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  1. @Terry someone tries to steal your concept
  2. AA Media Archive

    LV Bankrob 23.9.17
  3. AA Media Archive

    SF Bankrob 20.9.17 LV Bankrob 20.9.17
  4. AA Media Archive

    LV Bankrob 5/9/17
  5. Squad Base by Predator

    I ment keep going with the mapping you brainless.
  6. Squad Base by Predator

    Oh ah! war es going on. @Predator* keep going tunisia
  7. Sharon's Bar Mitzva

  8. Squad Base by Predator

    Doesn't looks like squad base. most of the zones you made is more for gang bases except the meeting room which is decent, like the bar, billiard tables and the bbq with those sofas. The bunker doesn't match squad base aswell, i suggest you to remove the sand shit because its not army base at the heart of the desert. The helipeds doesn't placed correctly aswell, if you place there helicopter the propeller will hit the fence.
  9. New Recruit

    Finally great addition to the clan, cognratulations and good luck killer.
  10. SAES Meme pictures!

  11. Show us Yourself v2

  12. CS:GO :: Show your weapons

    Hey hey hey! I was nova 3 and lost all the ranks because didn't played months (shitty internet) not playing that shit nowdays aswell
  13. CS:GO :: Show your weapons

    (sold em all)