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  1. New Youtube design sucks? Just switch back!

    I love it (as in, the option to switch back, not the new design since it keeps popping up shit which I don't want on my screen)
  2. Yes Or No

    Floods of immigrants you mean Did I just trigger 30 people here?
  3. Drag Races on SA

    Because we got Brophy
  4. DeepL - The first proper online translatior

    I took one of the texts I once wrote and translated it from Dutch to english and its shit. Well not shit, but it still got a mistake atleast every 2 sentences. Also the 5000 word limit makes it a bit hard to use for big texts Plot Twist: This site is made by Kenny to collect all our private thoughts and stories so he can expose us later
  5. Apologies to Hell Soldiers

    I remember the times I thought Hell Soldiers were an army instead of a gang, and HLS was the tag they use
  6. The greatest disappointments in SAES History

    The first day I started playing with my brothers, my oldest brother punched a guy for fun and a second later he said "what I'm stuck or something?" then he spawned at a random location some seconds later, it was more populated there so he punched a few more people for fun and then I heard him saying WHAT I'M STUCK AGAIN FOR 400 SECONDS NOW and that went on for 5 times
  7. A pic of Me trying to get a crim Tased

    We got a topic here called SAES Meme pictures, you should try it
  8. count to 1,000,000

    It's funny because this topic is made by teller, and teller is dutch for counter
  9. Moving to Canada

    @TbdS. Is going to the USA too but he will find his way
  10. Moving to Canada

    Why are all my dutchie fellas moving to canada, irl some friends too, and not even togheter they don't know each other
  11. Tell your trip

    I'm gonna consider the meaning of lamp posts in The Beginners Guide and say that this is the end of this conversation
  12. Tell your trip

    Lake? Landal greenparks resort? Latin speaking weirdo? Lady strippers? Tell us man!