death

At 14 march 2014 Danieloxdj random invited me in Pink Death.
He learned me a lot about this game, told me about this forum and the community and I was freaking excited.
The VL of Pink Death got banned (''for no reason'' Danieloxdj said) so he made my VL of Pink Death.
We started to make alliances, we were interested in Undead, I met Ronnie and we had fun.
I got banned here for dming some people, but I got unbanned the next day (I also got banned for 1 hour today because I called an admin nob)
Then, on a bad day, Danieloxdj disappeared completely, it took me 2 weeks to understand that he won't come back so I left Pink Death, RIP.

Chapter #2: Undead
Since we had an alliance with Undead, I decided to apply for it.
I got accepted and had a lot of fun with you guys, Especially you Ronnie, I hope you read this, If I didnt meet you I wouldn't be in this community now, thank you #BringBackRonnie
(Ow shit I said I wouldnt say names, to late now, screw it)
The gang was doing very well, until ''The server of Doom'' came.
We were waiting for our level up answer for 3 weeks (Dont know what you GM guys were doing but it wasn't much) and then Ronnie told us that he had a level 4 gang on another server, almost our whole gang left SAES immediately to join that gang, I did go to that server for 2 weeks to, I loved to BR, but I soon got bored and got back to saesrpg, I found out that mr.tonga was still on saesrpg, he was the VL of Undead. we tried to keep it active but soon it was too late and Undead was dead, RIP.

Chapter #3: AirBlue
At that part of my life, I was very interested in becoming a pilot in real life, and Ronnie knew that, He told me that he knew the leader of a Fly company on saesrpg and that he could talk with him, Ronnie had respect for the fact that I didn't want to leave SAES for ''The server of Doom'' and thats why I still
respect for you Ronnie.
(later he got banned from that server and had to come back, then got banned here lol)
Anyways, I applied for AirBlue, Ronnie talked with Corey, the leader of AirBlue and I got accepted.
I soon saw that this Company was inactive as fuck, but I was so excited by flying that I stayed, I came online every single day, flown for 2 hours, payed 15k in the money reserve, and left, day in, day out.
Nobody was ever online and I still don't know why I kept flying and paying money in the reserver, I never got anything back from it, and it was probably 1m, what was much for me by then.
AirBlue magically got level 1 and I started to spend my time mapping a base for us, It was great, but we were never able to use it, because 2 months after I joined AirBlue, it died, RIP.

Chapter #4: All Load Trucking
I was extremely sad because AirBlue died, but I still wanted to fly, so I applied for ALT, I got accepted and had some fun with you guys, sadly, soon I realised that ALT wasn't for me, actually in the next 4 days I realised it, I tried to stay in ALT, hoping that the feeling I had in AirBlue will come here to, but it didn't, I had no other choice as leaving ALT, otherwise ALT would have made me leave entire SAES.

Chapter #5: The days of loneliness
I had no single clue of what to join, Ronnie was in B~B by then so I tried to join B~B, but I got denied and I also already found out that B~B is nothing for me.
Then I tried to join HS, but before I even got a real answer on my apply I found out that HS aint for me to.
I hanged with ALOT of other gangs, untill I started to hang with TT.
It gave me a feeling that I lost for a long time, the same feeling that I had in {PD}, U| and AB|
I applied, got pending and hanged for 2 months before I got my final answer: ACCEPTED!
(not like its a surprise that i'm in TT)

Chapter #6: Tuga Thugs
If there was something on this server that completely changed my behaviour, it was TT, o boy what do I have a great time with you guys.
When I joined I was very kind to everyone, when they were having a DM party, I politely asked if it was a training and if I could join, I listened to every single order they gave me and took everything serious, they were joking and I didn't even notice it.
Well that changed very quickly, you all know me know, I wasn't like this before I joined TT.

Now here comes something I never talked about before, but I think it is safe to tell now.

While I was having fun online, I received a PM from mr.tonga, He tolled me that he wanted to recreate Undead and he wanted me as VL because I didn't leave saes for ''The server of Doom''
After thinking about it I said that I wanted to help him, but I was scared for being blacklisted in TT, and if Undead failed, I wouldn't be able to come back.
I wrote thousand different ways to tell that I am leaving TT, but they all seemed very bad and unrealistic, on the background, we worked very hard on Undead, the topic was ready to be created but I still didn't know how to leave TT, I just lied to mr.tonga that it is a bad moment to create a gang and that he had to wait, I didn't hear much from him, until 2 months later, he told me that he wanted to create the gang, but I still lied to him so he would wait (Im sorry Tonga :( ) After a very long time, it was only 1 month ago when he told me the following: He was having to much fun in RDMC and he wanted to create a group instead of a gang, I was extremely happy to hear this, I didn't have to leave TT, but I could still join Undead, We worked hard for it, but then He randomly became again, I still didnt hear anything from him since he told me it will be a group, I am very busy with SAF right now so recreating Undead doesn't seems like a good idea after all.

Chapter #7: The future?
I have no idea how my future here will look like, I hope its bright and that I make a lot of friends
I hope that SAF will get huge and I will make something good of it.
And since I already said some names, I also want to thank Tut Greco for being awesome

I am a HUGE fan of the portal series




























My Wish List





- Be in an official gang (Tunga Thungs)

- Be in an official company (ALT)

- Be in an official squad

- Be HQ of an official group

- Join the army

- Win a lws hosted event (I still didn't win because I never join events)

- Have sex with an admin (Thank you kenny)

- Dildokill a admin

- Own a huge ass villa or something like that

- Own 5M

- Own 10M

- Own 20M

- Own 50M

- Own 100M

- Have 100 Likes at my profile

- Have 500 Likes at my profile

- Have 1.000 Likes at my profile

- Have 10.000 Likes at my profile (sad me)

- Have 100.000 likes at my profile (Like whore)

Now enjoy some random stuff



And some more for Nara because she loves it




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