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  • "    About time I'd edit my page I guess ^-^ I got quite a history here on SAES. I started playing in somewhere July 2010. At this time, I was new in the community. The community was much smaller than …"
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About time I'd edit my page I guess ^-^

I got quite a history here on SAES.

I started playing in somewhere July 2010.

At this time, I was new in the community. The community was much smaller than it is now. The max people that would be online was about 70. We would be lucky if we reached that. Exo-c was my first team/gang ever. Me with my 5fps computer had a lot of fun back then. Modding people their cars for just 5k. Exo-c unfortunatly died due SAES Members not being able to be part of gangs/squads.

At the end of 2010/start of 2011 Black~Bullets was created. Led by freaky.

This was my second gang and I met many friends when I was in B~B. I worked my way up the rankings. I've had much fun while being in B~B. Unfortunatly this died aswell.

Somewhere in the middle of 2012 I can slightly remember (Can have the date wrong), Helvete was created. A metalband gang. Much Much fun in this team. SAES became more populated and gained more structural players aswell. I left Helvete during an arguement I recall. I can't remember what about.

After Helvete died ALT got to level 2 and gained a spawn. I decided to give it a try. I climbed the ladder and I met more friends. Friends I still talk with today. Due the civilian side of the server collapsing and all the players were either Criminal or a cop, I went with the flow and Tried the cop side.

There was not a lot of fun in this. It was basicaly just money grinding. Still is in my opinion. But either way, you can only talk about it if you tried it. I didn't know what I wanted and starting hopping gangs. I am not proud of this, neither shouldn't be.

After several months, I put myself together and made a final decission. ALT.

ALT is like a family. It's not boring for me. If I want to be a criminal i spawn as a criminal. Same to be a cop. But ALT is a complete different thing. I do not regret a single bit of making this decicsion



Thanks for reading this long and slurry paragraph. Maybe you know me a little better now


In real life anyway, things are a lot different.

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  1. The purge in SAES.

    And how would you prevent future damage done by this "the purge". Think of housing abuses, money glitches, etc..
  2. Fuck, Marry, Kill

    Fuck Juky Marry Hesha kill Cornelius Tombaa,Kenny and Porn(kasimir)

    You can find several events that take place doing these kind of activities. I don't see why we would spend time on scripting them.
  4. atms

  5. SRs in deep sea

    We have discussed this in our private forum and we don't see a reason to have store robberies in the deep ocean. people will just fly there with helicopters anyway so there is no real reason to have them. We are still discussing about a replacement for it though.
  6. And how are you going to make people do this? Trust me I can tell off experience that this will not be used very often. I like the suggestion, but for myself atleast, it is too much of a hassle to do. Just becareful with how much time you put in.
  7. I don't see much deathmatching with it lately. but still, I think you can request the spraycan with your level rewards can you not?
  8. Is your topic in here?

    Greetings, Is your topic in this section of the forums? This means that we are considering adding your suggestion to the server. People can still reply to your topic and additions can be done. If we come to the conclusion that your suggestion is not what we are looking for after all we have to deny your suggestion.
  9. Don't think this would be a great addition, we have the k9 unit already after all.
  10. Canine leash

    I barely see the k9 unit being used in-game so I doubt this would add more activity to it. Everyone knows the k9 unit exists but refuses to use it. So I'd say no to this one
  11. Hello, thank you for your suggestion. In all honesty I don't think we should add any activities in the jail. The jail is meant to be a punishment for the crimes you've committed. People ussualy AFK in the jail anyway. Thanks again for your suggestion but I don't think we're on the right track with this one.
  12. Greetings fellows. First I'd like to say thanks to all of the contributors for their suggestions. We very much appreciate the fact you guys spend your own time to make the community/MTA server a better place. What kind of suggestions are we taking? New scripts/ideas. Making changes to current running scripts. New mods (Skins, vehicle mods, etc..) What kind of suggestions are we NOT taking? Rule changes. They're made by us for reasons. Unbalanced suggestions. example: Make the payout for cops more! Make them earn 100k for arresting a person with 42 stars! Due to the high demand of additions/new script we do not have a lot of time to spend on these as of yet. We will work our way through them but it won't be as quick as you'd expect from us. If you'd like to suggest something, please make sure it has not been suggested before, this would mean you'll have to look in the other sections of this sub forum to determine whether your suggestion was already denied or has recently been put on pending. If you have any comments/questions about these guidelines feel free to comment below and we'll answer as soon as possible.
  13. Bankrob Suggestions

    Thank you for your suggestion; 1. Like the idea, it might take a while before this would be added as: - It has to be scripted - It has to pass through the gang managers - It has to be worked out on exactly how it's going to work. 2. The copside pretty much already earns more money by arresting players. They just have to work very well together to get it to work (Which they don't..). I don't think giving them money over time would encourage them to join the bank robbery as they'd just stand in the lobby and do fuck all. 3. I am sure this system was designed to give the gangs an advantage when they're robbing the bank. Hence I don't think we should change this. 4. Yes. Just yes. Don't know why this wasn't the case beforehand. Thanks again for your suggestions, we highly appreciate the time and effort the community puts into these.
  14. Rewards for Accepted Suggestions

    I honestly think the people that suggest things are here to improve the gameplay and not the gather money. Have you ever seen a reward for suggestions in any other game/community? Don't think so.