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  1. add me in the fcking minecraft group nigger xd

    1. Blade

      no you are rude

    2. vesipi4a

      fck sake im not xd



    1. Haas

      welcome to blodos private forum

  3. Why are you bumping an old topic? I am pretty sure this topic ain't relevant anymore :D
  4. Minecraft Showcase and Modeling

    that is pretty cool :O
  5. Minecraft Showcase and Modeling

    Did you use commandblocks to make an object like the waterduck you have? I know that you can't add textures to the game without using mods. And if you're running a spigot server you can't use mods unless they only edit things clientside like a resource pack would do ^-^
  6. Minecraft Showcase and Modeling

    try modded minecraft
  7. Runescape :: Community Chat

    real life bud got me to play again. getting prif reqs atm
  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

    Happy birthday @Ardron I mean merry christmas!
  9. How do you imagine the users to look.

    fuck @Kmeta , how did you find my facebook?
  10. CSGO :: General Chat

    gold nova 2 ftw
  11. fuck me your profile picture is seriously giving me epileptic attacks, pls change :(

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    2. RAMPAGE

      Sorry @Blade i didnt think about that, its removed XD

    3. RAMPAGE

      This one i have now as profile pic its okay?

  12. Minecraft: General Chat!

    @Brophy pls put vm back on :(
  13. Minecraft: General Chat!

    no. plugins don't spam in chat. They are used for good things such as actualy chat mantaining. Trust me it will be good and not cancerous :P
  14. Minecraft: General Chat!

    you can do all that on a server with plugins too lol