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  1. Runescape :: Community Chat

    So yeah, following dxp weekend I literally had under 1 mil. What do you do when broke and you've been grinding abyss runecrafting for a lot of hours? YOU GO TO WILDY :DDDD
  2. Fukers

    no real life threats plz
  3. What Do You Think About My Profile Picture

    one of them are here
  4. requests open Mosegaard Productions

    TL;DR I'm not happy or upset of him leaving lol, and of course I would enjoy having him with me :D I think I misplaced the ':D' though which made it look like I'm a devilsh kid xd? Anyway, forget it :d
  5. What Do You Think About My Profile Picture

    I Like To Stare Into Your Gif Its Very Nice .
  6. requests open Mosegaard Productions

    Nope it won't, it takes about 70 hours to finish so... probably a few weeks. (:
  7. requests open Mosegaard Productions

    Thanks :DDD I'm working on a clan trailer for a clan on Runescape, but that's on my different channel. Will indeed post it here when done. I quit SAES so there probably won't come any more GTA SA videos though. :p
  8. Last Letter!

  9. jeg har seks tissemen

    1. Frisout

      Ingen, JEG har seks, ikke dig ja! 

  10. Planet Win 365

  11. Updating Roster.

    I think there are topics with the same purpose made and kept updated in PC forums, thought I did only have a second read at this topic... please don't bump them without leaving a reason.
  12. Show us Yourself v2

    From how many years ago? :o
  13. HeadShot system.

    There's already headshot enabled for special groups such as Cuban liberation and Desert eagles, either you join them or else I suggest you add reasons why normal players should be given it, if not @Bone or someone other GM will deny it immediately.
  14. Tapatalk.

    Anything that helps me use my phone better would be good!! But I think you should post it in general chat since its not server related. +1