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  1. Part I: How much have you donated for the sever? 20 pounds! When was the last time you requested a donation reward change? Can't recall date, probably 1 year ago during SAF active period. Why do you need this change? SAF got spawn vehicles + my donation vehicles were removed due to inactivity :O Links to your donation topics: With 8k posts and 27 pages of topics made, it's a bit nervekilling to find the last one ._. Here's one of them though ! Links to your previous donation changes requests: ======================================================================== Part II: What I Want to be Removed Vehicle 1: Location: (IF PLACED AT A PERSONAL PROPERTY, LIST THE PROPERTY NAME AND OWNER'S USERNAME HERE SO WE CAN LOCATE IT.) Interior: ======================================================================== Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1: Newsvan Location: (IF PLACED AT A PERSONAL PROPERTY, LIST THE PROPERTY NAME AND OWNER'S USERNAME HERE SO WE CAN LOCATE IT.) FBI HQ, LS Username: (YOUR USERNAME ONLY, ANY ADDITIONAL USERNAMES CAN BE ADDED THROUGH THE DONATION PAGE, AS CAN MODS, COLOURS, ETC.) tut patrol74 yatzy Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1: Ford Crown Vic Location: (IF PLACED AT A PERSONAL PROPERTY, LIST THE PROPERTY NAME AND OWNER'S USERNAME HERE SO WE CAN LOCATE IT.) FBI HQ, LS Username: (YOUR USERNAME ONLY, ANY ADDITIONAL USERNAMES CAN BE ADDED THROUGH THE DONATION PAGE, AS CAN MODS, COLOURS, ETC.) tut patrol74 yatzy please meet me in-game for locations :D
  2. Yes Or No

    No, I've been a little depressed gryffindor obsessed weirdo since age of 7! WHERE IS THIS DAMN LETTER?
  3. Show us Yourself v2

    Neat picture :D
  4. 21st.Branch - FBI

    Name : Tut Greco (Roleplay : Thor Moses Jankins, real : Thor N) Account : tut Age : I'm 18 years old, rounding 19 next month. Why would you like to be part of FBIs 21st Branch ? I'm interested in your role, like last time I was part of the FBI. Justice, investigations, tactical operations and policing are all four of my many interests. Lately, I've had trouble as SAPA headquarters and decided to resign, so that I can have a break from the difficulties going on. With that, I need an organisation to keep the entertainment available, as well an external PC tester spot, which SAPD HQ and FBI top brass has agreed on already, if I do join the FBI. Apart from my recent squad and activity interests, I've been missing the FBI a lot, and was among the two squads (SWAT & FBI) that I originally wanted to join 4 years ago. It has proven to be an amazing family and work for me, although nothing beats SAPA, I gotta admit. Why should we accept you ? I am former long lasting Special Agent in Charge (level 3) from the duration of approx early 2014 - what, 2016 or so? I am experienced user of Sony Vegas Pro video editor, hobby editor with Adobe Photoshop (professional picture editor) as well as hobby animator & special effects artist on Adobe After Effects. Apart from being experienced, I am learning and using them every week, almost every week, both home and at school. At school, I am head of media class, and because of my skills, I work alongside an educated video/photographer teacher. We are working on corporate, commercials and stock footage/pictures. I have also sent an application to Jagex as a video producer within RuneScape, to work on patch notes and useful videos for the community. For roughly 5 years I've been playing roleplay games, ranging from Garry's Mod Serious RP server (very, very serious!) and SAES being the only MTA server, being 4 years so far. In SAES I have merged my roleplay experience and hard work into aqquiring certain organisation memberships that I do enjoy, some of them are the following: MCC (Expanded my RP experience with logistic and mechanical engineering, teamwork and aqquired position as leader of a unit. ) DE (Earned experience with combat, battles, special techniques, and was hired as DE Media assisant. I also am part of the military organisation's naval unit, where I went inactive (lol for quite a long time).) SAPD (Earned ProCops diploma via external testing at the FBI roughly 2 years ago, which definitely extended my potentials (thanks @zeking!). In late 2015 (or was it 2016? fuck me...) I returned to SAPA, earned my officer rank and kept working week by week, occasionally aqquiring new benefits (External PC tester, SAPA HQ) as well as Police complaints department detective. Some time in 2016 I was recruited by SAI too, resigned in 2017.) Media (Created San Andreas Filmworks with a mate of mine, worked (EXTREMELY) hard on 60+ hour project videos every now and then. Later took over the leadership and kept pushing on. Then, expanded the media in San Andreas and founded San Andreas Newsworks, which achieved private forum access, but went inactive due to leadership inactivity. SAF had led me to several careers (SAF, SAN, GOV photographer, DE media, independant SAES media worker).) After SAF leadership went inactive, I decided to host a local server. It is currently offline and files lost after being corrupted. On the server, I am able to develop outstanding videos and screenshots. Huge thanks to @Angelo. he went through every single permissions and script set-up with me. If he gets time one day to help, I will be able to run my server again and create FBI videos, screenshots and such. Who knows, maybe you will need a new commercial, warning video, roleplay video, ye!? - I do most of my media works on local servers these days as I have access to admin which SAES obviously doesn't grant. I also do run SAES official YT channel under supervision of SAES HQ, so FBI content may be published there too, if found relevant). In short; you have no legit reason to deny me! Thank you for reading my application and taking it into consideration, Yours faithfully
  5. Yes Or No

    Yes its fancy :D Should Frisout switch to Gryffindor?
  6. ETS2 : Screenshots

    This is what I've paid daily since I Began. lmao
  7. ETS2 : Screenshots

    LOL you better had told me that 2 days ago, I have 4 bank loans of 100k each pending and -76k currency because of cowards driving like they never used a keyboard before xD... I did record everything though, planning on making some bad driving + crash compilations haha :D
  8. ETS2 : Screenshots

    Started playing couple days ago, cheers @Rennie for telling about ETS2 MP ;D
  9. Can you watch discord message soon as possible ?

  10. 21st.Branch - FBI

    Your backstory is fucking neat written, if I ever re-host my local server I will make a nice backstory video of FBI omg already got ideas xD gl sirs
  11. SWATMC

    How do you mod your radar and map?
  12. Every dollar counts! :-) and every time the DEV team invents new things they get good comments from the players which is motivation. Having small projects means frequent motivation instead of working on big projects such as first person view script.
  13. Worm's Mapping Showout

    you can purchase royalty free music which can be used forever by purchasing a membership or just the sole song. then there are no copyright music where you have to either credit them or not, depends on the composer/author of music. and as alper said, you may just get some from youtube music library, most if it is free use without credits though also some requires credit.