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  • "By: @Odorian Previous Gangs: Spoiler - The Ghetto - Prospect (lvl1), gang died - lvl 0 gang - The Pride - Co-Founder and Leader (lvl5), leave to join Out Laws - lvl 0 gang - Out Laws - Probation (lvl0…"
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By: @Odorian

Previous Gangs:


- The Ghetto - Prospect (lvl1), gang died - lvl 0 gang


- The Pride - Co-Founder and Leader (lvl5), leave to join Out Laws - lvl 0 gang


- Out Laws - Probation (lvl0), gang died - lvl 0 gang


- Midtown Gangsters - Private (lvl1), leave - lvl  3 gang


- Tugas Thugs - Recruitment Manager (lvl4), leave - lvl5 gang








Midtown Gangsters Member since 17th June 2014 until 17th July 2014
























Gang Official Topic: Midtown Gangsters Official Topic!


Gang Official Media Topic: Midtown Gangsters ScreenShots Archive






Tuga Thugs Member since 20th of July of 2014 to 16th of March of 2016 - 13rd March 2018 




"Trouble in tha place? Tuga's in ya face!"



























Ingame Groups:


CLO-Cuban Liberation Organization - Soldado

G6-Security Group 6 -Security Officer

CC-Cuban Cars-Mecanico/Impounder

SAP-San Andreas Pirates-TreasureHunter


EZIP-Stunts and Event Designers-Trainner





Former Groups:


LWS-Lightning World Sports-Trusted Member








Some Ingame Nicks:


- kipt - when spawned as crim

- Medic.kipt - when spawned as medic

- kipt|EZIP-T when spawned as ZIP trainner

- OfficerK - when spawned as cop

- Mech.kipt - when spawned as mech

- Trucker.Noob - when spawned as trucker

- CrazyGambler - when spawned as gambler




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  1. Ford mustang gt

    Its only me or Tuts is trying to get us to play with his mods?
  2. The Outfit

    Event Type: Dodgeball Event Price: $2.500.000 Event Winner: @Hassoni Event Screens: Click me *.*
  3. Aint a bad idea. We could use the ALT GR function and add an option there that would allow selling the vehicle. Then the person that press F will get a message (like the mech one) asking if they would like to buy the car for the set price. No harm done.
  4. Official Quote Wall

    The system is broken as fuck
  5. Changes to Auctions

    @Shaun, you crazy? o.O
  6. Adding a police medic spawn

    What SWAT have, at least from what I remember from back then, it's a first aid kit. Roleplay wise, they would give the first aid to the injured officers (and let's just pointed that got abused as hell back then when you could revive someone from a mile away ;D ) I have no problem with SWAT having that "role/script/function/resource/defuckyouwantocallit" (that leads to the full medic script, I guess) but having a dedicated police spawn for that is nonsense, honestly. Just call some SAM Paramedic (or the random ass paramedic @Ikzelf) and put them close to the front line and you'll have a backup. (little crazy after post suggestion, maybe give SAM some armor [like 25%], so they can take a couple more hits) Directly to the "problems" @Estinoge pointed out. Medics take/do the Hippocrates' Oath, that vows to save all life they can (someshit around that, I ain't no medic), so grabbing a gun is out of the question, at least in my view. The other problem is that medics aren't allowed to open the jail gates/doors. I do have to say it's a good thing. Jail can be a mess as it is, now imagines a couple medics rushing into it healing everyone (cuz you know, Hipoppotamus thinggy)!? To finish, it ain't gonna be me that is going to stop you from taking some medics to the jailbreaks. I can agree with SAM, and only SAM (cuz fuck random ass paramedics), don't get wanted once they enter jail (and maybe get added to the gates/doors), but if that happens I am suggesting adding them to the Police/Admin jail if they happen to be jailed.
  7. Giveaways

    I know I'm quite late to the party, but if I recall properly when they announce the game they also announce that would be a F2P kind of game. But yha, poor business decision.
  8. The Outfit

    Event Type: Musical Chairs Event Price: $1.500.000 Event Winner: @Radrick Event Screens: Click me *.* Event Type: Find the BIG Letters (6x) Event Price: $500.000 (6x) Event Winner: @Brazz (2x) ; @Revonex (2x) ; @Amr, & pilot21 Event Screens: Click me *.*
  9. The Outfit

    Event Type: Find the Money Bag (3x) Event Price: $500.000 each bag (3x) Event Winner: @Revonex (2x) & @Light. Event Screens: Click me *.* Event Type: Find the Pink Faggio Event Price: $2.000.000 Event Winner: Balla_Diaz Event Screens: Click me *.*
  10. Get a steam game worth 10€

    Yo @TbdS, what don't you do for Steam games?
  11. Making a Bastage Official team

    Wanna be 100% sure. And I'll need some little things from you. (Forum related) I'll PM once I get home. (Feel free to lock this topic)
  12. Making a Bastage Official team

    Calma calma. I need an HQ answer before I move any futher, and that takes a little bit of time. @Vinnie, @Bone & @Rennie
  13. Making a Bastage Official team

    As I said before, I would like to take a lead on this, ofc with BAST HQ supervision. What means I would give a look on that P90 Zwolle team. So, final answer, so I can start with some work, can I handle it?
  14. As you can see on the title this topic os a little request to make a CSGO BAST Competitive Team. The idea is quite simple. We gather some community members and make a little team. The Team's objective is playing on MM and in a nearby future move to Faceit or ESEA if all goes good. The team would have 5 of the best players in the community at the moment, either already Bastage Official members or not. I already have a IGL on my mind. No. I wouldn't be part of the team. I would, however, take a lead on this project if possible. As Said before, this is a request topic but feel free to let me know about your opinions. @Vinnie, @Bone and @Rennie I would love to hear a feedback from you guys as soon as possible.
  15. Official Quote Wall

    I guess he might need a diploma to join staff