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  1. Yes Or No

    No Can you please read the rules again?
  2. Let's admit it, who would ever take time to write /advertisement to read ads, nobody. The current system is still better than that since with a gui system 0 people will read it compared to a few people currently
  3. Yes Or No

    yes? Are there any ravenclaws here?
  4. Yes Or No

    No I need the cup of Helga Hufflepuff back from being destroyed have you been waiting for the letter that you had been selected for Howqwards since you are 11 too?
  5. Yes Or No

    No I'm a hufflepuff You like my scarf?
  6. Yes Or No

    It's 2k17, no, dabbing is no more. Are you a hufflepuff?
  7. Yes Or No

    Yes Can we please stop the fucking gay related questions? We are all gay, I get it, either plan a huge clan-bang togheter or fuck off
  8. C.R.A.S.H may soon revenge back

    I would love to see you trying to fight against SAHA so I vote that
  9. Yes Or No

    Sure yes Will you meet me at schiphol airport Monday 3PM gmt+1?
  10. Yes Or No

    Yes and I also found a flaw in it, therefore it got edited with the reason ''fuck Frisout'' 5 months ago. Shall I finish the movie I started working on over a year ago about the life of TbdS even tho by now its completly irelevant?
  11. Yes Or No

    Yes Is everyone here mentally retarted?
  12. Yes Or No

    I prefer tasting Am I the only one?
  13. What weapon you like?

    Monster Truck
  14. Captain Reaction to CLO And Desert Eagles

    What did I just read?
  15. Hacker or Admin? -About Mik-

    he was probably a hacker in Overwatch tho