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  1. which you can work around, by removing the vehicle and respawning it then, wouldn't it?
  2. /r (REPLY)

    instead of /r we could use /reply which is unused. I however vouch for this function!
  3. Just so you know we are not ignoring this topic: We are working on something :)
  4. Website Fixes

    our fuhrer is here! AHOY
  5. An assisination script wouldn't be too difficult. We could make it the way GTA V has it, where you have to kill the ped with a certain weapon in order to get your cash. The thing with this suggestion is, if you meant real players to be assisinated, we don't want to obstruct the gameplay for other players so we cannot allow you to "DM" a player for the sake of the script, hence I took the ped as an example
  6. Unfortunatly it's not easy to detect wether a fire has been extinguished or not which will need some thought on to
  7. Awesome idea imo, but as earlier said, it will most likely have a rather longer cooldown period than SRs, maybe we can call it Sea raids. Have some ships or something, small islands perhaps with a marker on it which works the same as the SR one.
  8. Disk in JB

    no, you don't need a savedisk at jail. There's plenty just a little ways off from the jail.
  9. Look, I didn't mean to insult you in any way possible. I am simply encouraging to make suggestions for QoL updates and what not. I am entitled to my opinion as well, and I'm simply stating why I do not like your suggestion, I am allowed to do that, am I not?
  10. Hey boston, I see you really like suggesting things for the community/server. However most of your suggestions do not add value to the gameplay in any shape or form, so I'd like to give you some advice. Maybe you're looking in the wrong direction, Try to direct your attention towards the gameplay instead of little unnecesary things. QoL(Quality of Life) updates perhaps.
  11. I'm personally for this suggestions, mainly due to the criminals staying at the jail to kill cops instead of using it as intended which is the case where they get their buds out and flee. But that doesn't happen, so cops should get more force to use this to get rid of the jailbreakers which simply stand at the end of the hallway and kill everyone that enters
  12. I'm not saying wether they will get it or not bud, that's not up to me; however I can give suggestions as to the handling from this?
  13. They spawn with armor, and when they leave the Jail their armor is removed then? Then when they respawn they would get it back?