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  1. Running out of ammunition Today, I noticed that we have no ammunition in the storage. Therefore, I decided to contact one of the most famous cartels in the region called Texas~Cartel. As discussed over the telephone, we decided to meet in a ranch, near Red Country. We took our cars and headed for the rendezvous. We arrived there and we waited for them. After they came we started to negotiate the terms of the deal. The conversation was simple as always, we wanted to buy some weapons with high quality, which has been imported from Cuba. After a long discussion, finally we agreed how many weapons to pick up and at what price. They made us a special offer, because we work together for a long time. Mr.Velasquez telephoned his comrades to tell them how many weapons we want. After 10-15 minutes, they came with a truck loaded with the ordered weapons. We started to load the crates of weapons in our cars. After we had finished, we went to our storage located on the docks in Los Santos, to unload the boxes and arrange the weapons in our warehouse.