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  1. Yo Sam ! check fox general chat pls , btw i can't pm u :c

  2. hey Sam ! i can't pm you idk waht is the problem , but i am inactive for MTA problem idk why mta wont work in my computer also i forget fox private forum password to post that , can u send me it in pm?



    1. Noisyboy
    2. Sam^


      My inbox is fulll... as usual. I'll send you a PM shortly. 

      Thank you for the information

      Best regards, Sam

    3. Noisyboy


      U kicked already david

  3. S.W.A.T. (OLD TOPIC)

    Ingame Name:- i am Yesser (in reale life) and i am called David ingame ! Age:- i am 15 yaers old Gender:- ofc male ! Nationality:- Tunisien First Language:- arabic / Fransh Can you speak english:- yes ofc ! Time playing SAES:- 2 years Previous Gang/Squad/Company experience:- GTI - DEA - SAPA - TST - MI-6 - FBI . Group Memberships:- ProCop PC Strengths:-arresting - driving - shooting - flying - Teamworking - Rping -everything about Cop side. Weaknesses:- Sniping ! Why do you want to join SWAT:- i was patroling with SWAT members i liked it Beacuse they TeamWorking & roleplaying & arresting .. ,allawys one hand like a family ! , also i have my friends there ! i wish working with them . Why do you think you will be good for SWAT:- i have exprience with squads , i got Pro Cop Diplame When i joined SAPA , this mean long time , i like teamworking and Roleplaying this why i chose SWAT , also Swat member are active & good & helpfull and more ... i wish get accepted to this family . And working hard for it . Average FPS:- 40-45- sometime 50 Average Ping:- 60-75 sometime 80 Access to TS and do you have a microphone:- No. Do you use IRC:- No. Have you ever been banned:- Never . Tell us about yourself:- I am David , i like playing MTA all long day it's my life , i enjoy mysef with my friends , i like allways Cop side Beacuse it's show me how cops working in real life , and never wanna become criminal side . Just i wanna be loyal member with swat . I was in GTI when i am driving the truck and i am wanted the cops stoped me for Rping i liked how they working then i joined DEA for 3 weeks but i got some problme with old Vice Leader , this why i joined SAPA after my probly time i got my PC diplome , Then TST member called me to apply and join TST , AFter that i start working with TST i got trainner diplome and G6 , Ranger old MI-6 Leader told me to Join MI-6 Cuz he need pro members & actives , i accepted it . But MI-6 still inactive nothing changed , i decied to join SWAT but the rec was closed , this why i joined FBI and working with SWAT members , They know my skills... and everything , Thanks for reading . Are you emotionaly unstable:- Nope xD Only kids ! Retard detection :- If you can read this post a picture of a Banana, to be considered. Cheers, David
  4. FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Real Name: Yesser In game Name: David Age:17 Nationality:Tunisien Primary Language: Arabic Other Languages: English , Franch Where do you live: Tunis Are you a Procop?:Yea ofc How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG: about 3 years and 8 or 9 months Have you been in any other squads/gangs/companies?: (DEA,SAPA,TST,MI-6) : DEA: i left beacuse DEA's members are inactive . SAPA: i left beacuse i got my PC ,and joined TST. TST: i left beacuse i want help my friend Ranger in MI-6 . MI6: i left beacuse all MI-6's member inactive also Leader/ViceLeader/HQs. Are you active on IRC:No Are you active on TeamSpeak:No Define Roleplaying: RP mean playing like real life , as real cop role. Define teamwork: teamwork mean work tooghter and help each others . Define Deathmatching:DM mean killed someone wth no reason . What is heli-killing: Kill people with your helicopter. What is park-killing: Driving over someone and stay on him till he got killed . Name something that can get you Admin-Jailed: Marker arrest/kill , Arrest at event/RP , DM cops or someone got 0 stars... Name something that can get you kicked: Didn't respect players. Name something that can get you banned: Spam in MainChat, or insult. Have you received any kicks or bans from the server:No , never. What happens if you get a warning during your probation period: You will be kicked or got Warin Rate your Roleplay skills (1-10):9/10 Rate your teamwork skills (1-10):9/10 Rate your english (1-10):9/10 Rate your driving/flying Skills (1-10):8/10 Rate your shooting skills (1-10):8/10 Rate your Arresting skills (1-10):9.5/10 Strengths: Driving,flying,shooting,arresting,roleplaying,teamwork ... Weaknesses: N/A Why did you decide to join FBI: i decided to join F.B.I , Cuz I have been in several squads and I see that FBI is one of the best squads in the server. They have a nice activity, a nice base and Pro members. I wish I can be member of FBI. What will you offer to us: Activity,ideas,skills,Respects. Why should we accept you: i am loyal member , skilled , i am Good at RPing & TeamWork , also i am Active. Tell us about yourself: Hello , i am Yesser , i live in Tunis , i love playing MTA San Andreas . I am very active on SAES:RPG , i like playing as cop all long day , allawys RPing and teamwork , also active at Radio Police , well i have experince from other Sqauds ... , i hope to become FBI member ! . Aditional Questions: What should you do when you see a criminal with 5 stars? Bribe him if he want , or let him go . What should you do when you see somebody is avoiding arrest? reporte him .first take SS to belive me What should you do when an admin jails/kicks you? First Respect him , and ask him why he do it . Don't do it agin . What should you do when you get a warning in FBI? i will try to be loyal and respect HQ team who give me it , mean don't hate him , or insult him, and i will not ask somebody to remove it . What should you do when somebody reports you? first i will ask him what i've done worng and then tell him i am sorry . What's your average ping?80/90 What's your average FPS?35-45 Regards, David
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  10. Application Format Name:Yesser In-Game name:MI-6|David Age:17 Nationality:Tunisia English Skill [1-10]:9 Current Gang/squad/company:DEA,SAPA,TST,MI-6 Current RP groups:PC,EMT,TRS Have you ever been kicked from a RP group/gang/squad/company?:N/A Any Server punishments:No Do you understand the server rules?(F1):Ofc Explain deathmatching:killed someone with no reason. Why would you like to join us?:i want join MI-5 beacuse i am loyal member , active , skilled , i have experiance in squads. What will you bring to the MI-5?Idea, skills, money if they want Tell us a bit about yourself (Min 20 words):Hello MI-6 , i am Yesser, i am From Tunisia, i like playing MTA beacuse i enjoy my self with my friends in real life , also i am skilled COp , i love spawn as cop this why i join squad , and i want be MI-5 Group .thanks for reading Cheers, David
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  13. Anti Terrorist Brigade

    Good Luck bro <3