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  1. I. Personal Info In-game Name: Marko Username / Account-name: blackflage Age: 19 Gender: male Nationality: Egyptian Languages Spoken: Arabic - English - French Rate your English skill level: A1 Average Ping: 90-100 Average FPS: 66 Do you use Teamspeak/IRC: No, Can find me on forums and more on Discord Tell us about yourself (Requirements: minimum 50 words; cohesive text): Hi, My name is Marko, been playing SAES since November 21, 2013 which is 3 years, 8 months, and 2 weeks. Pretty much for a game but i really met alot of great people around that made me feel glad and made me enjoy those 3,4 years. Gained alot of experienced about Law/Crim life and especially Civilian life since i was in ALT for like 2 or 3 years. That should be my 2nd or 3rd application for S.W.A.T, always wanted to be one of the hardest squads and oldest in SAES but my experience at that time was low. Here am i now trying my luck again after gaining more and more experience. II. In-game experience When did you join the server: November 21, 2013 How much do you play each day: like 5/6 Hours per/day Previous Squads/Gangs/Companies: ALT HQ - MG sHQ - MI6 sHQ - HS - TST - RDMC - SAPA - Hooligans Name the reason(s) for leaving: 1- H - MG - RDMC - MI6 died 2- Old TST was collapsing, Like they were saying we will close TST and saying no we wont close, so i left and it died 2 weeks after 3- SAPA joined for PC but couldn't wait the suffering for 4 weeks .. 4- Tried Criminal life as HS member but crim life was boring as fck.. 5- ALT was the best all over that list but some misunderstanding between me and HQs, so they were planning to kick me and ban from server, so decided to cause them happiness after working hard and leave Current group memberships: EDMZone vice - DE Assualt - SAI - PC - SAFD HQ - ZIP Architect Previous SAES ban(s)/kick(s)/punishment(s): N/A Name the reasons why you received these punishments: N/A III. Personal skills and knowledge (*= this question has to be answered in full sentences) Your strengths*: Pretty much good in shooting under stress or without Shooting at suspect chasing, Teamwork and Tactics are great in my strengths, driving any kind of a vehicle , flying anything but huge planes. Respect can be surly given if it's given back, Loyalty, Working hard to achieve something, and iam 100% sure of that in me. Roleplaying using commands and so on aswell. Arresting is so easy too Your weaknesses*: Flying huge planes is not that easy for me, Working hard and doing alot for my squad and then all get ignored for a retarded reason will cause me some anger, Activity is not that good, can only be active 5/6 hours perday. Why do you want to join S.W.A.T.*: 2nd or 3rd application for SWAT and the reason still the same, Know most of SWAT members from everywhere, worked with them, great people and that is what everyone would be looking for, if activity is low, i don't give a damn about it, applying to make it better as i always did in my previous organisation. A Squad that deserve alot of work. Why do you think you will be good for S.W.A.T.*: Pretty good officer, Good RPing skills, Shooting skills, Driving skills, Teamwork skills, Working hard for something, Proving that iam a good person. All of that will be achieved and increased if i joined SWAT Describe a SWAT specific RP and how you would approach the chosen situation (Requirements: minimum 200 words)*: Ok so let's imagine that on another normal day at the early morning, SWAT received a backup call from commissioner while they were in the training room practicing and working out Commissioner: COMMIS to SWAT units 10-12 Required at San Fierro airport, 12 Terrorists with highly armed weapons are taking over the place and have hostages, over. SWAT: SWAT to COMMIS, 10-4 Responding to SF Airport immediately, over. SWAT Members start at once wearing armors, taking ammo and weapons, heading to the garage and start with a convey of 2 Sultan, SWAT Tank,2 helicopters. 4 per each sultan (8 officers) - Tank with (2 officers) - Helicopters with 3 officers and the one flying (6 officers) Since SWAT Base is 1min away from the airport, they arrived in no time. 3 players jumped from each helicopters of a height 5000 feet on the roof of the airport and started to enter secretly while the tank and others waiting for intel at the entrance trying to negotiate with terrorists inside and getting their demands. The 6 officers sent intels to other officers with each position of the terrorists and where they are keeping hostages. At once, Tank broken into from the main entrance and the 6 officers took down 5 terrorists who are securing the hostages, Tank and the 8 officers started shooting while using cover tactics using the tank and teamwork securing each. Finally SWAT took control, noone was hurt from officers or hostages only death of 12 terrorists. Best Regards & Wishes Marko
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  5. LS Jail back & /sur fixed

    Now i can come back !!
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