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  1. You didn't answer my question, what if someone IS wearing the roleplay tag but still ruins your roleplay?
  2. What about people ruining roleplays whilst having the /roleplay tag turned on? No one to stop that is there
  3. Log splitting tool

    why did it not put your first line in the right column? :thinking:
  4. I. Personal Info In-game Name: Blade Username / Account-name: joey11 Age: 21 Gender: Apache Helicopter Nationality: Dutch Languages Spoken: Dutch, English, German Rate your English skill level (A1-C2; click for reference): C1 Average Ping: 20/50 Average FPS: 66 Do you use Teamspeak/IRC: both Tell us about yourself (Requirements: minimum 50 words; cohesive text): I am Joey, 21 years old. And I am studying to become a Software engineer. I honestly enjoy reading and writing code. I am a long term player in SAES. II. In-game experience When did you join the server: Somewhere 2010 How much do you play each day: couple hours most of the time. Ups and downs. Previous Squads/Gangs/Companies: Many Name the reason(s) for leaving: Well most were dead or I honestly couldn't stick with their ways and had to leave. Current group memberships: SAi, Centrino, LWS Previous SAES ban(s)/kick(s)/punishment(s): None that I can think of. Name the reasons why you received these punishments: - III. Personal skills and knowledge (*= this question has to be answered in full sentences) Your strengths*: Teamplay, communication and funny moments. Your weaknesses*: The game itself. Shooting, driving etc. Why do you want to join S.W.A.T.*: Because I want to be with @Ardron Why do you think you will be good for S.W.A.T.*: Because I most likely will bring enjoyment and fun times. Which is why we play games don't we. Describe a SWAT specific RP and how you would approach the chosen situation (Requirements: minimum 200 words)*: October 21st, 2005, New York City. A hostage situation has occured at a brothel. 2 SWAT teams have been called up to free the hostages and talk with the criminals. The first team has sniper position with a view into the windows of the building and have visual on several hostages/criminals. The second team simply tries to negotiate with the criminals and try to let them free hostages. The goal is to have a good talk with those gents and have as less casualties as possible. The team tries to get them to the windows so the first team whom have sniper positions will be able to get a clear shot and get id of the hostage situation. However this didn't succeed so the next thing to do is to bruteforce and make as less casualties as possible. They go in and take out all the ciminals. unfortunatly they had killed 2 hostages which could've been worse. They take care of everyone else and finish up the job.After the job was done they went to a pub and had a couple of drinks. When they opened their first beer the second call of the night already came in and they had to respond to an anonymous call. It was a bankrobbery this time.Gang affiliates had taken hostages and started to crack the safes open. They had intel from an employee that there were 8 gang members involved.
  5. I don't think armor for criminals will be a good idea. -1
  6. This is quite easily possible yes :) I don't know about it though
  7. ETS2 : Screenshots

    fuck now i want to play again. Let's unpack my steering wheel I guess :D
  8. Hotel rooms

    looks pretty neat
  9. Bastage GMOD Madness:Operation Camel Poo


  10. Something we could do is create something where when you call a cab, you have to stick to that area. if you leave it your call will be dismissed. And also a /taxi c would be a thing. sorry for any gramatical mistakes. im quite drunk atm hh
  11. Unfortunatly we use the GMT timezone to display the time in your HUD. If we shorten the day this clock will no longer be accurate and no longer work as intended. Which means a key feature will be lost. Is this something you'd mind? I can imagine having a little clock in the bottom right corner or something to actually display the English time
  12. This would be something similair to the storerob type deal. Police are defending an object and criminals have to try and steal this. This has a lot of action since both ends will keep on shooting eachother/arresting. I could add a little kill/death ratio to this as well to make it a bit more competetive. more kills = more cash