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  1. Parkour in a nutshell

    oh mellow, this meme fits you
  2. The greatest disappointments in SAES History

    Slaine not wearing a kilt in SAES
  3. Official Quote Wall

  4. Champions League 2017-2018

    It shows it all, RSC Anderlecht has the most difficult group!
  5. Moving to Canada

    @Arma is/was to Romania, and he is from Tunisia :p
  6. SAES Meme pictures!

    thats what happens if you block someone which is the king of DM during a BR!
  7. New SAHA member

    congratulation, now lets hope you bring some HUMANity in SAHA auctions
  8. Event Time!

    goodluck at finding Vinnie, Brophy & bartman in-game
  9. CS Application Results

    you are exactly the worst choice!!!!!
  10. there are always some peoples who are ruining the whole JB by standing infront of you and blocking your bullets when suddenly 10 trainees comes through, and you are the only exact shooter! thats why i'm mostly a shoot 2 kill player, if someone is blocking my aim while i'm shooting, sorry but bad luck then!
  11. what i mean was, during old jail period, you saw daily like 30/35 trainees spawned, now you see daily 10/15 trainees spawned
  12. back in the old jail i had 300 kills each day, now i get 1 each month during a JB
  13. SAES bases archive

    and not everything should be black & white !