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  1. SAES Meme pictures!

  2. Moving to Canada

    I want to move to the UK :)
  3. ETS 2 :: Convoy Plan ::

    or just go on ts3 :)
  4. ETS 2 :: Convoy Plan ::

    I'll try to make it, would be fun :)
  5. Then don't be wanted at LVX. It's their job lmfao.
  6. Tell your trip

    I went to Austria for about 7 times. It was aw- Oh this is about drugs. Woops.
  7. It will drastically change the way it handles if you change the weight. The turns will most likely be way less efficient. You just have to figure out HOW to actually drive. I say a -1.
  8. Handcuff

    I've seen this topic somewhere else, I cannot find the topic though hmm
  9. Drop money on death

    Aight, I understand this is not really something people wanted to see, just wanted to see your guys opinion, no worries :D
  10. Drop money on death

    Theres no money generated, it simply drops money you have
  11. Drop money on death

    Greetings, I've got a questions for you guys, since money is always of big influence in the server, I'd like to suggest some more functions. What do you guys think of dropping money on death? That way people will be able to pick the money up, for example during turf wars this would be great imo. This will also encourage people to use the banks a bit more ;) My suggestion for this is something like 0.5% of your money stack. So if you were carrying $10k, you'd drop 50$. And with $1m, $5k would be dropped. Looking forward to hear your feedback
  12. If they were blocking the entire highway, simply screen it and report it? That's called harrasing :)
  13. we got a different server running yeah