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  1. Your favorite event(s)

    Races definitely. The ones where you just set a course on the map and people gotta do laps or a sprint. I like the ideas of specific weapon 1v1s. IMO LMS/TDM and any event with "Chicken" are shit events. They are 100% cheatable and you can litteraly not check that. Especially the Chicken events where the hosts are 100% of the time biased. And don't tell me I'm wrong lol, I've witnissed it almost every time I have been at one.
  2. PS4 Exclusives are coming to PC

    It streams your PS4 to your computer. :P
  3. Official Quote Wall

    advertising. bant.
  4. Another cracking simulator

    I wonder how you got the idea of the background
  5. Useless ideas waste useful time of developers. I suggest to not do this due to it not having a big enough impact on the general gameplay and it is "dead" content.
  6. Planet Win 365

    I don't think we support gambling on SAES.
  7. Planet Win 365

  8. There's nothing useless about this. This is a roleplay factor. Only for you kiddos that only play to go bankrob and storerob this is ofcourse, something you're forced to participate in. I seriously like the idea of more realism especially because the vehicles are such a big part of this game.
  9. I assume you would only want this to happen with vehicles spawned from the savedisk and not mapped vehicles right?
  10. ginger

    1. Haas

      cyka blyat

  11. FS17 Bastage Farm

    I have FS17, give us a list of mods so we can install them :D
  12. Can we say America first but Turkey second?

    that's not haram. you're not allowed to say that
  13. Can we say America first but Turkey second?

    im at work. AT LEAST I WORK!!!
  14. Can we say America first but Turkey second?

    It is fun, i am not talking about your post either. but political ones :)