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  1. All Load Trucking Event Event Type: Roadtrain Race Built and Ran by: Haveer (Me :) Prize: 5 Million Helpers: [ALT]Asaf , [ALT]Guayaba , [ALT]Slash , [ALT]Makelove Winner (Congrats!) : [B~B]Koko Screens:
  2. This is an automated post for: HaveerDonation: GBP 10.00 GBPPlease reply to this topic with your rewards! a Police Car at SFPD
  3. Show us your car!

    Yea it does. I love the car a lot as well
  4. Show us your car!

    2004 Pontiac Grand Prix. Will upload a picture later
  5. Show us Yourself v2

    lol. Trap and Dubstep falls under EDM dumbass.
  6. This is very interesting.

    Halloween is right around the corner!
  7. This is very interesting.

    The stuff they find is very interesting.
  8. Jonas's bad side revealed

    How dare you jonas...
  9. Ingame Nickname: Haveer Account Name: haveer890 Date of joining Pro Cop: 7/24/16 Who tested and invited you?: Royalty Current Squad/Company: FBI Age: 18 How long have you been on this server?: 3 years How long did you play as normal Cop, before you absolved your ProCop Education: Long time
  10. Remember this?

    I remember watching every single one of these episodes. funniest shit ever...
  11. I would think a sort of prisoner transport would be pretty cool. But it can only be triggered when ATLEAST 2 cops trigger it. It would work kinda like the random drag races around SAES. This would avoid non protected enforcers, And give the criminals some sort of challenge so it wont get boring. +1
  12. Show us Yourself v2

    I have! I promise!
  13. Show us Yourself v2

    This is about 2 weeks old but i'm the guy with the camera on the far left. This was a concert the Radio Station i work at put on. Timeflies was fucking awesome. (although that bitch underneath me didn't seem to thrilled) (NIKE FTW!!!!!)
  14. Official Quote Wall