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  1. free images San Andreas Stock Images

    --RESERVED-- Png images
  2. free images San Andreas Stock Images

    --RESERVED-- Miscellaneous images [Backgrounds, Architecture, Nature, etcetera]
  3. free images San Andreas Stock Images

    --RESERVED-- Vehicle images
  4. free images San Andreas Stock Images

    --RESERVED-- Group + Company images
  5. free images San Andreas Stock Images

    --RESERVED-- Squad images
  6. free images San Andreas Stock Images

    --RESERVED-- Gang images
  7. Hallo hallo, here you may request images of your organisation and related. Before you start posting please read the following: Every request is free of charge, so you don't have to worry about anything. You do not need to be ranked in your organisation to request. I will remain with rights to deny your requests though if I'm unsure if your organisation will be embarassed or mislead due the image. The process is done on my own server. I will eventually use custom mods/skins, your skin shader, a suitable ENB and then edit the picture's colors, DoF, manipulation etcetera. The images will be 'public' which means although you request it for your gang (example), then anybody are allowed to use it. Deadlines are welcome, but it usually takes 3-20 days for a full work to be finished. As the images are made on my own server, you do not have to worry about weapon limits. I can easily add a RPG to your terrorist skin if that's desired. Request form Organisation: Deadline: Quantity of images: As many details as possible about desired image(s): PNG or JPEG image (transparent background or content background): Details I'm looking for: How many characters, how many vehicles, what type of vehicles, theme of image (e.g. retro, black/white, sunny), location, what the image tries to tell the viewer etc. Note to fellow designers: Whenever you use my works, please credit my name in some way. That's my only request, other than that you may distribute my images in your works and earn profit from them.
  8. MTA Screenshots

    Yum yum yum
  9. Show us your car!

    woa millionaire on saes :D
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  12. What are you currently playing?

    Probably Alliance of Valiant Arms (google is your friend)
  13. Runescape :: Community Chat

    Woa, 80k bonus exp in farming!
  14. Bazuka's designs (free)

    @Bazuka nice progress you're making there. I suggest you slow down a little bit with accepting requests because once you have 2-3 requests accepted, then there might be a project you wanna make (personal one) but unable to as your customers are in rush to get their design. it can be really stressy trust me, especially when you're just starting out (that's where you wanna experiment around)