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  1. Didnt think about this. This seems like something very doable.
  2. Greetings gents, So SAFD is a nice firefighters group. Of which have nothing else to do other than extuingish car fires and/or roleplay building housefires. So my idea was to create a script that will randomly spawn a building which you can enter that is on fire. SAFD will be able to roleplay it and extinguish all the fire in return for a payment. What is your guys oppinion about this?
  3. Greetings everyone It came to my attention that we didn't have a public media archive yet. So hereby our media archive. :) (Please add screenshot in spoilers)
  4. Rather than having the police officer remove the cuffs, I'd rather have it where the criminal gets like far enough away they get automatically removed. Ofcourse both would be a possibility. This is a good suggestion. However there's an abuse risk of course. So to add onto this, You cannot transport the suspect with cuffs on as they'll be automatically removed when they leave the roleplay area which seems appropriate to me. Let's see what other devs think about this.
  5. Suggestion for Mechanics

    It's not a panel, the way I created it now is that it outputs an extra topbar message which shows more details on the caller. such as vehicle health, fuel left and their tire states.
  6. The thing is though, we cannot check if someones roleplaying or not. Therefor we have come to this rule where staff/clan members need to be at to supervise and back up its a roleplay and not just a cunt trying to get people adminjailed/banned. I agree it's cuntish to ruin a roleplay, but we have no control over that unless we are there ourselves. According to this we have also allowed SAi to arrest/kill people that are ruining their roleplays. ofcourse if they're wanted otherwise I'd rather have them file a report. Taking justice in own hands when you're not supposed to do so is not something we condone and are strict on wether you revenge deathmatch someone or whatever. But arresting is part of the gamemode and you cannot stop a trainee that is arresting a criminal since they're allowed to. What I suggest you do is bribe the criminal before you start the roleplay to make sure he will be able to finish it and not get arrested.
  7. Official Quote Wall

  8. Suggestion for Mechanics

    i like this. i don't see why this wasnt put in it at first place. will keep you updated.
  9. nah its good like this for now. it's supposed to be a challange to jailbreak someone.
  10. Police is very OP

    I played as criminal recently... the amount of criminals against 1 cop is very OP
  11. Arms&Drugs dealers

    nah. the spam would be too much to handle.
  12. What kind of minigames would you like to be able to do during your prison time?