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  1. My mods and clothing shaders

    Military prototype shaders (AIRBORNE) (NAVY) (ASSAULT/RECRUIT/DEFAULT)
  2. This should only be available through scripting and not modding, I'm afraid. Good suggestion though, and it'd be cool if you could add typography in addition to colors. @JoKilaPT @Angelo. @NanoBob
  3. My mods and clothing shaders

    Sweating businessman
  4. My mods and clothing shaders

  5. My mods and clothing shaders

    Had the pleasure of doing a rather conventional streetfighter skin-shader for #overdose_crime For any inquiries please message the name in the picture on Discord.
  6. My mods and clothing shaders

    Random shader
  7. My mods and clothing shaders

    Shader from yesterday
  8. Welp, not a big deal then. Just lock the topic.
  9. Sirens should be louder from distance. I believe you can only hear them when you are 20-40 meters away. I think 120-160 meters away would be rather decent. (Do not mistake it as 'make siren louder' as of course I don't want our ears raped). It's effective for both cops and criminals; Cops will be able to hear where their partner is e.g. during a pursuit. Criminals will have additional time to react as they hear a siren from a distance. Drivers will be more alert if an emergency vehicle is behind them or near them, so they may brake down and show way.
  10. NOTE: Suggested to read the short info only, unless if you are a scripter etcetera. SHORT VERSION > Long version in second spoiler.
  11. This is just a simple addition to the server. The packer is now able to carry trucks, has been tested using roadtrain. Fully functional right, left and warning lights. 12kb less than original file. Current packer with struggle: Updated packer without a scratch:
  12. Pack up, look forward to a great time trucking in SA again: 

    This is especially for you @Leito!

  13. saes on youtube SAES YouTube Channel

    If anyone missed out on the trucker job and its epic trailers, watch the video and understand what it's all about! Did you stop trucking due to knifejacking issues? Well then - go ahead and prepare your trucks, as a wild journey is ahead! Fix is expected to be live soon. If you wish to stay up to date with changes happening on SAES, you should consider subscribing to its channel. http://bit.ly/2p8tC3C
  14. New Youtube design sucks? Just switch back!

    New layout is great but since I experience bugs with long playlists, i'll revert it occadionally - thanks kenny