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  1. Enterable Ambulance

    It was to proof that the entrance to the (ugh this is getting weird) free space was appropriately set and doesn't bug out xD
  2. Enterable Ambulance

    Oh yeah good that you reminded us, it will be added to topic ( ) The way people enters or exits has not been affected :) @Fattie
  3. Hey I think it would be really cool to be able to walk inside an ambulance, so I made it possible by editing its model a bit A: Yes you can get in and out without bugs. This mod is suggested on Raptor's suggestion about stretchers, please check it out : The only downsides are that people on bikes can crash into the free space of the ambulance (like on the other Enterable vehicles) + replacing Ambulance model which means people can't mod it themself. If that however is a problem, please upvote this suggestion:
  4. Trucking Update!!

    @soniN. are you driving faster than 90 km/h when you go down/up steep roads and hills? I have done a bit of testing and it appears that when I go around 120-140+ up a short but steep hill, my trailer will throw my truck into air. This is a bug that I unfortunately can't fix, I don't even think it can be fixed by removing all collisions either.
  5. Trucking Update!!

    Trailer has supporters for the hook up legs which means there are no empty gaps in between. The collision model has been fully adjusted to the trailer allowing to go off road more safely + entire trailer also has collision now with the exception of hook legs - the front. No more glitching through map objects. (not live yet) its live now
  6. Trucking Update!!

    Trailer fixes are being delivered soon
  7. Trucking Update!!

    Thank you for the updates mens
  8. Tut's render portfolio

    TC media archive fix (anti aliasing, equal weaponry, top quality) @Millionaire.
  9. I need to talk to you, can you enable messages? it says that you cannot receive messages :(

    1. Tut Greco

      Yeah just a moment, I will let you know when some messages are deleted :)

    2. Tut Greco

      Should be possible now

  10. 24/7 requests Mosegaard Productions

    Requests as of today may first be looked into around August, due to extreme amounts of requests. Please be patient . I also have to adress a warning on how to get banned from my services. If you do any or most of these, do not expect to be qualified for my services for a while: • make a pm before having request submitted and accepted on this topic • make a pm after being accepted, and realise you have no sufficient story for your film • expecting me to come with ideas on what to happen in your film These points are according to the free of charge deal that you agree to when requesting a film. I despise any of these errors. Thanks for considering this post. Everyone will be treated equally. No favoritism, whether your position can benefit me or if you have no important role here, or are a friend of mine.
  11. MTA Screenshots

    That one is a ton better than the others i saw but you could try and reduce the bokeh radius settings as I think it's a bit too blurry eh, and if you want to see the vehicle lights you need to disable Reflections or maybe configure the settings. @Moley
  12. Modded Vehicles

    You can make money by working on your topic And for the sakes of gangs that could do with this feature (though I don't really find it necessary,) would be this or Vehicle Maniacs.
  13. Modded Vehicles

    I think this (if it really is needed) should be added to a gang spawn instead. Currently the creators can just share their works on forums and make topics for requests. -1
  14. Thanks for your response #marked best answer
  15. Shaun I believe, said his opinion: "I think it is okay, but leave it to HQ to decide" as well I have seen other admins say it, but that was about 3 months ago as I have had a break. So anyway, let's all hold and wait till a HQ sees this topic.