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  1. GTASA: Top 5 Scariest things

    GTASA: Top 5 Scariest things its not MTASA: Top 5 Scariest things
  2. please re-read instructor guidelines, cadet profile topic etc. as they were all updates while you were inactive =)

  3. Fav music

    It may be an idea to check sections before posting new topics, as in example you just recreated an already existing topic ;
  4. Check the star removal topic in education forum, it explains that you don't need to test anyone for star removals, merely post a blue font text :p

  5. We in SAPA has set up our discord! Feel free to come and share your thoughts, prepare for your application or simply hang out!


  6. Hey

    I made the topic to hear from others in the community and their opinions if it would be easier or not, typically you should keep suggestion topics open for a few weeks, not just when an admin dislikes the idea, it just shows you don't have enough administrator knowledge. Should be approachable and give constructive feedback - currently I'm afraid saes won't grow any bigger with admins low care for the community.


    1. Rennie

      Then maybe put it in the correct part of the forum and the fact of lack of responses suggests no one cares. 

  7. SAES Meme pictures!

    "shitty palestinian flag" "racism" idk
  8. Deep's Designs

    I agree, at least the circle text doesn't match, the banners too. It's difficult to make designs anyway so good job on what you've done so far :P
  9. I use a script for my server that is completely smooth and the engine is working by every inch it goes compared to saes' which is what you described. +1
  10. Make Esperanto Buyable ?

    The only mod I could think of is some alien shit for those wheel positions (me has a peak at CS) otherwise it should go to public :p
  11. Runescape :: Community Chat

    You know you fucked up...
  12. Runescape :: Community Chat

    My video got featured on willmissit's video :DDD
  13. Base Mapping

    Fuck off lol let him build what he wants =)
  14. Runescape :: Community Chat

    It's funny, when making videos my rank on runeclan is about 75 xD When I don't make videos; Clan Total 166,225,529 223,423,949 1,428,122,317 1 Corder 5,253,345 4,269,031 9,590,707 Thanks to @#AfterLife for letting me know :D
  15. What the fuck have you done lmao.