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  1. what about you clean the inbox? puto.

    1. Tut Greco

      done mister

  2. requests open Mosegaard Productions

    very bad editor
  3. Old but gold

    hue hue hue
  4. Old but gold

  5. Disconnected by VAC

    Hello, I need some help here. I played competitive match right now, while playing i disconnected (Disconnected by VAC). No its not a ban, its an a error that moved me to here > https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2117-ILZV-2837 I had this disconnect one week ago while playing comp with some saes elks ( @Lamza- @sweman). I verifed the files in that time and then it worked, but its still happened again. Do you guys know what can i do to sort this issue? thanks
  6. Food

    1. sweman

      Would you like to have kebab sir?

  7. Show us your car!

  8. requesting a banner

    Because of your point up, no! (I will if you give me jefe, k thx)

    1. Teddybear

      im not back, im just here for my once a decade visit

    2. traged

      Jaaa i'm sure

  10. A gift for a Great HQ