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  1. RuneScape Screenshots/Videos

    Nice mate, aren't you playing 07 Bunny?
  2. RuneScape Screenshots/Videos

    6H of Venenatis, and no pet :( #Duo
  3. RuneScape Screenshots/Videos

    Road to Venenatis Pet
  4. RuneScape Screenshots/Videos

    DAYUM DOE CHILL DOWN WITH DEM STATS Is OSBUDDY adviced to use btw? I dunno if it's allowed though Everyone in 07 uses osbuddy mate ;)
  5. New Community Staff!

    Congratulations lads ;p
  6. FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Part 1 - Ingame information Ingame name: Majore|PCLogin name: MaJoReyStiCkAre you a ProCop?: YesWhen did you start playing SAES?: I started playing on saes in 2013.When did you start playing MTA?: I started playing MTA in 2013, never played on other server.How many hours do you play in a day?: At the moment 2-3.Your avarage FPS: 50Your avarage Ping: 120Are you active on IRC?: Yes.Are you active on Teamspeak3?: Yes.Previous Gang(s)/Squad(s)/Company(s): SAPA, TST.Did you left or got kicked? If yes, why?: Left SAPA to join TST, and TST is now closed.Have you ever got banned in SAES? No.Have you ever got kicked in SAES? No.Why do you want to join FBI? I want to join FBI to solve some seriously cases that are happening on San Andreas, and all i want to do, is protect SA, being in Federal Bureau of Investigation.If you have patrolled with us, set screenshots below: Part 2 - Real Life QuestionsAge: 19Male/Female?: MaleNationality: Portuguese.Primary languages: Portuguese/English.Do you speak any other languages? Which?: Only English.Tell us, a few lines about yourself:Hello everyone, my name is Ricardo I'm 19 years old, i like to hangout with my friends/girlfriend, also i like to watch football games at the bar, on my free time i enjoy playing computer games :) Part 3 - Ingame skillsWhat is your English skills? (0/10): 7What is your Driving skills? (0/10): 8What is your Shooting skills? (0/10): 8What is your RolePlay skills? (0/10): 9Strengths: RPing, Being active, Being Loyal, Being Friendly, Being Helpful with everyone.Weakness: Driving Helicopters. Majore, accept the server rules and FBI rules. I have read the topic and i know what FBI is. Federal Bureau of Investigation Director: Applicant signature: Regards, (Majore)
  7. Website responsive?

    Thanks, good luck mates
  8. Welcome to our new Website

    Old forum pls
  9. TST - The Strike Team

    Stop posting here unless you're a TST HQ, or a TST applicant. Huheuheue thank you Alius, why so rude
  10. TST - The Strike Team

    R3pTy Hello dear applicant, This is your second application and we're glad that you didn't give up! I've seen you working hard to join TST, i'll give you a chance to work with us. Keep up the good job. Pending.