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  1. Mid Night Club Media Archive

    Revenge at all cost pt 2 Participants: Mid Night Club & The Company On a normal day, we received information that the ThC would be off base. Eusebio also received the information that the ThC were going to participate in a race of 10,000,000 $ but eusebio did not want them to participate, so eusebio contacted zeel one of its members to that he would make a bomb to blow up the cars at the base of the ThC. And so Zeel had ordered a bomb at a nearby shop. The whole gang met at the base, they took a BMW and started making the trip to San Fierro. After they reached the base of the ThC m the Mid BNight Club went into hiding. Eusebio sent Zeel to plant the bomb, Zeel began to plant the bomb, then Eusebio told to Tonny and Zepek to be aware of the entrances After Zeel planted the bombs they all started running. As soon as the Midnight Club exploded, they fled at full speed. After arriving at the Club House in Los Santos, Eusebio met with all the members and explained that the Mid Night Club is living a very good time.
  2. Mid Night Club Media Archive

    Event type: Hunter Shooter LWS/G6: Kipt Prize: 1.000.000 Winner: Aronka Screens:
  3. Mid Night Club Media Archive

    We stole what is stoled . Participants: Mid Night Club & CripZ One morning we received information that the CripZs were doing some kind of danger to the Midnight Club, and Eusebio decided to pick one of his best members named Zeel. He warned Zeel to bribe one of the CripZ members to that he would open the door for him. When Mid Night Club arrived at the Cripz base everything was as planned, one of the CripZ members opened the door for us. Eusebio soon told Zeel to carry BMW with all he find . So Eusebio and Zell carried weapons, ammunition, documents, car parts, and many other things. But there was a problem, the CripZs were alerted and Eusebio and Zeel had to run, as they left through the door the Cripz began to make a chase after Mid Night Club. But Eusebio, with his experience of driving in a few minutes, left CripZ behind , Zeel told to Eusebio to keep the things he had stolen at the Los Santos deposit so as not to take any risk.
  4. Official Quote Wall

    @Joe you need to get out of internet too :D if you dont undersrtand a joke , its your problem ;D
  5. Mid Night Club Media Archive

    Event type: Fallout LWS/G6: Sam Prize:1.000.000 Winner: Riley ScreenShots:
  6. This is an automated post for: EusébioDonation: GBP 29.00 GBPPlease reply to this topic with your rewards! Thank you for your donation! I want 3 vehicles -2 Sentinel -1 Security car and the money Accoutname : Jensen100 On MNC base Interiort Rewarded by - Pronubs
  7. Mid Night Club Media Archive

    First Deal #1 Participants : Mid Night Club & Wild Angels At the end of the normal day, the Mid Night Club were having their first meeting, at that meeting the Vice leader Bangas demonstrated their interest in having some weapons to make some assaults and to defend the illegal races. So Eusebio, the president of the club, contacted Pump an arms dealer who is part of the Wild Angels gang. Pump arrived at the base of the Mid Night Club and brought some weapons for them to see, and Eusebio asked Tonny one of his racers to test the guns. Tonny told Eusebio that the guns were fine for what they were going to do. So Eusebio ask to bangas to bring the money from the car , and told to Tonny and Wild Angels boys to take the guns to inside of the vehicle Eusebio so bought the weapons from Pump and he spent about $ 10,500 on weapons and munitions.
  8. Mid Night Club Media Archive

    Event type: Street race with Flash LWS/G6: Pular Prize:1.500.000 Winner: Jaimy ScreenShots:
  9. Hello this is Mid Night Club Media archive topic here you will find all our ativities like Roleplays, screenshots and events
  10. Eusebio Reward change

    Part I: How much have you donated for the sever? 11 When was the last time you requested a donation reward change? Some 2 months ago Why do you need this change? I created gang Links to your donation topics: Links to your previous donation changes requests: ======================================================================== Part II: What I Want to be Removed Vehicle 1: Security car Location: (IF PLACED AT A PERSONAL PROPERTY, LIST THE PROPERTY NAME AND OWNER'S USERNAME HERE SO WE CAN LOCATE IT.) HSMC base ======================================================================== Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1: Infernus Location: (IF PLACED AT A PERSONAL PROPERTY, LIST THE PROPERTY NAME AND OWNER'S USERNAME HERE SO WE CAN LOCATE IT.) LV my property i will say in game Username: (YOUR USERNAME ONLY, ANY ADDITIONAL USERNAMES CAN BE ADDED THROUGH THE DONATION PAGE, AS CAN MODS, COLOURS, ETC.) jensen100 Interior: