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  1. Corruption #4 A police detective had a solid evidence against our organizations. He was following some members of our crew and he had some pretty good pictures how we are doing illegal deals with our allies. He wanted to send all of us to jail and to ruin an organization that has existed for quite long time. It forced me to take any action and solve this problem. I contacted some other cops associated with Underground Empire to gather some infromation about the police detective. So, when I had the necessary data for him, I started to work on the problem. I waited him in front of LVPD and followed him to his house. First, I made sure that he was alone in his home and after that I rushed inside. He did not expect any guests and was surprised. I threatened him that if he did not end the case against Underground Empire within 24 hours I would kill his family in front of his eyes and then I will kill him too.
  2. Business with Mongols MC Part 2 A few days passed since our previous failed deal and we managed to stabilize the things during this time. Therefore, I contacted our brothers from Mongols MC and told them that the deal can take place today. As discussed over the telephone, we decided to meet at the same place where we did the first meeting. So, we took our cars and went there. They were prepared and were waiting for us. The conversation was simple as always, we wanted to buy some weapons with high quality. Moreover, they made us a special offer since we are doing business together for a quite long time. They offered us a new military ammunition, more effective than the normal ones. Of course, we accepted the offer and bought several crates of them plus the already agreed weapons. After that, we loaded the crates in our van and gave the briefcase with the money to them.
  3. Business with Mongols MC Part 1 Today, I noticed that we are running out of ammunition and weapons after the latest wars against the different organizations. So, we contacted our brothers from Mongols MC and after discussing the location and time, we met up at their farm near Red County. Everything was going well until a policeman passed by us and saw us doing an illegal business. To be sure that the cop won't leak any information about the deal and to avoid future problems, we picked up the weapons and we decided to took him as a hostage. After that, we put him in the truck and went to a deserted and safe place near Palomino Creek, where we killed him and wiped out the traces. We decided to postpone the deal for a few days in order to be able to calm the things down after the murder of the policeman.