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  1. Official Quote Wall

    Well as mostly was I playing twixx was like the only one who was online.
  2. New tweaked website

    Can't change my profile info...
  3. Lost 2,5million

    I already got it back from Karitos, but thanks anyways.
  4. Lost 2,5million

    Problem solved, really big thanks to Karitos for sending me the money, appreciate that!
  5. Lost 2,5million

    You are joking aren't you?
  6. Lost 2,5million

    Didn't get any warning just created it for quick test and lost my money and as you can see i can't get it back.. RIP.. :'(
  7. Lost 2,5million

    Why.. i payed a lot of time to earn those 2,5millions why can't i get it back?...
  8. So, i wanted to create gang to look how it looks like and then when i created it i saw my money was like -2,5m and i was like wtf o.o, and i deleted gang and didn't get my money back. Screens:
  9. Wtf, i thought that i have to reapply  until October 3, not on that day or after, im sorry


    1. Tut Greco

      Tut Greco

      Okay i'll change denial to 3rd of October. Thanks for being honest :D

    2. NeoNas
    3. Tut Greco
  10. Fast Money?

    I think being a cop or trucker or with ship is the easiest way to get money. Also go to events by typing /event. And go to bank robberies or store robberies.
  11. Hey bro. I can't edit my apply and add photos, so add me in skype neonas1337 i will send u photos hanging around with HA
    Best wishes,

    1. Adway


      Just relax hang with us that's all.