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  1. Having a bad day? Watch this

    Wait are we talking about me now or..?
  2. What you like to do

    Dunno where this discussion came from, but he was my all time favorite bond. How he never gave a fuck about anything ever and kept joking even in the most dangerous situation, while still being the gentleman. Awesome Rip
  3. What you like to do

    I cant deny that
  4. What you like to do

    I like to play with my dick
  5. Check my cousin's beats out, yo!

    my oppinion is that they sound like I have heard them before, everywhere. Nothing new or refreshing + the songs are the exact same all the way trough
  6. Yes Or No

    no are you still waiting for Hλlf-Life 3 ?
  7. Logs with this many chat lines? Nahhh

    Same, I can't stand the small size so made the text bigger
  8. Yes Or No

    No we are partners in crime and brothers in law Can you please stop asking stupid questions
  9. Yes Or No

    I am both Are you jealous?
  10. Yes Or No

    Not for the first time Did you actually buy ds games back in the days? (so no sd cards)
  11. Upcoming!

    (it's the biggest tea party you've ever seen but don't tell them you got this from me)
  12. Yes Or No

    Since nobody uses it sadly no, but if more people join it I love it. Shall we revive it?
  13. Rate the profile photo above you

    1/10 fire is red not blue. Unless its really, really, really hot but if thats the case your fox would die from the high temperatures so that does not count
  14. Yes Or No

    I do after I saw your mom last night Have you read all the harry potter books
  15. I apologize

    Your profile pic is in comic sans ms I can't possibly forgive you because of this