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  1. What you like to do

    I enjoy video and photographing
  2. Rest in hell, RDMC :0

    1. Fabman

      Never forgotten , RIP bois

    2. Bjergsen

      RIP lads


  3. Dispatcher missions

    I don't really understand what the suggestion is about. Maybe add a bit more details. Also I suggest having a word with procops group HQ (sapd hq) if it has a possible negative effect.
  4. Metallica - Enter Sandman Guitar Cover by Canelas

    subscribe to him and im sure he will invite you to gang
  5. Runescape :: Community Chat

    Omg gzzzzz men gzzzzzzzzzz you did it :D Finally! :D
  6. Minecraft - Videos & Screenshots

    Dope pics :D
  7. This script is also featured on katla, it brings more realism so it got my support.
  8. League of Legends - General Chat

    You're literally asking for a forum warning right there
  9. Check my cousin's beats out, yo!

    I dont really know what to give regarding feedback on music really, I guess his way of sharing the video should be different though. Can you tell him that it's a good idea to share his social networks in description, give the video a unique title and etcetera. Also he can design a 'standard upload' which is a template that enables each time he drags a video to upload. That way he won't have to write the whole description every time, video tags etc. He can also check this site for well common special letters such as arrows or whatever may fit. http://www.messletters.com/en/symbols/
  10. What weapon you like?

    If you've modded it, that counts I guess... lol
  11. heartless

    oh you're here again
  12. admins come here

    i think you deserve maximum mong ok