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  2. Mercedes-Benz G65

    im afraid you shouldn't be expecting new cars if you want something that's greater quality than the one i shown. the one i shown is even a lot more detailed (mightve been made from scratch tho) than the ones we've had added recently.
  3. Mercedes-Benz G65

    if there's a Mercedes g65 gta-style version i'm in for it, but its current version seems too modern and european to fit on saes. (my opinion is the same as for the other new mods, but the majority has got a slight gta touch recently) this or even more squarish would be cool
  4. Abrams Rhino

    yep it's dff is 740 (50kb heavier than the tampa) instead of 3.4mb i didn't compress it any lower as i thought it would get too squarish and lose several of its components by processing it even more
  5. Remove/Upgrade Admiral

    people got what they asked for - a mercedes mod. of course it shouldnt be deleted right away, rather be improved if need be. can you post some screenshots of the components that you dont like. that's what i asked you initially to do but seems you dont understand my message. #protip: use a camera and take pics in a proper lit area so that the pics will be clear to look at. for the record, i dont think it's ugly. it's nicely made despite having its file size reduced a bunch
  6. new hydra

    in this case the hydra is already server-side modded, thus he can't see his own mod unless if he disables the entire modpack, resulting in non-syncronised collisions and opportunity to abuse certain vehicles.
  7. Stretch mod

    udeira's mod looks great, used it before. SAES can go about replacing essentially any 4-door vehicle, not necessarily stretch. +1 (could be a gang-only car?)
  8. over the last decades i've started to find the Rhino a tad boring in regards to details. Even adding its paintable mod into account i think it's time to upgrade it a bit with this epic rhino! !!! LoL !!! it can be painted as well. the tyres move, the threads don't. you'll need a cleo script but isnt compatible with mta
  9. New Sabre

    i'm not a fan of replacing sabre due to its superior look but maybe a different model could be? now for the sakes of the mod itself, it looks cool but not sure as the ENB makes it hard to realise the details. do you have any screens of it?
  10. Ford mustang gt

    yo, i enjoy the looks of the iconic muscle car Ford mustang-gt and would like to see it replacing Alpha (which shares a buff v8 sound). screens:
  11. Remove or adjust Tampa

    here's an updated screenshot of a tampa without blown tyres..
  12. /switchweapon command

    i have no doubt that it's the exact purpose of the script
  13. Remove or adjust Tampa

    I think Tampa looks odd with its rear end raised that high.. reckon i'm not the only one thinking it's off. now i'm at it, i would suggest removing the square paintings and turn them into stripes instead, looks like a toy!