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  • "    About time I'd edit my page I guess ^-^ I got quite a history here on SAES. I started playing in somewhere July 2010. At this time, I was new in the community. The community was much smaller than …"
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About time I'd edit my page I guess ^-^

I got quite a history here on SAES.

I started playing in somewhere July 2010.

At this time, I was new in the community. The community was much smaller than it is now. The max people that would be online was about 70. We would be lucky if we reached that. Exo-c was my first team/gang ever. Me with my 5fps computer had a lot of fun back then. Modding people their cars for just 5k. Exo-c unfortunatly died due SAES Members not being able to be part of gangs/squads.

At the end of 2010/start of 2011 Black~Bullets was created. Led by freaky.

This was my second gang and I met many friends when I was in B~B. I worked my way up the rankings. I've had much fun while being in B~B. Unfortunatly this died aswell.

Somewhere in the middle of 2012 I can slightly remember (Can have the date wrong), Helvete was created. A metalband gang. Much Much fun in this team. SAES became more populated and gained more structural players aswell. I left Helvete during an arguement I recall. I can't remember what about.

After Helvete died ALT got to level 2 and gained a spawn. I decided to give it a try. I climbed the ladder and I met more friends. Friends I still talk with today. Due the civilian side of the server collapsing and all the players were either Criminal or a cop, I went with the flow and Tried the cop side.

There was not a lot of fun in this. It was basicaly just money grinding. Still is in my opinion. But either way, you can only talk about it if you tried it. I didn't know what I wanted and starting hopping gangs. I am not proud of this, neither shouldn't be.

After several months, I put myself together and made a final decission. ALT.

ALT is like a family. It's not boring for me. If I want to be a criminal i spawn as a criminal. Same to be a cop. But ALT is a complete different thing. I do not regret a single bit of making this decicsion



Thanks for reading this long and slurry paragraph. Maybe you know me a little better now


In real life anyway, things are a lot different.

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  1. I'd make it so that you can toggle the custom radios on and off in the M panel. I'd need to find time to implement this.
  2. New Sabre

    if u make it a low poly gta sa model we might look into adding it
  3. This would require rewriting most of the job scripts as they were to be made compatible. Unfortunatly we will not have the time in the near future to be doing so. We will keep this suggestion in the back of our mind and work on it when we deem we have the time.
  4. Co-driver

    thing with this is, it wouldn't be faster. As we would apply a delay upon changing seats. simply because in real life, it won't be instant either. So just use the regular way of changing seats mmk?
  5. The new Wheels Pack SUCKS!

    Community has spoken.
  6. Donation: fares (Amount 20.00 GBP)

    Cars placed at the parkinglot central LV, no money reward given yet
  7. random missions

    Doesn't work that knowing 90% of the server. They'll just say "he shot at me".
  8. Suggestion. Clues

    This is not impossible. However, it'd require time indeed, which we'd rather spend in other pointless things. We'll preserve this suggestion though, for possibilities in the future.
  9. random missions

    The thing with random locations is, they're not "random". They must have specific locations to avoid them spawning stuck in an object. You can have a lot of spawn points. I understand you pov though. I'd like something like this. However, how are you going to stop people that are not participating being killed in the process?
  10. I am leaving SAES

  11. Balancing a bit.

    the thing is, the server is NOT cops vs robbers. It's an RPG. Criminals should not be rewarded for killing cops at all.
  12. The purge in SAES.

    And how would you prevent future damage done by this "the purge". Think of housing abuses, money glitches, etc..
  13. Fuck, Marry, Kill

    Fuck Juky Marry Hesha kill Cornelius Tombaa,Kenny and Porn(kasimir)

    You can find several events that take place doing these kind of activities. I don't see why we would spend time on scripting them.
  15. atms